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  1. I have no facts for you. My belief is people become wiser with time, kinda like a fine wine....not the kind you find on NCL bar menus, either. NCLs fleet is the youngest around, but NCL is not immune to the economics of the current environment. Their Leo class will be delayed or abandoned in part. Fincantieri already hinted at that months ago. I think that is the new ship yard for NCL. Disclaimer....the comments made in this post are the opinions of the poster.
  2. That's fair. So you have to make an educated decision at this point, right? You have to either make your final payment and accept the uncertainty of the current environment or cancel and get your money back. It's one of the reasons I've stopped cruising in the pandemic. Believe me I miss it tremendously, having spent at least 50 days aboard ships annually over the past 10 or so years. But we've done a week at a national park in May and are doing more weeks in September and October. We've taken calculated risk with respect to Covid exposure, but more importantly, there is no require
  3. Ok, fair. You have a decision to make. As I said above, you roll the dice of uncertainty or you forego your cruise and save your good deal for a more certain time.
  4. Rest assured, that 50% was based on the March and April cancellations. You certainly aren't submitting to this community that it is still 50% FCC request, I hope. The loads are no where near similar for 2021. If they were, you wouldn't see ships being sold for scrap. Turkey looks like a parking lot of defunct cruise ships right now. Facts matter.
  5. I agree, but it seems to me all of the uncertainty could be eliminated by not making final payment and cancelling your reservation. You can always rebook at a later date.
  6. Bingo. Nothing is likely booked beyond 50% at this point, confirmed by mock bookings. I'm going to defend NCL and the cruise lines on this one. There is nothing to communicate. They will continue to market sailings as if they intend to operate them, even though we know there is substantial doubt. They've said the earliest they may begin operations is November 1. This is the most optimistic view and even then one or two ships. The earliest the full fleet will be sailing is 2q 2021. Given the past six months, now is not the optimal time to book a cruise or b
  7. NCL changes menus like the seasons. Once they begin sailing, we will have to see what the latest round of changes bring. Previously, there was an upcharge for certain items, then a few months later the upcharge was removed, only to be reinstated a few after that. The crew reported that they rarely know of changes in advance and just use whatever some bean counter in Miami tells them to use. Stay tuned.
  8. I think he meant to say the people booking cruises, or any international travel, during a time of pandemic are crazy. But, if someone is willing to book and hand over $$, Frank will gladly use that to keep NCL afloat. Can't blame him for that.
  9. The first sentence of your post is accurate. Then you lost me with the rest of it. What is clear is that there were a number of complaints filed with the FMC by consumers. Enough so that the FMC is looking in to how to make the process better for both parties.
  10. I see. Have a great cruise, wherever you intend to go.
  11. Hope away, but also consider facts. Even if the virus is mitigated and NCL begins sailing, they have announced a phased startup approach. During the investor call last week, they stated they would not be fully ramped up until 2q 2021 under the most optimistic circumstances. Hope some more. You aren't. As evidenced by the replies in this thread, you have plenty of company.....a safety in numbers approach, right? Expecting a cruise to sail in 1Q 2021 is strictly a gamble at this point by NCLs admission. As long as you are well prepared for the cancellation
  12. The member meant tote-bag. Google it if you still don't know what it is.
  13. I agree. However, unless living under a rock for the past six months, anyone voluntarily booking cruises at this point ought to understand there is substantial economic and health risks associated with said booking.
  14. I think that is definitely true as of today. Not sure I feel this way about decisions made in March, even though I took the cash refund in March, when the magnitude of the pandemic was still developing.
  15. About what I would have expected. Regardless of what NCL wants you to believe, they are no different than other parts of the travel industry including competitor cruise lines, hotels, airplanes, and amusement parks. Look at Disney's park attendance. Way below what they thought. In fact, many parks are actually reducing operating hours and days due to the lack of demand. The only meaningful demand for cruising is from people that have value tied in up in expiring FCCs.
  16. Well he really didn't say that in the call today. He did speak about the notion of a phased approach which will extend for up to six months. I interpreted it to mean they'll start with one or two ships running short itineraries as soon as they are cleared to sail. Then add a couple more, etc. Del Rio projected it would be at least 2Q of 2021 before they were fully ramped up ( under the most optimistic scenario). But yes, you are right, to the extent they are marketing an entire fleet of sailings in December, it is true that some of those sailings will not operate according to Del R
  17. Of course there are no plans to extend them per the corporate office. When is the last time the corporate office has done right by any passenger? Once again, they have breached the terms of their own contract. When you bought your certificates, you agreed to book and sail within a certain time frame. In fact, you booked and were prepared to sail but NCL voluntarily cancelled your cruise, making it impossible to redeem your certificate within the stated timeframe. This is so obvious, I can't even believe their response. Get it to the Federal Maritime Commission or Attor
  18. Yeah, in Ocean Blue. Post Covid pricing will be in effect. $85 menu price or a $55 upcharge if you have the dining package....plus a 30% service charge. 😉
  19. Yeah, my opinion is obviously shifting on this although I agree with your statement about the CDC. Anyone who knowingly and willfully visits a theme park, cruise ship during a time of pandemic ought to be prepared to personally accept the financial and health risks associated with their decision. The blame game stops there. They have no expectation of safety during a time of pandemic when you know the virus can't be controlled. If you choose to roll the dice, then be prepared to accept and own the consequences. The only way to fully prevent exposure at these places, the
  20. I listened in on the dismal earnings call today. Del Rio said he is relying heavily on business from past guests when cruises start up. Boy, is he gonna be in for the shock of his life when he realizes many of his past guests have taken their business elsewhere.
  21. I don't have answers to your 33 questions. This is what is being used by several amusement/theme parks..... There remains an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place and any place where people are present. While we are committed to enhanced standards in an effort to keep you as healthy and safe as possible, we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed.
  22. I know. My viewpoint is starting to shift. They could clean 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but as soon as someone steps onboard with the infection, they are done. The cruise lines can't win here because passenger screening is not foolproof. So instead of trying to tell us how safe it is, In feel like they should be required to come up with a plan of what to do when COVID is onboard, communicate their plan clearly to the public, require waivers from passengers, and then market the sailings. If they stay shutdown forever, they are going bankrupt. So, let them market sa
  23. And then hot-air Harry says the obvious and what everyone else says....we're developing standards, we're cleaning, safety is #1. Duh!! What people really want to know is what happens when the unexpected happens?.....no matter how much cleaning they do, when you put groups of people in a relatively, small confined space, you have issues. It's just the unfortunate reality of the situation. The relevance, then, isn't what is being done to prevent Covid. It is.... what happens when COVID finds its way onboard an NCL cruise, or a Carnival cruise or a Royal Caribbean cruise?
  24. The lower capacity ships are being well-played. I expect delivery delays. You would think NCL would be pushing for a delay. I am anxiously awaiting the earnings, or lack thereof, report tomorrow AM.
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