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  1. I’m looking at booking a flight on an A330-800. It allows me to pick a seat on the first deck but it doesn’t allow me to change my choice to the second deck. Anyone know how to change to the second deck choices?
  2. Thanks everyone for your answers to my questions. If Princess rebooks my flight because disembarkation is delayed will I be responsible for any additional costs?
  3. Next April 2021 we are using EZAir to book our return flight from Copenhagen. This is a TA Repositioning cruise. What are the advantages other than price for using EZAir? If the arrival of the ship is delayed and we miss our flight does Princess rebook our flight? If we miss a connection because of a delayed flight or because of customs does Princess rebook the flight?
  4. Is pop and coffee from the IC also available in the package? Milkshakes?
  5. Can I take a bottle of this wine to dinner with me?
  6. Do you get 1 or 2 Bottles pp on a B2B Cruise?
  7. Could I use this promotion to get a glass of wine/drink with my meal in the dining room?
  8. Thanks Everyone. I assume that if my wife and I both have our Apple Watches connected to the ship’s WIFI we can use the Walkie-Talkie app to communicate with each other.
  9. If I purchase the MedallionNet 4 Device Package can I connect my Apple Watch as one the devices so that I can use my Apple Watch without my iPhone to receive Messages and Notifications?
  10. Doesn’t Princess also offer a 4 Device plan when you book the first day?
  11. How / where do you mark a booking that you don’t want an upgrade? I booked on the Princess website and I don’t remember seeing a box to check.
  12. “Ocean Ready” keeps saying my Cruise Personalizer is incomplete but the Princess Website says it is complete. How can I correct “Ocean Ready”?
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