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  1. OP, do you want to unpack this a little? As JB says, it’s not true by a long chalk. There are around 25 casinos in London - some are true members only clubs, but even discounting those and perhaps the very high end formal ones (apologies if I am assuming, but your comments about costs of transport and hotels suggest these might not be for you), there is still a wider choice than in Southampton or in any provincial town or city. What are you looking for in a casino? There are many fewer slots in UK establishments than in Vegas or cruise ship casinos, for example.
  2. Quite WHY there is a hotel called Monet Garden in Amsterdam is a complete mystery to me, though! He lived in Zaandam very briefly, I think, but the famous garden is, of course, in Giverny, France.
  3. I suspect the OP means the Monet Garden Hotel in Amsterdam? Over to Ine!
  4. Indeed. There are a couple of really late transatlantics into T3 (after 2200) that are AA-operated BA codeshares. But not from Dallas. Anything else, I’d be one suggesting London for the night 🙂
  5. It depends what time you arrive at LHR - I expect you will get suggestions to head to Southampton on arrival and stay there. The Hilton Garden Inn T2, which will be the only hotel in the central terminal area at Heathrow, is not yet open, as far as I know. If you have a late arrival and want to stay onsite at LHR, do the hotel amenities matter that much? It would avoid having to get the train over to T4, although there will be a bit of walking from T3 to T2 to the hotel and then to the central bus station in the morning if you are getting a coach down to Southampton.
  6. Moreton-in-Marsh is my neck of the woods. I have never used an airport transfer company, but here is a list of recommended local taxi firms from one of our major local businesses. Look for those with addresses in Moreton, Chipping Campden or Bourton on the Hill for a very local service. Taxi 'firm' out here in the sticks often means just one or two drivers. I know several of the folk on this list personally, but haven't used their services, so in accordance with CC rules I won't recommend them! https://www.campdenbri.co.uk/training/taxiList.pdf
  7. I agree almost word for word with the Post Captain. Many tourists and visitors stay the the Cromwell Road area, but my London centre of gravity would be much further east. And the transformation of that part of Kings X is remarkable. I think we we are struggling slightly in that you are asking again for comparisons of two specific hotels in wildly different areas of London. It’s a little difficult to understand the criteria that led you to be making those choices 🙂 The restaurant at the Great Northern makes this list of ‘best Sunday roasts in London’, with the caveat that you’ll find many such lists with little in common - there are literally thousands of places to eat in London. https://www.theresident.co.uk/food-drink-london/londons-best-sunday-roasts-roast-dinner-week/
  8. I had to look up the Mad Hatter. It’s a good spot near the river in the increasingly popular, but busy, Southwark area - Blackfriars tube over the river and Southwark tube the other way down Blackfriars Road are easy walks (without luggage!) - will be busy at rush hour. (For other locals who can’t place it, it’s at the junction of Stamford Street and Blackfriars Road, so near Sea Containers House) JB has answered your question about Waterloo Station - there is an entrance to Waterloo East considerably closer to the hotel, but will leave you with a tricky walk with luggage through the stations (they are connected by an enclosed bridge over Waterloo Road), so as he said make sure to specify Waterloo. It looks like a typical Fullers faux-Victorian Ale and Pie pub with rooms. You’ll get decent beer and pub grub if you choose to eat there. Dont be fooled that it’s an old pub, though 😀 I remember it as Tress House, an office block that was home to some of the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s head office functions (they had several buildings close by). Named after Tress &. Co, a hat manufacturer, that occupied the site until the 1950s. Hence the ‘Mad Hatter’ reference - the disease, rather than the Lewis Carroll character, though no doubt they use that in their decor. Edit it to add: Great picture of the site in the hat making days on this family history site: https://tresshistory.com/photos/william-tress-b-c-1715-and-mary-barnes/william-tress-b-1744-and-sarah-clifford-children/cooper-tress-and-ann-vinten/tress-co-hat-factory-southwalk-london/
  9. A full rotation of the Eye is 30 minutes, not an hour.
  10. The original poster *was* asking about chateaux and wine tasting, so no doubt your help will be useful for them, leaving aside the rather brusque retort you got from the other 😮
  11. Please, please reconsider this. There is no need at all for a car in London, parking is very expensive (and not easy to find) and you will be paying congestion charge daily if during the week. All that aside, the drive into London from Gatwick is a nightmare! Hire a car only for your trips out of town would be my very strong recommendation. And then keep in mind that if you hire in central London it will take an hour or so to get out of the city.
  12. Why? There is just a single sentence about this battle in the Chronicle - frankly it could have taken place just about anywhere 🙂
  13. Which perfectly demonstrates the issues I mentioned. Can't blame the Parish Council for talking it up, but many sources think that the battle at Beamdune was at the Bampton in Devon , not the Oxfordshire one, which would knock a few hundred years off their recorded history 🙂
  14. No, the changes referred to in that article only take effect from 2021.
  15. That will be a Domesday Book reference, the post-conquest survey of land ownership carried out for William I (aka the Conqueror, aka the Bastard). The settlement itself will probably be much older than that - an 11th century date would make it comparatively ‘modern’ in British terms.🙂 There are often only scarce written references before Domesday, and even earlier archaeological evidence is difficult (unless Roman) because of the nature of settlements. Evidence of buildings may be just the traces of post holes, where wooden poles would have been placed in the ground to form the frame of buildings. We are lucky enough in my own village in the Cotswolds to have a written reference from 855 in ecclesiastical records and it was therefore clearly established by then. Some tantalising Iron Age finds indicate it will be much older, but we will never know exactly. I would imagine Bampton is much the same.
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