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  1. Thanks so much for the review! DH and I will be on Oasis in a month so I have been reading as many reviews as I can. I learned quite a bit for your review! And, congrats on the National Championship. I am a Spartan, so I always like when a Big Ten team wins, as long as it isn't Michigan, of course :)
  2. Lucille Bluth

    MyVegas Rewards

    Make sure you read the fine print and look through the available dates, as they are not flexible at all! We tried to use the Ultimate Drink Package reward when we booked our upcoming Oasis cruise. That sailing was listed under the available dates to use the reward but they would not accept it- I guess our sailing was considered a sale. As I understood it, you can not use a reward with any kind of special sale or discount.
  3. Thanks so much for the review!! I will be on the Oasis for the first time in just over a month!
  4. 35 days until I am on the Oasis! I can't wait!!
  5. Lucille Bluth

    Night Clubs on Sensation

    I was just on the Sensation in January and went to the night club every night. The club was always busy and lots of people dancing. This was the first cruise I have been on were the club was actually busy, so I was happy about that. I am pretty sure it is 18+, but I could be wrong. I did see them checking IDs at the door.
  6. Lucille Bluth

    3 day cruise...party cruise?

    I was recently on a 3 night cruise and I was very surprised to find it was not a party ship. I think it really depends when you are sailing. We went end of January, so it was an older crowd, some families, and a few party groups scattered in here and there. June will most likely be a party atmosphere, since school is out.
  7. Lucille Bluth

    Carnival Sensation

    I was just on the Sensation last month for a quick 3 night getaway and she is looking good for her age! Sure, there is some wear and tear -but nothing all that bad. The ship is very clean and the staff is amazing! I think for a short cruise, the Sensation is a nice ship.
  8. Lucille Bluth

    Our 1st Cruise: What did YOU forget??

    Sunscreen! On my first cruise I packed some, but it ended up not being enough and had to buy a bottle on the ship for the last sea day. Let me tell you, that was one expensive bottle of sunscreen! Now, I pack way more than we would ever need!
  9. Lucille Bluth

    Carnival Pride or RCI Vision of the Seas

    Thanks! I agree with this also, which is why I was hesitant to try the Vision class first. Hopefully in a few years we can really try RCI!
  10. Lucille Bluth

    Carnival Pride or RCI Vision of the Seas

    Thanks for the info! We are leaning towards the Pride, but it is nice to get some comparisons of the two. Which of the adult only areas did you like better? Serenity or the Solarium (I think that is the correct name, but could be wrong). From what I have seen, the Serenity looks wonderful on the Pride. I have read on CC that the Vision class doesn't give the full RCI experience, but it was the only ship that was comparable in price to Carnival. Hopefully in the future we will be able to get on the Freedom class. And, sailing an Oasis class ship is on my cruise bucket list!
  11. Lucille Bluth

    Shut Out on the Free Cruise? How do you feel?

    I am happy for all those who won a free cruise. Do I wish I was one of the lucky ones? Absolutely! But, I am not surprised that I didn't win... I never win anything!
  12. Lucille Bluth

    Carnival Pride or RCI Vision of the Seas

    Our last two cruises were on Fantasy class ships, and we are looking for a ship that is bigger and with more amenities. I definitely want to try RCI at some point, but worry that the Vision class might not be the best to get the whole experience, as it is one of the smaller ships. We enjoy lounging by the pool during sea days, playing trivia and other games, and going to the casino and dance club at night.
  13. Looking for some opinions from people who have sailed both/either the Carnival Pride or RCI Vision of the Seas. Which did you prefer? DH and I are starting to plan our cruise for next winter and it has come down to these two ships. Both are 7 nights out of Tampa, they have the same itinerary, and the price is about the same. I have been on 3 Carnival cruises - Liberty, Inspiration and Sensation - and am looking to mix it up a bit. We were originally planning on trying RCI, but then came across a review of the Pride and really liked it - especially the rooms with the french doors! I would love to hear other peoples views of each ship. Thanks!
  14. Lucille Bluth

    Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall?

    We like to cruise late January/early February. By that time I am sick of the winter and all the snow! We like to go before things get too crazy around spring break and after the holidays. After the winter we have had so far this year, I am more than ready to go cruising in a less than 2 weeks!!
  15. You are right, you just don't "get it". You just don't get that watching the joy, excitement, and awe on your child's face is priceless, whether they remember it or not. It doesn't matter because the parents will remember it. And, maybe they don't have anyone to watch their child. Maybe they wouldn't dream of leaving the child at home and cruise without them. Or maybe, just maybe the parents would like to create some memories with their child while they are young. Whatever the reason, it is their choice! Why judge?