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  1. I would recommend the Colonial Hilton for the day. We were there last year with our 2 kids and had a nice time. They have paddle boards to use and they give you a credit for food which was pretty tasty. I'm assuming that the construction next door is still going on, but you can still enjoy the view and property nonetheless.
  2. Ahh, ok that makes sense and yes this would be the only time one would ever one to miss the ship! Do you have a full day tomorrow in Cozumel as well? Any plans?
  3. Hope your enjoying stop #2 at Cozumel in less than a week! Is the ship still staying overnight and are you allowed to stay off as long as you want? Even though it may not be under the best of circumstances, I would so love to have those extra few unexpected days onboard. Sure, it can be a hassle to change flights etc...but it would be great nonetheless. Enjoy!!!
  4. Oh perfect, thank you! That’s much better than putting my 2 kids in the one pullout. I wasn’t sure how the rooms were configured for that 3rd/4th berth. We’re new to NCL as we’ve always sailed RCCL exclusively but since we’re looking to sail out of home ports here on the west coast and they don’t have any ships here, we thought we’d give NCL a try.
  5. Would anyone have a photo of a Bliss balcony cabin with the sofa bed pulled out? We normally book 2 connecting balcony cabins to accommodate my family but that isn't going to be possible this time around, so I'm considering just doing 1 regular balcony room. We haven't done that since my kids were really little, so I'm sure it's going to be super cramped and kinda crazy but it's better than an inside cabin to me. Anyone that has any experience with this layout latey that has opinions on this would be appreciated too! Also, do you know if the regular cabins all only have the sofa bed option or do some of them have Pullmans? Thanks!
  6. Nice shot of you on the Flowrider! I saw your scopes and you’re doing great. I’ve only tried the boogie boarding myself, because I’m too chicken for standup.
  7. That part of West Bay looks much better than the part we were at when we visited. Did you get to snorkel there?
  8. I forgot to mention that if you’re doing the private tour option ask them to take you to the rum tasting shop. The rum cakes were really good!!!
  9. We did Boddens Tour in August and they took us to Bananarama on West Bay beach. I have to say that we were not that impressed and ended up leaving early since we did the private tour option. The day we were there it was just way too crowded for out liking even with just 2 ships in port that day. There were many locals walking up and down trying to sell their goods or food, as well as snorkeling excursions via boat. Just got to be obnoxious after a while. The water was kinda murky and you wouldnt really see anything right off the beach there. However, I do remember reading that if you go up the beach a ways that the snorkeling would be better, so you may want to keep that in mind. I follow you on Periscope also so I’m looking forward to this week!!! Have a wonderful cruise. Julie
  10. Now that I've composed myself again so my coworkers aren't wondering what the heck I'm balling about (thankfully I have a 4 walled office at work and a Kleenex box handy).....I wanted to thank you for sharing that with us and how touching it is. As a mother of 2 myself, I can only be in awe of how strong you and Lisa are.
  11. I've been looking forward to this...Have a wonderful trip! Hopefully this who reposting of all the pictures gets worked out quickly...WOW is all I can say. Edit: I was able to get rid of the photos by gong back in to edit my post and delete them. Not great, but at least it helped by not seeing the same ones over and over and over and over again! LOL
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