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  1. I'm delighted that this thread has become active again as I started it, some weeks ago in relation to the beverage plus package options? We've now completed our cruise... and I have to say our opinion of the Haven is a little bit mixed.. I will post a full cruise review sometime over the next few days but the edited highlights would read.. Beverage package upgrade - was ultimately offered to us a few days before the cruise we took it, and were delighted with our decision (but why on earth were we told that the upgrade was not available by NCL staff until we got on b
  2. Quick question about the speciality dining package – we've selected this as one of our options.. were staying in the Haven.. and we're on a 10 night cruise. So the question is, how many times can you dine in the speciality venues, if you've taken this as an option? I understand that there is restaurant in the Haven as well... but we like to try the other restaurants on the ship 🙂 Thanks to all
  3. Thanks for all the feedback... much appreciated – we were going to leave it until we got on the ship and check with our butler/concierge but miraculously – after I checked in the offer to upgrade the package for just the $29 per person per day rate appeared!\ So I am a happy cruiser.. knowing I've got my premium plus beverage package secured 🙂
  4. Thanks everyone, based on the answers I think we've left it too late to upgrade online – I'm not seeing that upgrade in my account pages. However, based on the answers I'm pretty sure we're going to be able to carry out the upgrade on the first day of the cruise 🙂 happy bunny and looking forward to the cruise🙂
  5. Thanks for the very quick answers – by way of explanation the main reason for upgrading is to be able to have a choice of bottles of wine with a meal. The wine by the glass choice is very good, but if your preferred wine is not sold by the class (which the expensive ones aren't) .. you end up paying full price for a bottle of wine.. and not really feeling the benefit of having a beverage packet at all 😕
  6. Hi all, I wondered if anyone has any experience of trying to upgrade the beverage package from premium to premium plus. We are lucky enough to be booked in the Haven in a few weeks, and we just spoke to NCL directly to enquire if this was possible. We were told politely, but clearly that no this was not possible and if we wished to take the premium plus beverage package the cost would be approximately £1200 each that's £2400 on top of the price of our cruise! Quite astonishing to even suggest that. IMHO The nice chap did say that as we were Haven gue
  7. Many thanks for the answers – much appreciated. I've done the Google search for viva vino but can't seem to find any current information – the price list shown seem to date back to 2010! - Am I missing something? I seem to recall there was a similar package offered when we cruised with NCL last June - but that the discount ( compared to simply buying a bottle of wine each meal) was very small. I should say the main reason for starting this thread was this question? If you take the premium beverage package is one of your free at sea options (price $99) -
  8. NCL wine list please? Hi can anyone point me to a link or even upload a fairly recent wine list from NCL – we are cruising on break away in January this year. We have the standard drinks package included but are considering whether or not it’s worth the upgrade to the premium all-inclusive (no $15 limit) one. My decision is going to be entirely based around the cost of bottles of wine with dinner (which I know are included on premium, package) what I’m trying to work out is what is available – and at what cost on the standard package. I found that drinking wine by the glass do
  9. Hi Everyone, we are really lucky to have booked a Haven suite on Norwegian breakaway in January and, with the free at sea deal we have the premium beverage package included. However, last time we cruised we upgraded to the premium plus beverage package and really appreciated the difference – the drinks limit goes up to $35 a glass which basically means you can treat yourself to a class of bubbly.. PLUS and this was the important thing for me, you had an additional range of wines by the bottle you could choose at dinner. I've just been told that to upgrade this time it's going to c
  10. Thanks to everyone for the replies, it’s much appreciated and the answers are pretty much as expected. My problem is that we like to drink a bottle of wine with our evening meal and I’m guessing the wines by the glass is from a limited selection (I don’t know if anyone can point me towards a drinks included list?) The other thing when serving wine by the glass, it’s sometimes it’s a question of exactly how quick your waiter to can be 😀 Nothing worse than sitting there with an empty glass!
  11. Hi All, We’re lucky enough to have booked a 10 day cruise from Orlando to the Caribbean in a spa suite within the Haven on Norwegian breakaway – I’m just wondering exactly how this haven deal works. Evidently we have a beverage package included – but is that the basic one with a $15 limit on drinks? Are those drinks still limited within the Haven bar, can you get a bottle of wine at dinner for example? I’m thinking we might be faced with the cost of upgrading the beverage package but I’m unsure? I understand we have full access to the Haven restaurant, but
  12. Hi All, We are booked on the Norwegian Sun cruise on 24 June ... was Cuba but now rerouted to Bahamas L – thanks Donald :-). I think they've made a decent offer by way of compensation but I have to say I'm completely confused by their pricing policy for speciality dining and having called them, the lady on the other end of the phone seem to know less than I do. Can anyone tell me – Can you book the speciality restaurants day by day on board? ( I don't really want to buy the full speciality dining package) Is there a fixed price per diner (like I've
  13. Hi, can anyone tell me anything about the Internet availability on board Britannia ?We are going to the Caribbean in January. Fo example is the Wi-Fi available in your room and all over the ship? And does anyone have any recommendations about which is the best package to go for. If you buy a package can you connect more than one device ? I’ve read that it’s cheaper if you buy it before you get on board? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks
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