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  1. Thank you all for your reply. I guess we will just continue to look for sales and keep our options opened. Again, thank you.
  2. Cruise Junky, glad I'm not alone 🙂 I will watch prices and if they don't come down I will look at others. I see from your signature that you have cruised Princess. How did you like it? They also have great cruises going to Hawaii so they may be an option. As you can see from my signature, we have only sailed Celebrity so don't have anything to compare to. Thanks again for your reply, I appreciate it. C-Dragons, have a great cruise. Our seas were calm the whole time. We didn't know what to expect in October but it was smooth as glass. Captain Leo is fantastic.
  3. Note: all prices below are in Canadian dollars. We just returned from a 10 night Celebrity Hawaiian Cruise on board the Eclipse on October 13th, 2019 (it was excellent by the way). Concierge Class - Balcony Room 1038 Classic Beverage Package Prepaid Tips for 2 Total Price: $4,092 (taxes, fees included) (Price Per Person: $2,046) We had such a great time that we were thinking of going again in the Spring, so I went ahead and logged on to Celebrity to do up a mock booking. This is for same amount of nights, same itinerary but just opposite start and end points Here are the results.... Concierge Class - Balcony Room 1036 Classic Beverage Package Prepaid Tips for 2 Total Price: $7,690.00 (this comes with a $200 OBC) Celebrity! This to me is a complete joke. Same product. Same experience. $3,600 difference in price!!! And to boot....this is with the "weekend sale". Just thought I would share real numbers for those who are contemplating booking. When we initially booked our prior cruise we did so 9 months out. During those 9 months we were able to take advantage of price drops numerous times and our price dropped from $5,300 to final payment amount of $4,092. I'm sure there will be price drops along with way with the cruise I am looking at but it is starting out almost $2,400 more than our cruise last week. We are not willing to pay substantially more for the same project we just enjoyed a week ago. Cheers,
  4. Let me preface this by saying we always prepay our gratuities and tip individual staff for excellent service, but I do have a question/observation. The 20% prepaid gratuities included a percentage to bar staff. With the addition of yet another 20% gratuity on beverage packages, who exactly is benefiting? Is Celebrity double dipping? Interested to hear your thoughts.
  5. Quick question....on your past cruises how was the weather from Hawaii to Vancouver? Trying to figure out how to pack. I thank you in advance.
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