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  1. I used to like Hal a lot then the cutback came one after another. Eventually I was able to get past that. Now I am hung up with the trail Hal did to charge for entrees in the mdr. So not sure when I can move past that. So for now no Hal cruises. Maybe some day in the future.
  2. I think this is fantastic. You can save the world and get Alzheimer’s from all the aluminum foil in each container.
  3. The excursions just showed up for our Feb 2020 cruise but you cannot book anything yet. Says booking opens in November.
  4. Very disappointing. I keep trying to find a reason to cruise with Celebrity again and keep finding more reasons to not cruise with them such as this. We have done about 25 Celebrity cruises. As as long as Viking does not follow Celebrity and the other lines with all of these cutbacks and extra charges they have us hooked and have our business.
  5. I have noticed that more and more Viking cruises are showing with available rooms. For the longest time any cruise that I was interested in almost no matter how far out every room category showed as unavailable
  6. Finally a policy I agree with. Great that they are getting rid of those ridiculous decorations.
  7. Now I get it. I thought you were sharing 1140 pictures of your room and balcony and were talking about a classroom of some kind.
  8. We thought the food was really bad. The thought of going on another Princess cruise is not good. We will not be rushing to book another cruise with them. They did try hard for sure. They just could not execute. The soft serve ice cream by the pool was terrible. Got very tired of the buffet. They had a big variety especially for dinner but something was really lacking just not good.
  9. We booked on board last summer and part of the deal was final payment 6 months out. We have also booked through Viking on the phone and both times the agent asked when did we want to do the final payment. One cruise I think he set the final payment date 9 months out and another was 10 months. They seemed very accommodating on when the final payment would be due.
  10. JR used to be included but teenagers took over and they had to start charging. They keep raising and raising the prices but apparently its still not scarring away the teens.
  11. Sink water from your room is perfectly fine. Just fill up your empty water bottles.
  12. We went on Royal last October. We were not impressed. They tried on the food but could not execute. We know Viking Ocean is more but a night and day difference over Princess. The main cruise lines including Princess have done way too many cutbacks.
  13. We have only seen a couple of them used for the cruise. Tear them out and return the space to what it was. Their fees are outrageous.
  14. This charge really turned us off HAL. We would be very hesitant to book with HAL in the future. We have previously cruised 5 times with them.
  15. They are trying to save the environment
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