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  1. Sunshine is a nice ship and only 20 miles away! I wonder if next Feb. will still be masks everywhere...
  2. Sad but funny... well not funny, just sad
  3. As with any port remember you are NOT in the US (except for US ports) and local laws and local customs are different. Crime can be found anywhere but in/near most ports local law has made it clear to citizens that cruise guests are not to be bothered as tourist money helps the economy. Be aware and you should be fine...
  4. NCL cancelled our Feb. cruise, deposit was refunded to my CC in about 10 days. I can see where it was refunded, the card has no balance and I don't see it as a credit yet, hopefully they will just cut me a check for the amount but I guess I could just use the card for that refund amount.
  5. Have RCL/NCL/CCL stocks and all are double what I bought a few months ago. Might have to cash some in.
  6. Got the same email/letter, at least all money is refunded...
  7. Just got my letter (via email) and am sad/relieved. I really wanted to go, have already had the "flu" and it was a birthday BUT safety is a great concern. I don't think I am going to put anymore money down til I know a ship is going out with passengers.
  8. Just got an email and all cruises thru the end of Feb. and certain ships thru the end or March are cancelled. Full refund will be sent to original payment form. So dang! I wanted to go but at least all deposit plus the 10% "coupon" for future cruises....
  9. If they were doing it I highly doubt much money is going out at this time.
  10. I had a long response but realized it was useless, either you believe a mask does something to stop a virus or you don't...
  11. Thanks for your advice... we have $500 down and no FCC or anything else. I need to check and see what I lose if I cancel (had insurance so it might be the cost of the insurance). Haven't made any other payments because of the corona cr@p. Don't have to make a payment until 12/20 (final) so it might be moot by that time. Dang I hate this. We had a fully paid cruise in March that was cancelled one week before sailing, did not take any future credit and now am very happy. I feel for those who have FCC expiring before they can be used... I wonder if that will end up with class-action lawsuit for offering something that cannot be used before it expires.
  12. We have final payment 12/20 for a 2/21/2021 cruise. Not sure what to do, I really want to go on the cruise... but I think reality is going to force me to cancel. Sad, it's a nice haven spa suite with a casino rate.
  13. With a reduction in the amount of cruisers I doubt there will be any "upgrades" or bidding done. Having said that I don't have any special info, just my guess...
  14. Yep, I knew it was a while ago... back when people took responsibility for what they did. We did the overnight thing and they loved it! Carnival was both laid back and "fancy" back then. Wore a tux to dinner but shorts/flip flops during the day and late evening.
  15. On Carnival ships in the past (10-15 years ago) there were some offers to go on an excursion (thru the ship) that included the kids staying onboard while the adults go on an "adult" themed excursion... usually involving drinking. It was always booked full... I guess they were pretty sure the excursion would get all the adults back on time.
  16. Well dang, we have a Haven Spa Suite on the Escape in Feb 2021 because of the wonderful Thermal Spa. I would look at a different suite (like an aft haven suite) if the spa is closed.
  17. Checks (or cheques) are nice, Cash is King!
  18. I am paid in checks all the time, no fee for me or the client.
  19. Ewww! Hold it til you get back on? No partying for you! That's one place a mask should be required!
  20. Fla seems like a place to start, those are 2 of the busiest cruise ports with CCL, NCL and RCCL all homeporting there. I was hoping that CCL would include Charleston as it has exactly one ship homeported there, Sunshine. The way the embarkation is done in Charleston would be perfect for a safe embark/debark. You don't enter the actual building to get on til going thru everything else at a different building.
  21. LOL well yes but sometimes I think beating the dead horse even has to stop...
  22. Soooo tip what you want, when you want and not worry about what other people think... Got it! 5 pages and wow what a bunch of ... well nuff said.
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