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  1. I want to thank all of you for your suggestions. I have been in hurricane mode for the last week. We shuttered up the house and left for a planned trip to Boston where we are now awaiting word on our return flight tomorrow. We are staying at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne. Are there parks or gardens nearby for walking? Margie
  2. We are doing the last three legs of the world cruise beginning in Sydney and are traveling first to Melbourne for a week. We were there in 2013 as the last day of the holiday cruise. My husband is playing golf each day and I am looking for museums, stores, and other tourist activities. Also, we would like recommendations for restaurants. We are in the city for five days and then spending two days on the Mornington Peninsula and one day in the Yarra Valley before heading to Sydney. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!
  3. Hi Robin! We have been on three cruises around the British Isles (looking at back to back London-Dublin in 2021). He takes his clubs on every cruise - Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. He makes his own arrangements in every port before leaving as he plays more difficult courses. Write to me with your phone number and I’ll have Ronnie call him to talk golf. mbm120@aol.com. Your husband will be happy hitting balls on the deck! Margie
  4. We are staying in Tokyo for three days after the cruise. Found out yesterday that he is staying at our hotel, the Palace, that is adjacent to the Imperial Palace. Funny that I avoid Palm Beach all winter because I hate having to drive miles out of my way to avoid the road blocks. At least we’ll be safe. He comes the day before us and is leaving the day before so we won’t have problems getting to the airport.
  5. Please post our upcoming cruises: May 9 (OCS 190509-17) Hong Kong to Tokyo - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) March 3 (OCY 200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) March 20 (OCY 200320-14) Singapore to Mumbai - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) April 3 (OCY 200403-18) Mumbai to Rome - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) Thanks Keith!
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