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  1. Thanks to all of you for your very useful responses. The photos really helped. Looks like we will be talking to our TA tomorrow. Just need to start planning something soon.
  2. Thanks for the time and thought that you both have put into your reply. They were very helpful. One thing I did notice in looking at the cabin drawings is what seems to be a minimum of storage area in the rooms. We usually book an ocean view cabin aboard MS Amsterdam on world cruises not so much for the cost but for the location of low deck and in the middle of the ship. We have found that location to have much less movement during long rough passages. Having said that these OV cabins have an amazing amount of drawer and closet storage. I don't see much more than one closet in the drawings of the DV rooms on Viking even though they are supposed to have more volume than the HAL stateroom. Am I missing something?
  3. My wife and I have approx. 800 sea days on Holland America, including 3 and a half world cruises. (The half was this year's when we got as far as Australia where we were told the cruise was over and we had to make our own way home since we hadn't used Holland America air to get to the ship) Needless to say we were less than amused by this. I have been intrigued by Viking mostly because of the size of the ships and the fact that children and scooters aren't allowed. Not so much of a fan of paying for excursions which I probably will not use (like to do my own) , the "class" system of boarding and making reservations and the ridiculous lead time they use for full payment. That being said we are kicking around booking a b2b on the Star for the fall of next year starting in NYC and ending in Ft. Lauderdale. (We live in Fla.) We would use this as a test run for whether we might want to try a Viking world cruise since HAL left a bad taste in my mouth this year. Would appreciate any insight into pros and cons of the line itself and this particular ship and any other useful info. Thanks in advance.
  4. Glad to hear you guys made it home safely. We were a day behind you in getting out and it felt like doors were slamming behind us at every stop. Very scary and we came very close to not being allowed to leave at all. Also very weird arriving at major airports in US and seeming to be the only humans around. Our first week of self quarantine is ending today and we also are blessed with wonderful friends and neighbors who stocked our place with food and will include our needs when they go shopping. It was a pleasure getting to know you at "our" table in the back of the library. Good place to draw. Hope our paths cross again. Rich
  5. Hey guys. Hope you got back safe and sound. Peg and I just got in last night after Perth to Sydney, Sydney to Dallas, Dallas to Tampa and then collapsing at home. Very weird trip with airports being empty except for stressed out folks trying to get home. Don't know if I ever had your email and not sure how to give you ours over this public site. If you know of a way let us know otherwise, it was great seeing you again this year and hopefully we'll meet again. Rich and Peg.
  6. Good Morning. One comment. I think that you may be a day ahead on the Amsterdam. We have friends on board who tell us that they are in Cabo today and La Paz tomorrow. Not a big deal but thought you might want to know.
  7. Glad to see you'll be onboard and getting everything in shape before we join you for the World in January. Enjoy the trip and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Rich and Peg
  8. No. We got the 100 euro quote from the taxi driver who took us to the Rotterdam train station.
  9. We recently got off the Rotterdam in Rotterdam stayed there a few days and then did the reverse trip to Amsterdam. We stayed at the Hotel New York which is just across the street from the pier and was the old location of the Holland America Line. It was ok but really wasn't convenient to the center of Rotterdam. The old SS Rotterdam liner, now a hotel, while worth a look is even less convenient for seeing the town. There is a train which runs from Schipol into Rotterdam Center City. Think it runs about every 30 minutes. If you take the train I would consider staying at the Marriott in Rotterdam which is directly across the street from the train station as well as almost all of the tram lines that run around the city. With 4 people you might want to compare the price of a transfer by car from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Can't remeber what the train tickets cost but we got a price for a private car going the other way of around 100 euro for the 2 of us. When you factor in the ease of a car compared to humping your bags thru the Amsterdam airport and onto the train it starts to make sense.
  10. We have been to Casablanca twice. Your ship may provide a shuttle to the park across from the Hyatt hotel. From there it is a short walk into the Souk. Be aware that it will probably be very hot so wander around but be careful about overheating. Souk is not as exotic as you might imagine but is still interesting. My wife and I (late 60's but good shape) walked through much of the souk and the town and never felt unsafe but pay attention as in any big city. Once you are finished with the Souk you might want to go to the Hyatt hotel for a drink and to cool off. It is a beautiful hotel. From the hotel you can probably get a licensed cab to go to the Hassan II mosque. (We walked but wouldn't recommend it for Mom). It is an amazing building. After that I'm not sure that there are any more "must sees" as Casablanca is much more a modern city than you might think. Some tours go to Rick's Cafe but that is a rather recent addition and for us seems like a Disney ride but to each his own. There are also a number of restaurants down the hill from the park that may be interesting for lunch.
  11. My error. We were on both the Zuiderdam and the Rotterdam the last few months and I got them mixed up since they are both now in Northern Europe. Rotterdam had a great dance band in the Ocean Bar. Zuiderdam did not.
  12. You will have a wonderful four piece band in the Ocean Bar that plays 3 or 4 sets a night and is very enthusiastic to play for dancers.
  13. Bill and Mary Ann Thanks again for taking us along. Please say hello to Aart and Ellen for us. We had drinks with them this winter on the Zuiderdam with Jeff and Ian when it stopped in Curacao. Looking forward to seeing them again in the Crows Nest for the evening cocktail on next year's world cruise. Glad to hear Aart is feeling better and we look forward to seeing all of you next year. Rich and Peg
  14. Currently the Rotterdam has a four man band in the Ocean Bar. All four of the guys are from Mexico but they are the best quartet that we have ever seen including the old time Rosario strings on the Prinsendam. These guys play the classic american songbook (think Cole Porter, Johhny Mercer) as well as Brazilian and Mexican classics. They encourage dancing and the Ocean Bar was full on almost every night of our month aboard. They said they would be on until September.
  15. Just got off Rotterdam on April 29 after a transatlantic repo. They had a string quartet called Adagio who performed. However, during the crossing they had closed the Explorer's lounge and contractors spent the crossing turning the area into a Lincoln Center venue. Similar to the Lincoln Center venues on the Vista class. No idea when they plan to transition to Lincoln Center performers but the foundation was certainly laid.
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