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  1. We went on Royal last October. We were not impressed. They tried on the food but could not execute. We know Viking Ocean is more but a night and day difference over Princess. The main cruise lines including Princess have done way too many cutbacks.
  2. We have only seen a couple of them used for the cruise. Tear them out and return the space to what it was. Their fees are outrageous.
  3. This charge really turned us off HAL. We would be very hesitant to book with HAL in the future. We have previously cruised 5 times with them.
  4. They are trying to save the environment
  5. Scratch HAL off the list of cruise lines we will go on in the future. This is ridiculous.
  6. We asked for two carafes of regular water and one of carbonated and room steward kept them full through out the cruise each day
  7. The good thing is the extra charge items are not printed on the menu. The other good thing is on our 10 night Royal cruise we never saw anyone ording an extra cost entree. Nothing should be an extra cost in the mdr.
  8. Everything I have read and from talking to others is the class charge is something new. There was an article in USA Today on Viking ocean that said the fitness classes were included
  9. We were disappointed that Viking has started charging $10 for gym classes. Hopefully not a trend to follow the other cruise lines that slowely started charging for more and more.
  10. I have been on that ship and have looked at the ship from the front. I can see only one bridge. I don’t see where they could even have a duplicate bridge. I think it would be safe to go to Hawaii with only one bridge. We did a transatlantic so there were a lot of sea days like going to Hawaii and I feel certain there was only one bridge when we went and all was ok.
  11. Pay their outrageous water prices or drink their sodium laced water and watch yourself swell up like a balloon.
  12. Years ago I rated the food and service on Princess, RCI, Celebrity, Holland even Carnival a 10 out of 10. Years ago I rated NCL a 3 - 4 out of 10 Now I rate the above lines a 0 to 1 out of 10. Just off Viking Ocean cruise and wow I rate them 10 out of 10. Their free internet had speeds of 60 on the download and 43 on the Upload. Food was better than what the main lines used to be. Incredible service. We enjoyed every second of the cruise. We are going to try Princess one more time in Oct we have have no expectations of anything being good or of any quality. So our expectations are starting off at 0. It would be nice to be surprised.
  13. We would love to try SS and keep hoping that they will go to all inclusive and get rid of extra charges for their dining rooms. When they do we will book.
  14. The interview all a bunch of baloney and just talking points that is no where near the reality of the product they currently deliver. Celebrity used To focus on food and service. With their constant cutbacks the dining quality is near zero. The service is also no where near what it used to be. We have down 25 cruises with Celebrity and would love to do 25 more with them but they will have to make a lot of changes to get us back. We just finished another Viking cruise. Viking delivered an over the top experience with the food and service that was in one word incrediable.
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