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  1. Hi Janet, Nice to read your review. Don't know if you're still reading comments on here but I'll go ahead and ask anyway ... I came across your posts while reading a Petra topic and noticed you asked about the electric golf carts. I'm wondering if you did get to book/use them on your tour. We have been to Petra once before and it was so, so hot we were totally had it by the time we walked back up. I have also developed an ankle injury (Achilles tendon) and do suffer badly now when walking. We have a full day in Eilat the day before, we're also doing the ship tour to Masada & Dead Sea, so still not sure if we want to commit to Petra the next day if it is going to be too hard! We will be taking our first Costa cruise on the Mediterranea from Mauritius to Venice in March this year, have done many other cruises so it will interesting to see how Costa compare for us. Well, hope you see this but if not I'll just keep searching ... Thanks, Sue.
  2. Thanks for that information. We're now thinking it's a bit too much trouble to do on our own and think we'll join a tour that a fellow roll call member has arranged, going to Dover and the castle etc. Not cheap but does take out the worry of getting back in time for the last Gravesend-Tilbury ferry (which is 7pm). Thanks.
  3. Also wondering what to do from Tilbury. Thinking of getting the ferry across to Gravesend and then train to Dover returning via Margate. We're in port 9am to 9pm. I checked some timetables and fares on National Rail and it would cost around 80 pounds each. Does this sound about right or is there an all day train ticket that would be more economical? Thanks for any information. (Hope it's ok to jump in on this post, looking for more Tilbury info).
  4. Thanks for the info. So those who booked in advance were given priority? That would make it worthwhile booking ahead. Do you have to specify the time? ... Okay, had a better look at the website and found further information regarding how they have two queues, one for pre booked and one for sales on the day. Think we'll go ahead and book it our NCL "Bruges on your own" is AUD$113 pp and Cruise Express is AUD$32 pp, quite a difference! Thanks again!
  5. Wondering if it is necessary to book in advance for this shuttle or can you pay on the bus on the day? Cheers Sue and Peter
  6. Haha, I shake in my boots whenever I contemplate asking a question on Trip Advisor, always get some snarky replies that make you feel like an idiot! It can happen on here too but generally much friendlier and helpful I feel, even tho I believe they're owned by the same company. I've also found when I search on TA the information is years old despite changing the search preference to "date". I give up! Anyway, some great advise on this thread, our cruise ends in Amsterdam on 16th May 2020 and for us the hotel prices are way out of our budget in the downtown area so ended up booking on Priceline with their "Express Deal" in the airport area and got the Crowne Plaza, (Club Room) which was still AUD$230/night, (about double what we would pay in most cities of the world!). Planning to store our luggage at Central Station and sight-see for the day and head for the hotel later as checkin won't be until 3pm. Staying two nights and hope to do a tour to Volendam/windmills on the second day. By the way, Banks Mansion looks great but at AUD$954/2 nights - whoa!! Cheers! Sue and Peter
  7. sussanahrose

    Plan B!

    Came across this in my research into the money changers, (don't know how up to date this is tho) apparently Southwest do fly into Terminal 2: "The cadeca in terminal #2 is in departures, not arrivals. After clearing customs, upon exiting the building at the arrival section, go right about 75 meters still under the canopy to the entrance to departures. Enter departures and you see the check in counters right in front of you. Instead, take an immediate right down the hallway. The cadeca is about 30 meters down that hallway on the right hand side. At least it was that way when I last came through terminal #2 about a year and a half ago. Note: upon exiting arrivals with CUC in hand, there is an open air beer stand immediately to the right. No better place to spend your first CUC in Cuba than on a cold Cristal or Bucanero." ... (I like this tip!!) Booked flights directly with SW, they state health insurance is included in the fare, however, we have our own travel insurance also that covers our entire trip including USA and Cuba. Booked our accommodation on airbnb, choose a place with excellent reviews and a fair price (60 CUC/night 2 bedroom) right on El Malecon, Vedado with beautiful views of the ocean and sunsets. No pool, (not particularly interested in that) but it has a balcony and air-con which was a must! Hope I remember to write up about it when we're finished! Cheers!
  8. sussanahrose

    Plan B!

    Flights and accommodation all booked for September. Flying with Southwest and found a place on Airbnb which sounds fabulous!
  9. sussanahrose

    Plan B!

    Thanks Houndfish! That is pretty much exactly what we have in mind. Have you done this yourself? I read somewhere that Southwest arrives at terminal 2 in Havana and there is no currency exchange facilities there, do you know if this is true?
  10. sussanahrose

    Plan B!

    Thanks for the replies! No! We are not American citizen's, we are Aussies!! Guess I should have stated the obvious but thought the little flag and the "Western Australia" address were give aways! (but should never assume etc etc). 😉 Anyway, I will keep investigating ideas of somewhere to stay and maybe doing a package with a tour company of accommodation and a trip to Vinales. And yes, have already checked all requirements etc and if the flights are also banned will have to move on to Plan C, 5 more days in Miami!
  11. sussanahrose

    Plan B!

    With our cruise to Cuba in September this year now cancelled by NCL, and our flights and accommodation already booked to/from/in Miami we have 5 days free and we are wondering if it is a good option to fly to Havana instead. We'd appreciate any thoughts on the likelihood of flights being cancelled and also recommendations for accommodation, have been looking at a few hotels that didn't seem too bad but then the reviews were horrendous!! And all this "politically correctness" (??) of whether we should stay in a hotel or casa particular is also a bit daunting and leaves us wondering if it's all worth it! And would you include travel to other towns or parts of Cuba or just Havana? (The cruise was just Havana). Any info appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Well I guess we won't have to worry about this now! 😥
  13. Thank you so much for all the info! We still have a bit of time until our cruise so I'll keep studying the form and make a decision. Cheers!
  14. I'm interested to know how you decided which car/tour to go with at the terminal, did you choose a car you liked or the just best deal you negotiated? I don't mind paying the asking price of the online tours but finding it hard to choose, thought it might be just as easy to pick when we get there! Our cruise is on NCL Sky in September. Did you arrange your visa with NCL? Any other info you think might be helpful? Thanks!
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