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  1. I really wish I could recommend Odyssey Tours in Limon Costs Rica but I am hesitant. We had a private tour booked with Alvaro about 1 year in advance for 11. I had 3 people cancel which I told him months in advance but the tour group was totally unaware the day of the tour. They had no idea what the tour consisted of. I had to show them my email with the description. They were lost on several occassions. Had to keep turning around. Totally skipped the cocoa planatation and the visit to the banana plantation consisted of pulling off to the side od the road with a small talk. While Alvarro was very good responding to my emails that level of service did not translate the day of the tour. The 3 guides we had, a driver, a navigator and guide were very nice guys and knowledgeable I think thery were unprepared. It was an okay day but I was disappointed. I think they may specialize more in the Puntarenas area but they were totally out of their element in Limon. When I booked initially there was confusion about what port we were at but he assured me he could still do the tour in Limon. He may have been trying to accommodate me but he missed the mark. Sent from my SM-T580 using Forums mobile app
  2. Just returned from a cruise that stopped in Cartagena and was fortunate to have spent the day with Dora. We had a private tour for 8 in an air conditioned clean van with an experienced and careful driver. Dora was our guide and she is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommed Dora and her team. Sent from my SM-T580 using Forums mobile app
  3. Highly recommend Dora. Just recently did a private tour for 8 and wss fortunate that Dora was our guide. She is knowledgeable and professional. Very friendly and personable Sent from my SM-T580 using Forums mobile app
  4. I was on this cruise as well and agree with most. However, there are not enough chairs around the outdoor pools. They did enforce the 30 minute rule in the early hours. I personally witnessed many personal items and towels removed. Lots of drama created. Arguing among passengers. It was ugly.
  5. Can anyone recommend a more upscale resort in Nassau where we could get a day pass? Preferably not too far from the port. I have read about a bunch of different resorts on this site but am a little confused as to which may be the best option for us. I would prefer somewhere that would be a little more of an adult crowd and not families. Not worried about snorkeling. Just a nice beach with a chair, umbrella and facilities. Food and drinks would be nice. BTW we are 4 adults in our late 50's. Thanks for all suggestions.
  6. After reading so many negative reviews on the Quantum I felt compelled to write my own. First a little background, I am 59 years old and was sailing with two other couples all who have cruised multiple times and four of us on just about every line. This was our third RCCL cruise. I will not include the ports in this review but if anyone has any questions, please ask. Embarkation was a breeze. We had a check-in time of 12:15, arrived at 11:15 and walked on the ship. Never even sat down. We had lunch in Two70 while we waited for our rooms to be ready at 1:00. Our rooms were ready promptly at 1:00 and we went straight to the cabin to check it out. We were in balcony cabin 11294 and found it to be spacious with tons of storage. We had so much room that I even used an empty drawer as a hamper. Bathroom shower seemed bigger than normal and I loved the foot bar. Things I did not see on here that I would have liked to have known is that the bathroom has a built-in nightlight. No need to bring one. They DO give you all of the toiletries you need and I did not have to ask. My only complaint with this room is that we could hear toilets flushing in the evenings and mornings. Not enough to want to change cabins but it was annoying. Our room steward was amazing. Could not have asked for more. We had reservations for dinner most nights but had no trouble changing them if needed even same day. We also had no trouble getting in to dinner without reservations and we had a party of 6. Service was excellent in all dining rooms with Chic being the worst in our experience. We ate in all complimentary restaurants at least twice and enjoyed each one. Chops was excellent as well as Jamies. The longest we were ever at dinner was 2 hours but most nights we were out in 1 1/2 hours. Dynamic Dining is a little inconvenient with having to make reservations but honestly we had no problems when we did not have them. I have to say in my opinion the food was excellent in all restaurants. No complaints. Entertainment hands down was the best on any ship we have been on. From Starwater and Sonic Odyssey to Mamma Mia. Comedian was excellent, Quest was a blast and so on. Savannah Jack was an awesome band. There is always something to do on this ship. If you are bored it is your own fault. Dru is a great cruise director. Very visible, personable and involved. All entertainment staff was great. Loved the trivia and there was lots of it. Dru even did his own sports trivia. We did the bumper cars, Northstar, IFly, climbed the wall, played ping pong, etc. I honestly would have to look for something bad to say about this cruise. It was a fabulous 13 days. The crew was among the friendliest I have ever sailed with. And I did see drink waiters at the pool quite often. Not as much as in the past but they were there. The deck patrol were also monitoring towels left on the lounges but not consistently. I did see them remove towels on more than one occasion. And in fact they warned us in the morning when we dropped our towels off and went to get coffee to bring back that we had to be back in 30 minutes. We were back in 15 and they were leaving notes on lounges with towels. All in all I have no complaints except the sound of the toilets flushing and it did not affect our cruise one bit. We all thought it was a great trip and probably our best cruise to date.
