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  1. Good grief, lighten up Queen. My goal is to secure a low price. Pretty hard to do after the ship has sailed. Of course, price drops have occurred. Maybe $20 here are $30. But never the hundreds of dollars that I see floating around here frequently. I don't even blink an eye at that. My recent 9 day went to $349 5 days before sailing so I booked it. It ended up at $299 3 days before. Oh well. $349 assigned the highest category inside stateroom midship, staterooms above and below. A steal ..
  2. Dawn has both inside and outside stations depending on stateroom location. Muster station Y is definitely outside cause that was my station. My stateroom was a midship interior on deck 10. Arrangements can be made for mobility issues. Just talk to staff in advance and they'll direct you.
  3. Yes. Always keep checking. You can learn about how NCL's pricing model works. It is different from other lines. Then use that knowledge to score awesome deals and cruise more frequently.
  4. Yes, mine is lower. Rock bottom pricing. I know rock bottom when I see it.
  5. Cabin selection/location hasn't been an issue. Just booked 5 days before a cruise and was promptly assigned a mid ship stateroom with cabins located above and below. Booked my last five cruises this way. Never been disappointed and until I am, I'll continue to book NCL in this manner. But feel free to overpay by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keeps my prices low low low.
  6. Amazed at the people that ask this question. As a general rule, people want the lowest price possible. No one wants to overpay. I never offer to pay more for things that I know I can get cheaper, do you? Of course, I would also never book an NCL cruise more than a week or two before sailing.
  7. I think NCL subscribes to the sport 24 channel. They get whatever is being broadcast there. The same with NHL playoffs. I was on the gem out of Boston during the Stanley cup playoffs last year. They didn't get the hockey game and lots of angry passengers. It was asked if the general manager during the q and a and he honestly said it was too expensive for NCL to purchase the rights to broadcast the game.
  8. Sailaway. Price difference between sailaway and "free at sea" isn't so free in your case.
  9. I am interested but get an error when I try to message you. You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later. Please provide email address or email me at brianlang.cpa@gmail.com with pricing. These would need to be transferred me on or before August 31 so I may take advantage of double up promotion (assuming it won't be extended).
  10. Guest services has a form where you can request the obc transfer.
  11. Don't fall for all their fluff....specialty dining, alcohol, etc. Book your sailaway rate with onboard spend if zero. My 2019 cruises...Epic 11 day Caribbean Jan 2019...$549, Gem 7 day Bermuda May 2019, $299, Dawn 7 day Canada $299. I'll stand by what I wrote. Alaska sailings have been soft all season due to overcapacity in the market. Lots of deals to be had, if you can be flexible and turn a blind eye to promotions marketed as free.
  12. They don't apply it consistently. I think it depends who in Miami picks up the OBC submission. I've booked with no supplement and 150% supplement. Sometimes they reduce the obc, other times I get the full amount. I did a B2B last year. Both cruises no supplement. First cruise got full benefit. Second cruise got half the benefit. The policy makes no sense to me. If I buy the required number of shares, I am entitled to the full benefit. NCL always wants to give passenger 1 $50 and passenger 2 $50. But my passenger 2 (when I travel with someone) doesn't own NCL stock and is not entitled to any benefit. The actual shareholder should get the full credit if they meet the ownership requirements. Whether they are traveling solo or not has no bearing on the issue. The intent of the program is to reward stock ownership.
  13. September 7-day Alaska prices at $329 and $349. They've been talking about driving prices up for years. Stock price is flat. No dividends paid. And I'm ok with that. Cruising NCL has never been cheaper in my opinion.
  14. I never buy the package onboard and certainly don't pay their ridiculous onboard per drink prices. I usually grab some drinks at a bar in port. Sometimes the price differential between a last minute sailaway and a rate with perks is $100. Plus, of course, the 20% service charge. So for a seven day cruise, about $140 in service charges. So, for $240 I'd get the drink package. Anything more, I would probably forego.
