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  1. I think I understand the rationale behind the staggered boarding times. However, it fails to account for other factors. Flight arrival times vary, hotel/Airbnb check out times vary, dining room lunch time ends early, later assigned times may not leave time for a leisurely lunch in the lido, and I am sure there are other things I am not thinking of. Disney Cruise lines allows some flexibility by allowing the guest to select the desired boarding time based on FCFS basis. I believe they were 1/2 hour increments I don’t know if that would/does create more compliance. I know we arrived about 15 minutes prior to our scheduled time and were allowed to proceed, although by the time we actually got to the counter we were within our time. Seriously, what should someone who arrives FLL at say 9:30 AM do, sit around the airport for 3 or 4 hours because their scheduled check in is 1:00 PM or worse 2:30. i get that using the deck designation would allow prioritizing which decks get turned faster helps HAL, but it is does not consider the mentioned variables of the guest realities.
  2. I had this same issue with a recent Princess cruise. My cruise was 1/11-18 and my passport expired 7/10. Booked last minute and worried there would not be time to renew. Luckily I was able to use DL and BC. After returning I renewed by mail paying for expedited service, and expedited mail fee, I mailed the renewal packet 1/22 and received my new passport 2/2. That timing would have been sufficient to have renewed before the cruise but That would have caused me great anxiety. I would like to also note that while some foreign countries require 6 month validity, my cruise was to Mexico and both Mexico an USA are valid upon entry countries. Princess (and other cruise and air lines) policy however is 6 month validity. I think it is stupid that a valid non-expired passport is not valid, but I don’t get to make the rules. I think this is what causes a lot of issues, people think their passport is valid because it has not expired. I don’t think that is unreasonable thinking at all.
  3. I worry about the hot flash thing and I am not sure there is no rise in body temp. The back of my neck is very hot to the touch when I am having hot flashes and my DH has commented about how hot my skin feels. If they are using external forehead monitors will those indicate a fever even if my internal body temp is actually not elevated.? Update according to John Hopkins website hopkinsmedicine.org hot flashes can raise body temperature
  4. My experience has been that I have to ask/tell them to apply FCC.
  5. Can’t answer for Embassy Suites,. But We had trouble with LYFT connections when we were in Fort Laudedale. The app said finding drivers and just spun until it timed out. Both from the airport and from the ship. Others around us were having similar problems. When we finally connected, The driver from the airport that LYFT found was 11 min away and never moved from their spot, after 15 min we cancelled the request and ordered another, waited 9 min. From the port we finally got connected to a ride waited several minutes then watched as he passed the entry to the pickup area, then through no action on our part we were notified a new ride was coming, new driver had no,idea what happened and said the app led him right to us, luckily we were not in a hurry either time, it was quite frustrating. A couple of positives, we were expecting to have to fight a cancellation charge for the ride we cancelled, but we did not ever get one, I assume either they could see we cancelled after quoted pick up time or that the driver never moved and we have used LYFT in many other locations nationwide and never experienced anything similar. Just a heads up.
  6. I only have 5 Princess cruises, 2 Alaska on Golden, Panama Canal on Coral, 4 night Repositioning on Star, and most recently (Jan11-18 202) Mexico on Royal. I am with the Coral crowd. It by far has been my favorite ship to date, and I think would be an excellent choice for Alaska. (least favorite would be Star). That said, to me they all have plenty of pros and I would sail any of them again.
  7. OP what cabin class are you sailing? I too am interested in information regarding regular (non-YC) guests experiences. NCL haven and MSC YC are a relatively small subset of the offering on their respective cruises and generally far exceed my limited budget. Without fail someone will post a subpar experience on one of those lines and someone from haven or YC will counter and go on and on about how it was a fabulous cruise.
  8. We sailed 1/11-18 also. The comedian was AJ Jamal, I enjoyed his shows very much. We were at the early Secret Silk performance, the group I was traveling with agreed it was the worst cruise entertainment we had ever seen, (me personally 25 cruises). My DIL said she felt embarrassed for the performers it was so bad. It definitely had potential so maybe the technical difficulties were causing issues. We took the tech breakdown as a blessing to allow us to escape from our mid-row seats. I did not care for the soprano, her singing seemed unnatural and forced to me. I am fairly easy to entertain, enjoy a wide variety of genres and even appreciate the talent in genres less to my liking. I am, however, also aware entertainment can be as subjective as food, so just my take on it.
  9. https://www.uber.com/us/en/price-estimate/ You can input where you are staying and staples center. I did a random LAX hotel but the link didn’t hold my input, estimate was around $25 for UberX which should be adequate for 3 people.
  10. Found this on Halfacts https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/7116-nieuw-statendam/. Is this what you are looking for?
  11. First and foremost concern for people’s safety. The other concern I have is for their livelihood. Many people count on the tourists from the cruise ships to make a living. While I am not going to knowingly put myself in danger, I do try to visit places that have experienced these kinds of disasters. I hope I am not being insensitive in doing so.
  12. On a recent Nieuw Amsterdam cruise, Tamarind was offered at a 25% Discount the evening we were in San Juan. We assumed due to the late schedule departure. Since we had early dining, it allowed us to stay in port a little longer, as well save a little money on an excellent meal.
  13. I agree with mikenbon, the old forts are interesting and fairly easy walk from the dock, one entry fee gets you into both forts. There is a walk along the ocean from one of the forts back to San Juan gate. It's great for Iguana spotting. It took us about 20 minutes from fort to gate including some picture stops. Also, as others have mentioned, any port I have been to has had multiple people waiting just outside the gates selling a wide variety of tours/excursions/activities.
  14. I find the air flow from the AC vent is often minimal, i attached magnet hooks to the metal vent cover & hung the fan from them. My travel alarm has a thermometer it was avg 5 degrees cooler than when the fan was on the night stand. I didn't hang a battery pack just recharged the fan the next day.
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