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  1. Hi Bob! I feel like I know you since I followed your round the world cruise! Good to see you again. Enjoy your cruise. And thanks for letting us sail along with you.
  2. You have made good restaurant choices. We did Ocean Blue on Getaway for the first time a few months ago. It was terrific. And Le Bistro has always been great. Haven't been to Cagney's in a while, but enjoyed it when we went several years ago. Have a terrific cruise. And, enjoy your cruise on Harmony. Did the inaugural transatlantic on her. Great ship.
  3. I forgot about that part! Nothing better than a time change when you turn the clocks back.
  4. All those sea days are just wonderful. We did the Getaway this year from Copenhagen to New Orleans. The progressive trivia was very good - played each sea day. 6 on a team. You can find a team at the first session if you don't have a group. There were many different activities in the atrium during the day ranging from arts and crafts to Deal or No Deal. Make sure that you join the roll call for your cruise. On the Getaway, other cruisers had a lot of things organized - slot pull, cabin crawl, pub crawl, daily Left-Center-Right games, knitting sessions, etc. There is a lot to do, or nothing to do. You will be hooked once you do one.
  5. I ordered a Margarita on the rocks at O'Sheehan's bar. I didn't realize that they were "on tap". I thought it was awful. Asked the bartender if she could give me a fresh made Margarita. Whoa! That was one strong drink! Regarding Margaritas - have them float some Grand Marnier on top. Yum.
  6. On the Getaway Transatlantic in October, the Noodle Bar was open for lunch on sea days, but you needed to make a reservation. My sister and I didn't have a reservation, but thought we would stop by to see if they had an opening. There was one couple ahead of us in line. They also did not have a reservation. The crew member explained that they didn't have a seat right then even though you could see empty seats. She explained that people with reservations had 15 minutes after their reserved time, then the seats would be released. She asked if they would like to wait. These cruisers went on a rant about "how can they call it freestyle cruising when you can't do what you want whenever you want?". The crew member asked if they would like to make a reservation for the next day. Response "why would we want to come back here tomorrow?" So they went off in a huff. When we got to the podium, I told the crew member that we didn't have a reservation, and that we were fine with waiting a bit to see if something opened up. She gave us a pager, and we went to the nearest bar. Before we were able to get a drink, the pager went off. So, if this couple weren't so worked up about waiting, they would have been seated in about 5 or 10 minutes. I'm sure their cruise was ruined. Some people create their own issues.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Some of these hotels put me into sticker shock! But there are a few options that are more reasonable budget wise. I probably should have started my planning sooner, but was busy working on other trips that we have now completed. Florence certainly looks to be a terrific city to visit. We'll also be spending a few days in Rome, and then sailing the Mediterranean on NCL Getaway on May 8. Should be a fabulous trip.
  8. Will be spending 3 or 4 nights in Florence starting on April 30, 2019. Looking for hotel recommendations. Would appreciate any info you can share with me. Thanks!
  9. I had this lamb on the Getaway Transatlantic in October. Just wonderful! Whoever had this made a great choice. Even though there are more good choices on the menu.
  10. We were in NOLA last month after the Getaway Transatlantic. OMG! The beignets are unbelievable. And perfect to go with a cafe au lait. Enjoy the rest of your time in NOLA. And have a great cruise! Really liked the Getaway.
  11. Sid, another great review. Thanks so much. I think I have said this to you before - I hope you get the opportunity to do a Transatlantic or Transpacific cruise some day. All those sea days are wonderful! And, like so many others have said, I just don't get the sleeping in the Observation Lounge. These are not people that have just nodded off while reading. These are people that have settled in for a long sleep. Crazy
  12. When you board, they may encourage you to go to the buffet. Just ask which dining room is open for lunch and go there. It is such a nice relaxing way to start our cruise.
  13. I purchased a 3 meal dining package for about $82 per person when it first became available for my cruise departing on October 20. Over time, the price went up to over $100 per person. Seems like a good idea to purchase the package as soon as it is available. Plus, you can then make your reservations before boarding.
  14. Wash your hands frequently! And, never walk by a hand sanitizer without using it. Take time to talk with the crew. They are so interesting. Fun to hear about their home countries. On your final day, have breakfast in the dining room if the timing works for you. It is so much more relaxing than the buffet. You will need your room key in hand to get off the ship. Don't leave it in the cabin (as you might in a hotel) or pack it as a souvenir. I'm not sure there is anything that beats the first time you get close to the ship. That "OMG, it's HUGE!" feeling. You will have so much fun. I hope this is the first of many cruises for you.
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