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  1. The beer was just an example. MSC’s website clearly states unlimited consumption of ALL drinks up to $6. To me that means ALL and the ones listed are just examples. So I’m asking does anyone have first-hand knowledge of what happens on-board.
  2. Hi, I’m sailing on the MSC Divina in February. Does anyone have current information about what the Easy Drink Package includes? MSC’s website says ALL beverages up to $6 then lists what’s included on a chart. I’ve sent numerous emails to MSC but they won’t tell me if just the beverages included in their chart are covered or ALL beverages under $6. For example if another brand of beer, other than the 2 they have listed costs $5.00 on a bar menu would it be included in the Easy Package. Based on the wording of what’s included it would be but MSC will not answer the question. Thank you
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