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  1. Now that they announced that the new round of cancellations are eligble for lift and shift, it begs the question..What about previously cancelled sailings? Doesn't seem fair at all that those wouldn't be eligble, but yes I know things aren't always fair.
  2. I always look forward to your videos...awesome job! I was following you along via CLR's Periscopes and IG posts for all 7 nights...make that 9 night SB2020 cruise.
  3. Thank you Dadof2kids...I appreciate this thread to quite simply just whine and complain In writing. I’ve been doing silently or to my immediate family but this is somehow more therapeutic since so many of us are in the same position we would be getting ready for and leaving 2 weeks from today to head to Miami for April 11 Symphony. First cruise since Aug 2018 (we’ve done other vacations) and was sooo looking forward to getting on the newest ship of the Oasis class. Here’s to hoping that July or August may be a go but the pessimist in me makes it hard to believe it.
  4. OMG, that just seems crazy and unjustified at this point. Editing my comment because I did find something in our school district guidelines that says no visitors, students and staff who have a travel history over the course of the last 14 days to an area identified by the CDC as a level 3 Travel Health Notice. So, are cruises to the Caribbean at this time on the CDC level 3 Travel Health Notice ?
  5. We're on the same sailing with you with our 15 and 13 y/o (she turns 13 during the cruise). Really don't want to cancel and just waiting to see how things progress as are you. As of now my stance is that as long as the ship is sailing then so am I. However, I do want to check into whether there is any health insurance issues if we do go. We bought the insurance through Royal but I'm sure that's not going to be good enough if something more serious happens. Another thing someone brought up is that if the kids go on a cruise the school won't let them back in. Our district hasn't said
  6. Don't wait until the 30th for your doctor appointment. I'm sorry, but that's just insane. Go to an urgent care facility where they can check you now and prescribe necessary meds. By the time your cruise comes around, it should be gone..or just an occasional lingering cough.
  7. Thanks. Not quite the response I was hoping for though .
  8. Regarding the insurance....If we decide to cancel before the 48hrs, will they reimburse us for the insurance that was also bought through them? Or will it be applied as FCC?
  9. Andrew, I know you usually cruise with O for spring break so I was thinking about you guys the other day. Are you going this year?
  10. Nice option to have for sure.....I only wish I hadn't purchased the insurance for this sole purpose!
  11. Family of 4 sailing for Spring Break on 4/11. No fear here either! At least not yet....LOL!
  12. Would anyone happen to know if you can take Izumi sushi "to go" with the UDP?
  13. Symphony 4/11/20 dropped to $61 today as well...not enough to make be bite. With our diamond drinks, it just isn't worth it because all it'll do is make me drink more than I actually need to.
  14. Good info to know. I'm considering a 9:45am flight from MIA for our family of 4. Taking a later flight is much more so I'm weighing the risks. What is the typical time you can get off with self assist?
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