  15. NCL is the only line I know of with huge price drops last minute. With the other lines, if a sailing is selling slowly, you'll see the declines three months out or so. NCL will keep the price artificially inflated and then dump cabins for cheap one week before sailing. The end result is huge variations between what passengers pay for the same product. When I sail NCL, I book two to seven days prior to sailing, sailaway rate only. I am fortunate to be able to sail last minute. I would never book an NCL cruise prior to final payment either.
  16. Thanks for your review. Some valid points... 1. Escape is too big for the ancient Manhattan cruise terminal. It's been an issue for a while. You either have to line up super early to be first off or stay back and relax onboard to the bitter end. 2. Passenger demographic. This is beyond NCL control. I try not to allow someone else to drive my level of enjoyment of the cruise. 3. Food - very subjective. We have found the food in MDR and buffet to be acceptable. They are cooking for the masses. On the bigger ships, the selections are varied. For breakfast multiple breads, fruit, hot and cold cereals, pancakes, waffles, scrambled/hard boiled eggs, cooked to order eggs/ omellettes, bacon, sausage, ham, etc. Yes, it is the same every day, but the selection is huge. I do notice, some ships have some more exotic selections....imported cheeses, dates, walnuts, and some don't. I don't know what determined this. 4. Waterfront - yes, a true win for NCL. Usually peaceful, comfortable, and quiet. 5.yes agree onboard events are limited. Seems to be trivia, game shows, and upsell seminars. NCL could benefit from more enrichment lectures, especially on their more exotic cruises. Their Caribbean onboard program is the same as their British isles program. Even their drink of the day are the same. Somehow, a tropical rebellious fish doesn't taste the same when you are cruising into Dublin, Ireland 6. Yes, we've found stateroom service to be hit or miss. Some very friendly and solid cleaning. Others not so much and just going through the motions. 7. Yes, you have to decide how your vacation dollar is best spent. We do cruise NCL, but always book at the very last minute when they dump cabins for $299 per person. Their offering is worth it to us at that price point. We'd never pay some of the prices they try to charge, though.
  17. The bar menus of other cruise lines are published in cruisecritic as well as other areas of the internet. I encourage you to do some research and then see if you come to the conclusion that I am not 100% correct. Of course people will disagree with me about not drinking. Thanks for pointing out what I thought was obvious.
  18. Lol. 5 drinks a day plus the service charge can easily cost $60-$80. Total rip off. We cruise for the amazing sights and ports not to drink overpriced liquor and ridiculous fees and charges.
  19. Tito's and club sodas at home are $6 cheap and $10 on the high side. Happy hour prices are $4. So the tip is between $1 and $2 per drink. If it's happy hour, I still tip $1 to $2 per drink. Only on Norwegian Cruise Lines is it $15. Well, maybe in some high end Vegas clubs or in Manhattan. But NCL? Really?I would never tip someone $6 for mixing two drinks with vodka and club soda. Outrageous!! Keep your liquor, NCL. We will gladly do without.
  20. Think about the folks who don't want the beverage package, but enjoy an occasional drink here and there. A non- import vodka, such as Tito's, is priced at a rip-off level of $14.95. And then they add a cryptic, overpriced, $3 "service charge"/"gratuity". It's an easy decision for us. We forego all alcohol on our NCL cruises. Actually, we forego all of their ridiculous overpriced onboard offerings. We drink in the ports of call, take independent tours, etc. Our onboard spend on NCL only is zero. On other cruiselines, it is different. We don't find the pricing as extreme, even though we expect to pay a premium.
  21. Great point. They skirt labor laws and then try to shift labor costs for their crew to me via some cryptic service charge? I think not. We adjust the service charge to twelve or thirteen bucks per person per day, which more closely resembles the value we place on the services we receive. If NCL can't take care of it's crew with that, then it can certainly adjust the base price of the cruise upward in the future.
  22. I wasn't there so don't know what happened. However, if he was verbal (not physical in any way), I think it reflects poorly on NCL. You suck it up for a few days, and kick his *** to the curb when the ship returns to the homeport rather than dumping him in a foreign country. You don't justify his bad behavior by engaging in equally bad behavior.
  23. Don't you get something in exchange for the resort fee? Bottled water, newspaper, free internet access, maybe free local transportation?
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