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  1. You'll probably want to taxi or Uber to Walgreens from 21. It's at least 2 miles and though walkable, not a terribly convenient or safe walk with all the port traffic. You'll also have to pass through the port security coming back in. Ubers are fairly cheap though - $5-7 for a quick one way there. Hope that helps.
  2. Apart from the fact that Viking is more of a luxury cruise line and that every line functions differently, I know for a 100% fact that this is a PRINCESS CRUISES forum, is it not? I fail to see relevancy.
  3. I believe the cast singers and the guest entertainers onboard Princess are treated as varying degrees of hybrid passengers/crew and as independent contractors. Taxes aren't withheld on them. Which can be both good and bad. But most Americans onboard do have taxes withheld as far as I know. That's the only exception I can recall at this late hour.
  4. None of us have access to a payroll, but I do know from previous cruises that cast dancers often are performing secondary work in places like the art auctions and internet cafes for supplemental income. Based on that info, I would imagine, within the cast itself, there are significant individual disparities in pay, with the dancers suffering the most. Again, I wouldn't assume any entertainer has a great salary, but I would tip where I felt it appropriate.
  5. Agreed. Wholeheartedly. Especially to the initial few sentences.
  6. Which is also a great reason to at least offer to tip.
  7. "Paid quite well" depends on one's cost of living in their resident city, how much debt they have, and how much they are able to save at the end of each pay period. I personally don't think "paid quite well" is something we can arbitrarily decide without having seen a payroll and without knowing if an entertainer, for example, rents a one bedroom flat in New York without subletting vs. crashing in Small Town USA between contracts with parents. Entertainers have been known to negotiate for different rates of pay through agencies and also for the value of their experience of years employed by one company. So, I'll stay in the minority, tip, and be kind to the entertainers. Especially not knowing their financial situation or what they have to do to get and keep any job that pays them anything to do what they love. I wish more people would do the same.
  8. How do you know how much they get paid? Every entertainer's salary is different and they all work and train hard for every cent they earn. Some I have known for a fact are trying to pay off student loans from training very hard for a very unstable career with no guarantees of employment. I tip generously if I really enjoy an entertainer. They do get to keep it. And they deserve it.
  9. I didn't write the RIGHT environment. I wrote THAT TYPE of environment. Big difference. But, if you would like to talk about a "right environment", when you can actually stand on a stage and be trained to perform some of the hardest music to sing or play, perhaps you'll be more qualified to judge a classical judge from their perspective. Perhaps that's why they called her to be on the panel, to lend a legitimate, classically trained perspective. If you don't know the whole story, just sit back and enjoy, as most cruisers on vacation do, instead of finding some minutiae to pick someone you've never met apart about.
  10. If an English singer sings in a foreign language, they're expected to sing the language's correct diction. Ms. McCulloch is a highly skilled, highly trained opera singer, and having also been an instrumentalist in a conservatory environment, and the rigors and critiques that are put upon musicians and vocalists in that setting, I can say that her criticism, regardless of intention, is part of her training and was perfectly valid. Perhaps you haven't been in that type of environment to understand where she's coming from. And, having met her several times, I can say she is a lovely, kind person who most likely had no ill intent other than making sure the English language was properly sung.
  11. I would recommend going to everything for a few minutes and stand in the back. If it's not your cup of tea, at least you gave it a try. If you do enjoy it, go find a seat and have fun. Also, word is that Secret Silk will not be running for several months. I heard from the current entertainers onboard that the creative team is reworking material that violates a very specific and niche intellectual property rights issue. Which may involve more original Schwartz songs. That's a positive, at least.
  12. It does feature a few operatic arias, mostly by the guest soprano, but there are other enjoyable numbers as well. Something for everyone, I feel.
  13. I've seen Barbi's show many times on several ships and I beg to differ. I think she presents a very inspiring show of what someone from a small town can achieve with enough dedication. If anything is ever mentioned about how "great and wonderful" she is, it's only to emphasize the above and to motivate others to do the same. I don't believe you saw the same show DW and I have seen of hers over the course of several cruises on Royal and other ships. She's quite humble in person if you met her, by the way. She told a couple in front of us in line, "If I gave you what you needed, I fulfilled my purpose tonight." I'd hardly call that bragging.
  14. Solomon Jaye is outstanding. I enjoy the fact that he tap dances in his show but DW and I agreed his genre choice is somehat limited and his show is too long. Barbi McCulloch (the correct spelling I believe) does a solo show which is completely different from Encore. We've seen her as a headliner on several ships. Nothing opera. Everything from the alien song from The Fifth Element to Whitney Houston and Bohemian Rhapsody. Her genre and vocal range is unbelievable. DW and I loved the tribute to her grandmother. Very inspiring show and nothing like it I've seen on ships, more like what I'd see at 54 Below in New York City but in a large theater. Jennifer Singer is, in my opinion, a lackluster vocalist with the exception of one Celine Dion number at the end of her show. DW and I have seen her before and nothing to write home about. Worth skipping for a game show or trivia with Matt O any day of the week. AJ Jamal is always funny. I find myself laughing every time I see his show, even if I know the punchlines. Secret Silk is temporarily withdrawn due to an intellectual property/ rights issue fleetwide. Not sure when it'll be back. But Encore is a great classical crossover show in my opinion. Colors of the World was also withdrawn but will be returning soon. Princess is also going to test out a smaller production show with Fee Fee and the Sentiments as the stars. Rumor has it they will be on the Sky with this show. Those are my recommendations and agreements. Everything is worth seeing once, in my opinion. Some more than once.
  15. My insiders tell me they're doing it next month on the Star and that a potential reality documentary might possibly be in play but that's all I'm allowed to say at the moment. Nominees for 2019 are Doug Funk, Phillip Brown, Kieran Powell, and my favorite, comic impressionist Mike Wilson.
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