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  1. The testing and certification for FDA and UN38.3 approval are certainly indications of a higher grade of medical device that the cheapest two wheel skateboard Lithium Ion (LI) batteries that are causing so much publicity and concern. These devices have IEC certifications (as near as i can determine- the packaging has IEC certification stamps. Your point about Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) device is interesting. In looking at SOLAS LI batteries what I see is that they are available for Life Rafts and Life Jackets. Thank you for your comments.
  2. Thank you for your response - Now I know that at least one person has not had an issue with Lithium Ion (LI) batteries on HAL. As far as my research has suggested, and given the LI power to weight trade - many if not most of the mobility items (Power chairs, Powered Wheelchairs, medical scooters) have moved to Lithium Iion batteries. In addition, there is far more testing and certification for medical grade devices than the cheap two wheel boards that have raised so many concerns. The Lithium Ion Batteries are not the same a "Dry Cell" batteries. Dry Cell typically refers to Zinc-Carbon batteries, but you are correct in that they are not wet like Lead Acid batteries and cannot spill.
  3. I have certainly considered it - However - We are just starting down this journey to needing a scooter. Looking at rentals, and we tend to cruse about 50-60 days a year, and rentals are about $200/week rental, not considering the added cost for one-way rentals. In addition the rental units tend to be somewhat larger, and heavier, and not always collapsible. Since we do not (yet) get accessible cabins, and depending on the cabin configuration I would be lifting them over the bed to get to a place to store them in the cabin - so weight is a consideration. We will also need one for local daily usage i.e. going through stores and the such. We were just at a store the other day when her legs gave out and she could not go on. She wants something that she can load/unload herself from the car. That puts fairly strict limitations on weight and size. We did a trial load at the dealer with the Luggie and she can quite readily load the unit into our small SUV (one end at a time). I had concerns over tipping and did not want the lighter 3 wheel units (which tend to be lighter), but are tippier. This version of the Luggie has both 4 wheels, and an active system that automatically slows the unit during turns. It is still only 55 pounds, so it is light enough for her to collapse and lift into the car. I wanted to wait to rent one on our next cruise to try it out, but our next cruise is not till April, and I was...directed...to get one...now.
  4. I am looking at getting a mobility scooter from my wife, specifically, the foldable Luggie Elite primarily due to light weight, narrow width, multiple folding aspects, short turning radius. The concern I have is that it is only available with Lithium Ion batteries - which appear to be unacceptable/of concern to HAL. I have talked to several local salesmen (who sell many brands), the importer, and the manufacturer (Freerider) itself. The consistent story is they have never had an issue with any Luggie Lithium Ion scooter on any cruise line. They have never heard of cruisers being left at the dock or having the scooter rejected because of a lithium battery. I note that the HAL Special Needs paper form does not have a check mark box for the Lithium Ion battery type on the mobility scooter battery type description. However, when I go to the HAL online Special Requirements Form, it states "… strongly recommends …" but it does not say "requires" non-Lithium Ion Batteries, Nor does it request the type of battery on the device. See below: For the safety of all our guests and crew and to enhance accessibility for persons with special needs, Holland America Line strongly recommends that all personal electric mobility equipment (scooters) meet the following criteria: Width: 23" maximum in order to be accommodated in a standard cabin, unless collapsible to a width of 23" or less Weight: 100 lbs. maximum without battery Batteries: Gel or Dry Cell or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) only The Luggie - with the lithium ion battery - is FDA approved, FAA approved for aircraft transport, and is tested to UN 38.3. I have seen Luggie scooters on HAL ships, but never checked the type of battery. (There is only one version of the Luggie that has a non-Lithium Ion battery but it is the very lowest-end device) I do not want to make this considerable investment, and then not be able to use the unit, or worse yet, get to the dock and not be allowed to board with it. Does anybody have experience using mobility scooter Lithium Ion Batteries on HAL ships??.
  5. Thank you for the table -I appreciate it. I have a 24 day cruise forthcoming, and there is a $100 difference in the total cost between the Surf and Premiums services. I have AT&T service, and can make calls via WiFi. With the Surf Plan, does anybody know if one can make AT&T WiFi calls via the Surf plan?? I know movies and Skype need the premium plan, but Calls over WiFi do not need the bandwidth that Movies and Skype with the video bandwidths needs. I try to avoid paying for internet package, and Cellular-at-Sea for calls while at sea, AND international Cell Service while in-port for Calls & Wifi.
  6. We came off of the RCCL in September 18 at the Port of Miami. We do have Global Entry, and do have our cards. I was pleased to see the Global entry signed up - but alas - we were shuttled into the long, long line with the rest of the Plebes. We were in the self disembarkation group. We had to get off the ship early due to a relatively early flight. It had been a short 4 day cruise so I think there were many with limited baggage. We however had a veritable boatload of baggage as we had other places to visit.
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