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  1. I just looked to book one for august.. I am curious where alaska will be i want to see stuff while there
  2. Couple questions about the carnival sensation. Is there a small library or books to borrow? Flying in so trying to not overpack. Average price of a beer or frozen drink? Hubby is curious if cheers is worth it as he isnt a huge drinker. Anyone know when Chef table is? We won't book if on elegant night thanks so much
  3. My husband and I have always both purchased the cheers package but i have had surgery and unable to drink soda or alcohol anymore and can get a doctors note stating this. Rpyal carrbean has allowed my husband to get the package and not me, has anyone been able to do this? Of course i can supply medical proof... Just curious before i call.
  4. We did chef table a few years ago, does anyine have ia menu on it recently? Heading on yhe sensation in January! Thanks
  5. Has anyone heard any news on black Friday or cyber Monday deals yet?
  6. We haven't cruised carnival in awhile due to lack of options close to home. We will be flying to miami and getting on the carnival sensation. Has anything major changed in the last 3idh years?, we can still bring wine onboard? Soda? Water? (we most likely wont be just curious) Flying limits clothing, shorts allowed for men in dining room?! What about chef table? How is the atmosphere out of miami on a 5 day cruise? Casual? Only one fancier night on a 5 day cruise? How fancy is fancy on a shorter cruise? Thank you!
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