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  1. Yippee...another chance to rehash the bathrooms on the Epic. 🙄 Can we also talk about the Penthouse accomodations on the Jewel class ships (as well as the Dawn and Star)?
  2. Here is something to ponder... The entire cruise industry has been shut down since March 2020 because we're being told that a shipboard enviornment is too dangerous during this pandemic. The US Coast Guard...have you seen all the news stories about their ships being out of commission because of rampant Covid among their crews? The US Navy...have you seen all the news stories about their ships being out of commission because of rampant Covid among their crews? You think Covid wouldn't spread like wildfire on a submarine? You think you can social distance on a
  3. Back before NCL offered the drink package (by norming it across all guests and including the cost in the fare), the popular refrain on CC was that people wished NCL would just include the drinks so they don't have to worry about the bar bill. Quite ironic, no?
  4. Probabably going to disappoint you when you find out that this isn't a photo. It is merely an artist's rendition...something quite different than a photo. You might also be disappointed when you get there and find that a) the pool isn't empty, and b) neither are the surrounding loungers. When you see all the people there you can take your photo to the Captain to complain about false advertising and bait & switch tactics.
  5. I just tried a mock booking based on the given criteria (Alaska, July) and I am able to select a specific cabin.
  6. And everyone on a public forum needs to know this detail of an individual's latitudes account why exactly? 🤔 oversharing noun the disclosure of an inappropriate amount of detail about one's personal life. "oversharing has become commonplace thanks to social media"
  7. It will be interesting to see if that works out for them. For those who might not remember, NCL offered this with the Epic. They called it "Check In-Rock Out". Seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird, though.
  8. Again, it seems like you're stuck on the (incorrect) idea that opinion = fiction. An opinion can contain factual information, however those facts simply don't cause it to no longer be an opinion. It is what it is...don't be do defensive about it. Go back and look at the first post. The OP reported what CIN said, then offered their opinion. However, what the OP also did is that they left out facts. If you look at the actual referenced report, you'll see that the OP left out: "In moves similar to March 2020, senior executives at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings sold off sha
  9. You do realize you're just proving my point, right? Especially with that quote. See, we're not talking about facts, we're talking about opinions (and, of course, your compulsive need to win Internet arguments). Facts are supposed to be unbiased. However people, especially many of those on this site, are not. As a result, they tend to cherry-pick when it comes to facts, which, as previously stated introduces bias and veers toward opinion. For some people, it is simply too difficult to present one without conflating it with the other. Just try not to be so defensive abou
  10. But it isn't false, it is just an opinion. Like it or not, agree with it or not, but it is what it is, and like Ray Parker says "You can't change that"
  11. Well, "not by a longshot" is definately an opinion as I doubt there is research and factual numbers to back it up. 😉 One of the big components of facts is that they are unbiased. However, when someone like the OP shares facts...but only partial facts without a broader context...that is when it slides toward opinion. The OP did present facts, but left out key information in order to promote their personal opinion. We basically got the "what" without the "why" which just leads to conjecture and opinion.
  12. There is one captain in an Italian prison right now that proves you wrong. 🤔
  13. Looks more like information being presented out of context to me. How can someone draw any type of conclusion from this information without knowing how much was paid for each share in the first place? Are these sales at a profit or at a loss? How many shares are they still holding? Seems like someone with no faith in a company would sell ALL of their shares...not hold on to a large percentage. This is, btw, a site where people can post their thoughts. No real need to state "Just my opinion" on a site where everything is someone's opinion.
  14. No...that is a government requirement imposed for the cruise to even operate. And you don't HAVE to take an excursion. I mean, for example, if NCL came back and said "For everyone with a 125% FCC, you can only use 25% if that FCC toward any one cruise", so you would have to book 5 cruises to use it all. I mean like that. Besides, NOTHING has changed with the FCC. You still have it, and NCL will still honor it once they are permitted to cruise again. Sheesh, why not just say "Who believes that everyone with an FCC should get four free cruises?". (This is why
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