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  1. Thank you all for your responses. I am thinking to book our flights via Princess. That way I don't have to pay until 45 days prior and, by then, we should know if the cruise is still on . . .yes?
  2. When we learned that our July Alaska cruise was going to be cancelled the day after final payment, I contacted Princess and asked for our fare to be moved to our upcoming December Caribbean cruise.Although it still has not been transferred, I am now learning that the December cruise will probably be cancelled as well. I have heard a lot of speculation but am I missing something? Has Princess stated that the remainder of the 2020 season has been cancelled?
  3. So, funny thing. I received our a couple of days ago and we sail on the 22nd. I called Princess the day before they arrived to ask about them and was told they were going to be shipped in the next day or so due to the battery life. This was after the person put me on hold to check about it. So, first, they arrive the next day and the agent didn't even know and, second, I have learned that there is no battery. While they arrived on time and look great with our names and sail date engraved, I am guessing that Princess's own agents might need Medallion Education 101. But, we're going a big ol' boat for 2 weeks . . .so, it's all good! Happy sailing. 🙂
  4. The cabins under and near the bump out parts (sea walk and bar). The blue light shines pretty bright. We had to keep our curtains closed all night - and we like to keep them slightly opened to let the morning light in . . ..
  5. First - It's great to be back on this forum. It's been two years since our last cruise and much has changed since then. Second - With the new coffee "card," is there a discount when pre-purchasing it or is it the same price once on board? I ask because I have a bunch of on board credit and would rather use this to purchase the coffee package then buy it early. Thanks . . and only 88 days until we board the beautiful Regal for 14 wonderful days!
  6. Wow. We live in Seattle and will be taking a ferry (already booked a non-refundable ticket) to Victoria on the 26th to meet up with my brother who is on this cruise. Who would have have thunk this mild weather stop would be cancelled!?!?!? You can't make this stuff up!
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