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  1. Please post our upcoming cruises: May 9 (OCS 190509-17) Hong Kong to Tokyo - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) March 3 (OCY 200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) March 20 (OCY 200320-14) Singapore to Mumbai - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) April 3 (OCY 200403-18) Mumbai to Rome - Margie2 (Margie and Ron) Thanks Keith!
  2. Thank you for your good wishes. We are sitting a a small airport near MalaMala game reserve waiting for our flight to Cape Town. We had an incredible three night, four day safari. MalaMala is a private reserve in Kruger measuring 18 miles by 6 miles with three camps, one for families of all ages that houses 120 guests, one for families with children over 12 that has 60 guests, and our camp that has 8 khayas or cabins housing 16 guests. It is called Rattray’s and I can highly recommend it. We are looking forward to this next journey where I will still be sleeping at 5:30 AM instead of looking at lions! Happy holidays every one!
  3. Keith, Your concern is well warranted. I have had GE since it was first introduced. I told my daughter in NYC that she really needed it because she traveled frequently. She told me that her employer brought CBP to her bank and all upper level employees were screened there for GE. Certainly better than our trip to CBP in Port Everglades! She tells me that the TSA line is consistently longer than the regular line at LGA. I'm sure CBP visited every bank on Wall St.! But when she flies back from Fort Lauderdale or West Palm, she is at the gate before I'm out of the airport. I fly to Boston every other month and the line there is a little longer than FLL, but nothing compared to NYC yet. Hopefully, it will stay that way. Margie
  4. Becky and Miles, I too remember that great evening at Cafe de Paris. It was Judith being the team cheerleader and mother hen! Every time I'm in Boca West and drive by their home I think of Judith and Larry, gone way too soon. I think we all have to raise a glass to them at the CC party! Margie
  5. Keith, Please add us to Aug. 10 (8218) San Francisco to New York - Margie 2 (Margie/ Ron) Thanks! Margie
  6. Just booked the Panama Canal cruise and could not believe how many rooms have already been booked. Living in south Florida, I'd rather be catered to on the ship in the rain than sit in my house with the same rain! Margie
  7. Keith, Please remove us from May 28 (6310) San Francisco R/T Hawaii and add us to Dec. 22 (7226) Cape Town R/T - Margie2 (Margie/Ron) Thanks, Margie
  8. Thank you for your good wishes! I am in the midst of packing while Ronnie is in the midst of a final round of golf - nothing changes. We leave on Wednesday and arrive in London early Thursday so plenty of time for Harrod's! We are really looking forward to our day at the beaches of Normandy and know it will be the emotional highlight of the cruise. The only problem with the cruise is that it's too short!
  9. Keith, please add us to: May 28 (6310) San Francisco R/T Hawaii - Margie2 (Margie/Ronnie) Thanks!
  10. Ronnie and I are planning to book the Hawaii cruise. He visited when he was in the Air Force, but I've never been. He will celebrate his 65th on the ship! Margie
  11. Jim - Ronnie and I are looking forward to seeing you and Steve again on the TA. Any plans to be in South Florida this summer? Margie
  12. Keith - please cancel us on 5316, July 25, London RT and put us down for 5214, June 12, NY to London. Thanks! Margie & Ronnie
  13. Roy - could you please start roll calls for these two cruises, Aug. 1, 2014 and July 25, 2015. Thanks! Margie
  14. Keith, Please remove us from b2b 4219 and 4220 British Isles. We have an event to attend right in the middle of the two weeks. Instead, we are taking 4318, Aug. 1-10 London-Lisbon. But never fear! We are booked on 5316, July 25-Aug. 8, London-London, golf theme. Thanks for making the changes. Margie
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