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  1. They are a great company. After 4 cruises with them, Viking has become our go to cruise company.
  2. This is good news. We are elite but left Celebrity because of all the cutbacks and extra charges. Just could not take it anymore. So we will look at what they have to offer in the future.
  3. Will not happen until sometime in 2021 unless every passenger gets tested before boarding and the cruise only has sea days with no ports
  4. There should not be any self serve buffet. People have zero common sense when common sanitary practices. I have been shocked at what people do while serving themselves. They are Clueless.
  5. Celebrity has a new billion dollar ship that will not have a paying passenger for at probably close to a year. The monthly payment on just that ship is staggering.
  6. Don’t see how any cruise can sail until at least a year from now. They have big payments to make to the bank. I’m sure the payment situation will be worked out to keep the lines from bk
  7. Not yet. At least they basically stopped anyone coming to Hawaii with the 14 day quarantine requirement. Police are citing and arresting people not staying inside. The govt is trying to not let this get out of control. Our Hospital system can’t handle much, very lacking, large dr shortage and no room. For many medical issues people they fly people to the mainland for treatment. So if this gets out of control in Hawaii the outcome will be really bad.
  8. You would think the cancellations will be for a long time to come. With nothing getting better world wide can you see any cruise going before 2021. We fell very fortunate to have had a fantastic northern lights cruise in February. Viking is our go to cruise line now. We hope they can make it through this.
  9. Everyday day that passes and this pandemic grows makes it become crystal clear there will not be any Alaska cruise season in 2020. There will not be any cruise season in 2020 going anywhere. Even after people have been separated for two to three weeks or more it’s not slowing down only getting worse. Best case maybe a year to year and a half from now cruises will be able to start up.
  10. Look at the world and the unending spread. They are not going to cruise for many, many , many months.
  11. I can’t imagine any cruise with passengers for at least a year from now and probably longer than that.
  12. Booking anything before January is going to be hit or miss of the cruise being cancelled. It’s good to hope though.
  13. Just can’t see any cruise going before January 2021. Saying mid May is ridiculous there should not be any surprises that date will be pushed back.
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