  7. I just had it done 3 weeks ago and am cruising in April. I am concerned about what I can eat. Por t ions are already small so not worried about that.. Going to be challenging.
  8. I have emailed that address 3 times over the last 8 days and no response.
  9. I thought I read somewhere that it would not be permitted to operate in any ports. Could be wrong but I think I did see that somewhere.
  10. We were just there on the Explorer last month. Can't help but think about all the wonderful people we met. All are in my prayers. It is a scary thing to go through.
  11. Was at the port this past weekend. They still have a long way to go before it is complete. What a mess. I will just be happy that stupid shuttle bus will be eliminated. That will make everything so much easier. By the time I leave in April I suppose I won't even recognize the place.
  12. We were on this cruise as well. Agree with most of your comments. We had a good time despite the weather . However we always found the Windjammer crowded and drink service there was almost non existent. The coffee was undrinkable. We are booked on quantum and have high hopes for a much experience.
  13. Let me preface by saying that this is my 7th cruise and my 2nd on RCL and both on Explorer of the Seas. I am 58 and was traveling with my DH and two other couples. I am going to do this review a little differently to just give my honest opinion of specific items. Food: Buffet was just okay. Same things for breakfast everyday and dinner was just okay. I thought lunch was terrible. We are used to freshly grilled burgers, hot dogs and chicken but even though it was on the buffet it was not freshly made. We had anytime dining and had to wait just one night for about 20 minutes. Service was pretty good. Portions were very small. You could easily order 2 entrees and not be full. We all thought the food in general was bland. However, I loved the strip steak and the prime rib was great. Service: Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed in the level of service. Our room steward was the exception. We were in a Promenade room and she was awesome. Drink service at the pool was non-existent most times and we almost always found ourselves going to the bar to get our own drinks. That was the case for us in the theater as well. Most of the crew we encountered were pleasant but we met our fair share of those who were not. Entertainment: This is a big one for me. Both of our sea days were bad weather days and we had nothing to do but to go to the casino and drink. Generally there was one show a night (sometimes shown at two different times) but that was about it. I am used to Princess where we need to plan our whole night out in order to see and do everything. The show I did see - Magician (Levetan??) could have been at a kids party. Comedian was pretty good. The CD was great and he was everywhere as well as his assistant. But there did not appear to be any additional staff. They used the dancers and skaters when they needed help. Quest was by far the highlight of entertainment. Ice skating for us was canceled due to bad weather. I think they may rescheduled for a time when we were ashore. Overall I thought the entertainment was lacking and very marginal. Not impressed. Ship: The ship is older but still in overall good condition. This was the first time we did not book a balcony and booked a Promenade room. For the money and a 5 night cruise the room was fine. A little small but we had no problems with noise at all. Mistakes we Made: In my opinion I do not think it was the right move for us to purchase the bus/ferry passes for two days in Bermuda. The buses will get you around but they are extremely crowded with many, many people standing. We should have used the ferry more and cabs. If you go to Horseshoe Beach you may not want to take the regular bus. It drops you at the top of a very very steep hill that you have to walk down to get to the beach. And walk back up if you need to get back to the public bus. We took the bus there and hired a cab to go back that was at the bottom of the hill. Cost us $10 a couple. The best money I ever spent. If you plan on spending a day at Horseshoe Bay it may make more sense to do the one day bus/ferry pass and then do the shuttle from ship for the second. Also, if you plan on heading to St. George DO NOT miss the first ferry. We did and the second did not leave until 11:30. So we had to take the ferry to Hamilton and an hour bus ride to St. George. Missed the only tour in St. George so not much to see there after an hour bus ride. Sorry I do not remember the time of first ferry or the tour. We purchased the premium alcohol package at a cost of $563 for us both. We are pretty big drinkers and I don't think we broke even. It helped that the soda was included but with two days in port I do not think it was worth it for us. I know this sounds likes a very negative review but overall we had a good time. The weather was against us as both of our sea days were not sunny days. The first one being extremely rough with 50 mph+ winds and 12 - 15 ft waves. Many sick passengers. Half of the first day in Bermuda was rainy, humid and overcast but eventually cleared. The last sea day again was very windy, overcast and chilly. All in all it was a good cruise but not a great one. The weather did have something to do with that. We are booked on the Quantum for a 13 day cruise in April and our hope is that the experience is better than this one. Let me know if I can answer any questions.
  14. We were on Aloha Deck 701 and I can tell you that at least in the hallway you could feel the temperature drop considerably as you got closer to mid ship. It seemed to be more Aft than anywhere else on the that deck at least. As far as the toilet we really did not have any problems but we did find that there was a delay in the flushing. We would be out of the bathroom and a couple of minutes would go by before the toilet flushed. I just want to mention that we did not experience any of the odor problems.
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