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  1. I think Stauntons would suit you well. It is a few minutes walk from the Aircoach stop on Lower Leeson Street. Be aware there is no lift or air conditioning, as you might expect in a historic building. Plenty of online reviews in the usual places 🙂
  2. I'm fond of Stauntons on the Green - the Green in question being St Stephen's. Lovely location between two gardens and easy to walk up in to the heart of things. But I think it would be helpful to have more details of your criteria and constraints (including budget), rather than just "Hotels in Central Dublin" walkable to the main sites.
  3. The Schipol meeting point used to be very obvious - it was a massive red and white chequered cube. However, it has been replaced by a more conventional meeting point sign, which is a shame! https://news.schiphol.com/where-shall-we-meet-at-schiphol/?
  4. Not Queen Elizabeth I, just Queen Elizabeth (and after King George VI's death, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother). She was not the monarch, her husband was, so she doesn't get a regnal number, simply taking the title of 'Queen' as wife of a reigning monarch. Elizabeth I reigned in the 16th Century and is interred in Westminster Abbey. Typically, this doesn't work the other way round, so the current Queen's husband, is Prince Philip is not King Philip!
  5. And here’s what it looked like in the glorious Olympic summer of 2012 😎
  6. It might just be the way you phrased this, but it’s not quite right. Although it is now primarily used as the home stadium of soccer club West Ham United, this was THE Olympic Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies were held, along with the athletics (track and field) programme. It has been substantially altered since then, of course. The Olympic soccer competitions were held at various stadiums around the country, with finals at the iconic Wembley Stadium. The ‘Anniversary Games’, a two-day top class athletics meet is still held here every year, so the stadium reconfigures to include a track.
  7. Of course Scotland is a country. It’s one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom. It is is not a sovereign state.
  8. This is a little unfair. Some retailers and even financial institutions have clear policies on this, it’s not always a question of staff being “difficult” or even just unfamiliar with the different notes.
  9. Use of new NI and Scottish notes is even more of a red flag for some retailers and financial institutions 😉
  10. That’s incorrect, unfortunately (by which I mean it’s what it says, but it’s not true!) The official site, which is where you are directed to, is only booking out to February 1, as Markeb said. The 30 November date is a change in booking process. https://www.delfontmackintosh.co.uk/tickets/hamilton/
  11. If you care to enter “Scottish notes refused” in your favourite search engine, you will find plenty of examples. There was a fuss in the newspapers just this weekend because it happened to a celebrity chef and earlier this year to the mother of tennis player Andy Murray. I saw a notice recently in a London coffee shop that they would not accept Scottish notes or Bank of England £50 notes. And I’m pretty sure bartering would not be on their menu either....
  12. I think this is the article: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/aug/24/isle-of-portland-weymouth-dorset-car-free-coast-public-transport
  13. You’re a bridge too early! The bridge in the foreground here is the Cannon Street Railway Bridge - the two towers where it meets the opposite bank are part of the station. You can just see part of London Bridge - it’s the slim coloured bridge visible through the first full span from the right, also lit up 🙂
  14. But once you are landside, it’s a matter of a few steps to leave the terminal. It’s not clear from where you are measuring and if you mean using the e-passport gates . These data seem contrary to my experience and the sense I get from other frequent flyer forums. I literally cannot remember queuing at the border at T5 this year, both before and after the gates were made available to the extended list. The T3 gates are slightly more awkward, if I remember correctly, although a sense of delay may come from the layout rather than being actual 🙂 Of course, glitches or delays can hit any terminal at any time.
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