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  1. I have a cruise booked with Princess arriving in HK mid March - should I book my HK hotel nights or wait and see what happens -
  2. Thanks very much - we were planning on being out to mid afternoon so checking in then seems fine -
  3. Hello We are booked on a cruise out of Singapore next March. The ship spends the night in port before sailing the next afternoon. Would anyone have a good idea of the check in time. Many thanks
  4. I also need a HK hotel for the new year - there are lots of suggestions from the forum but is any particular hotel likely to be well away from any possible troubles - weekend or not. A friend of mine just casually suggested staying in either Aberdeen or Macau .....
  5. Smokeyone

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Thank you for the suggestion - will go through the website
  6. Smokeyone

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Hello Trying not to be off topic I am going to assume all will be okay for my next March cruise so if anyone has a good hotel suggestion that's now on offer at a good price - that would be really nice....I was looking at Novotel's at about £100 per night or so ....
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