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  1. i believe your TA needs to be much more of an advocate for you! I would take Pam's advice and go on Princess's Facebook page and complain loudly!
  2. I believe Ryan's last name is Adams and if it's the same guy he is terrific!!! Too bad about Sam's husband.
  3. Not all parts of the website are up and running......had to call Princess about upcoming excursions and the link was broken for them too. I was told IT folks don't work on Sundays!! HAHAHAH!
  4. Went with Odyssey Tours last fall and recommend them very highly! We did the Giant's Causeway and I wouldn't do it again. It's a nice drive (long) and there's a charge for everything once you get there. They even charge to get into the "visitor's center"! HDTV has much better views of the "rocks"!! Since our tour had some extra time the driver gave us a wonderful Belfast city tour which turned out to be the best and most informative part of the day. I am gutted that we didn't have time for the Titanic Museum because I heard it was truly a fabulous experience.
  5. Oh, thank you for your encouraging comments! Some family members have cruised before but nearly half have never stepped foot on a cruise ship! Part of my concern is that I hope they love it as much as I do!!! I always consider "Murphy's Law" and we've had relatively few very minor hiccups in over 30 cruises and don't wan't the averages to catch up on this Grand cruise!! It doesn't keep me up a night and my family's long suit is humor so I think we'll be just fine!! Maureen
  6. Thanks very much for your opinion of the food. That makes me feel much more confident. Now if we can determine why and where the water issues are I will relax even more!! Maureen
  7. Thanks, Tom! I already feel better! The food thing is always so subjective and I'm reluctant to even ask about it since we've had 30 Princess cruises and never had a bad meal!!The leaking in the hallways and rooms was another matter and I am relieved to hear you saw no issues. Thanks for your response. Maureen
  8. Your description of "flexible perfect" describes us to a 'T' !!! Adjustable expectations R US!! I love the way you have defined our perfect way to travel. Taking our whole family on a cruise has been a dream for a few years and we've finally been able to make it happen. Our love of cruising is something we want to share with them and so I'd like everything to be fairly seamless. Maureen
  9. I had a report from someone I know, who sailed on the Grand recently, that there were leaks in the ceilings and water was running down the walls (they were A deck aft). Wet carpets and fans running continuously. More recently friends commented that the food quality was subpar and they noticed a lack of vegetables on their dinners! Never had a hot meal and speaking to the dining room captain was not helpful. Usually, I take these kinds of complaints as possibly a 'one of a kind' experience, however, both of these sources are Elite Princess and are not typically easily rattled by things. Thanks for taking the time to do your "live". Maureen
  10. Hi, Brian Keep me in mind too! We are taking our whole family to AK on the Grand in July and I'm a little nervous about some of the feedback I've received re: food and "wetness" in some cabin areas. :eek: There are 20 of us and, naturally, I want everything to be perfect...:cool: XOXO Maureen
  11. What I believe the OP is talking about is the fact that the central bank of elevators is "reserved" for embarking passengers and they would like those who are already boarded to use the aft and forward elevators to leave the center bank free.
  12. It's a great service! The Tux appears and disappears just like magic!!!
  13. We have enjoyed E731 on three cruises with the Sapphire and never heard a peep from below. It is our favorite mini! The only time we heard bass sounds was on the Island Princess with an Emerald deck mini E736 and it was so slight it wasn't ever bothersome. Enjoy!!
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