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  1. Thanks for all of the responses. All of the Bowlers I know have Bowls made in Australia. The best Bowls. I hope to have them shipped home. Hockey sticks are our specialty. I hope I am successful and looking forward to our 2020 season. Come on spring.
  2. On our first cruise I packed so much that a total stranger came up to me in the airport and asked if I had left anything at home ha ha After 25 cruises I have improved but still bring too much. The day time stuff in hot weather is the problem as the scent can be a problem so, wash, wash or bring extra. Shoes are also a problem bring too many Enjoy your cruise. So much fun.
  3. Excited heading out from Canada and boarding on Feb. 5 in Sydney.
  4. I am Canadian and a new lawn bowler. Australia rules in Lawn Bowling. Where is the best place to purchase Bowls in Sydney. Thanks.
  5. Flying to Sydney from Canada on Saturday. Concerned, not too concerned. Hoping for the best. TA has been updating me an no issues to date. Cruising Feb. 5 to Auckland ; Seabourn.
  6. 26 Cruises. You can do something like eat salads, etc. etc. I would eat and drink what you want. Try to get some expertise and enjoy the cruise. I have always gained weight but within a week of being home lost most of the weight gain. Enjoy the experience which includes food and drinking. Balance just remember balance.
  7. LoveE&O. Limited menu but great. Had a perfect steak one evening. If they have salted Carmel on desert menu. Have it best desert ever. Going on another cruise in Feb. looking forward to dining at O&E.
  8. Dr Weil was on a recent cruise from Athens to Dubai. There were guest speakers which were part of his team. Presentations were made most days. He did make several presentations. I did not learn anything new just reenforcement. there was a section in the breakfast area with his recommendations. In addition the patio had a De Weil inspired lunch item. Usually fish very good. I believe some off the other menu items are Dr. Weil inspired.
  9. I heard he was great. Just missed him on the cruise out of Athens. He disembarked. Verity and Olivia were wonderful.
  10. sailing on Encore Feb 5 out of Sydney.
  11. The Dover Sole at TK is exceptional.
  12. Cruised from Athens to Dubai (Nov. 13 to Dec. 2). loved the cruise. Verity and Olivia made the experience very special. Thanks you ladies
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