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  1. I enjoyed the beef in Le Bistro more than Cagneys. We don't go to Cagneys anymore and use the money saved to instead go to Ruth's Chris when not on a cruise.
  2. SL2 has direct service to and from South station and the port. I used it during our port stop in Boston while on a Princess New England cruise. If you travel light, you should be fine.
  3. Yes, those mandatory inspections suck....for passengers and crew.
  4. Boarding usually pretty good as long as you don't US customs or public health inspection. Disembarking is hit or miss depending on size of ship and the time you dock.
  5. Not a problem in the past. We just walk by if we don't want the photo. Never really found it to be an issue.
  6. Yeah, and NCL would charge a 20% service fee or daily service charge for the cost of the attendant reserving the deck chair for you. Good Grief!!
  7. And this is why they continue to raise the prices. There are folks who would pay any price NCL told them to without questioning it. It could be 19.99 per day, and people would say, well, prices increase or the crew works hard. I am a little more curious about how I spend my money and where it goes. To me, a gratuity is directly related to service. So, absent a cost of living increase, gratuities should increase with the service level. Many hotels charge resort fees, and in exchange for that fee, you get free WIFI or free shuttle to Disney or bottled water in your room, etc. You get none of this with NCL. It's the ABC rule, Always Be Curious. NCL knows there will always be some folks that pay whatever NCL recommends, so it is an easy cash grab for corporate, especially if crew wages don't increase at the same level.
  8. All. User first post, in the wrong forum, no date or ship provided. I didn't click the link so apologies to OP if it is legit. Better to be super safe than sorry.
  9. You can only prepay at the old rate til 3-31. Our cruise isn't til September. If we waited til one week prior, we'd be forced to pay the new rate. Plus, I would think it would be tougher to adjust downward if the money is already in Frank Del Fee-O's pockets.
  10. This is contradictory to the email that was sent. Not surprising with NCL....some of the worst communications on the planet. According to the email, the only people protected are those that have existing reservations and have already prepaid gratuities. If you have a cruise booked, you have until March 31 to either prepay at the old rates or pay anytime after April 1 at the higher rates or just adjust downward onboard during the cruise. We are adjusting downward during our cruise. NCL isn't a bank and the four of us don't desire to make an interest free deposit with them six months in advance of our cruise.
  11. Wow! A holier than thou attitude. The amount being charged for the daily gratuity is far in excess of what a gratuity is. Giving me a guide about the recommended charges isn't going to change the fact, and it is a fact, that if I am permitted to adjust the charge downward by forty nine cents per person per day, I will do it. I am not looking for approval from anyone here on cruisecritic. I answer to myself at the end of the day, and unless or until there is an increased level of service tied to the increase to the gratuity, my daily gratuity has capped out at $14.50 per day. I don't need an accounting from NCL about if or how they choose to distribute it; I trust them to adequately compensate their hard working people, and if they can't accomplish that with $14.50 per person per day, not my problem.
  12. Yes, I will simply be removing forty nine cents per person, per day as long as they allow gratuities to be adjusted. An optional gratuity is directly related to service and unless or until service levels increase, an increase to daily gratuities is not justified. Nickel and diming is a two way street.
  13. Yeah, this isn't about me, though. Truth be told, I have been the beneficiary and recipient of bare bones, last minute pricing due to NCLs high pricing well in advance. They can't fill ships at these prices, so regularly dump cabins. I've spent 2 months on NCL ships in 2018 because of it and because I regularly monitor prices. I also have the benefit of being able to travel last minute. I've sailed from Tampa, NYC, Miami, England. No I don't live next to a port either. Most people work hard for their time off and vacation. I hate to see people feel ripped off. Really, nothing more nothing less. My observation is that many cruise lines price low out front when supply is higher and ratchet up prices as sailing time approaches and supply shrinks. Southwest does that, too. That is the traditional supply and demand of which you write. NCL prices real high out in advance when there is lots of supply and then regularly discounts as sailing approaches when there is lower supply. If they are dropping prices by $2,500, I would submit to you that is poor inventory management or setting prices without regard to supply and demand. After all, there is a higher supply of cabins in advance of sailing so traditional theory indicates prices would be lower. This is what you typically see in hotels, airlines cruise lines, Uber, etc.
  14. I agree with most of what you wrote: Couple points. Prior to final payment, they have no choice but to honor the price reduction. Otherwise, you could just cancel and rebook. I think you could yell at them or ask nicely and get the same result. In this case, their business practice was to hold prices artificially high with hopes of selling the cabins prior to final payment date, and dropped them once that date passed. Each person can decide if that is a good business practice or a bad business practice. OP is past final payment and is not getting any sweetener (nor are they entitled to any, by the way), so different passengers seem to get different results. This is an expensive lesson learned for OP. I don't book cruises before final payment, so my final payment is made on the day of booking. At the end of the day, all I am saying is that if the terms of their contract create situations that cause enough unhappy customers, they are likely to lose that future business, which could also impact profitability and shareholders in the long run . Every business manages profitability against customer satisfaction - some moreso than others. Again, not arguing the terms of the contract because it is what it is. The cruise industry has one of the most anti-consumer contracts on the planet. I am simply saying if customers end up feeling ripped off, they are unlikely to patronize the business that caused them to feel that way. Oh, and they'll probably tell 100 other people the way they feel.
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