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  1. We had been told that as well, but all that changed yesterday because of the new cases. All passengers will be tested at the port. I think the only exception is if you show up with a PCR test result for a test that was administered within 48 hours of sailing. You do not have to pay for the test at the pier.
  2. I am on the Edge now, and will be on next week as well. A couple of observations: - Kids under 16 who are Not vaxxed (will be kids under 12 after Aug 1st) are NOT required to wear masks aboard ship. - in Cozumel, we could only get off the ship with a ship-sponsored ShoreEx. We could not walk around even the port area. But some of the ShoreEx trips allowed guests to stop and shop in the port area or in town before returning to the ship. Also, the Adventure of the Seas was docked right next to us, and they were allowed free rein in Cozumel. (Note, however, they began their cruise out of Nassau, and I don’t know what the Bahamian process is.) - One un-vaxxed passenger was not wearing his mask correctly on night 1 in the casino. The pit boss spoke quietly to him. He (the passenger) half-pulled up his mask, started yelling and making rude and obnoxious comments, and still failed to cover his air holes. As he was escorted from the casino, he threw his chips onto a busy Craps table and was belligerent. I have not seen him since that night anywhere n the ship. Coincidence? 😳
  3. THANK YOU! Your review was PERFECT! Loved the organization, photos, and humor. We leave on Friday for the Edge sailing on Saturday…your review has me ‘happy dancing’ — but I guess I should save some of that for Silent Disco. How was debarkation? Specifically, do you know if Luggage Valet is an option? Also, what was the earliest you could have gotten off the ship?? A huge Thank You for your post, and TIA re: debarkation!
  4. I am Vaxxed, but I have travel insurance with some pretty good medical and medical evacuation coverage. But…CoVid is not treated as any ol’ medical ‘accident or illness’ and the normal coverage is not in full force for that.
  5. In fact, that is the very card I was referring to!!
  6. I believe starters, sides, and salads are unlimited, although you may not get them all at me if you are ‘over ordering.’ The expensive entrees are limited, but usually you can get a second one for $20 or $25.
  7. We did; exactly two weeks ago tomorrow. Wanted to miss the cruise ship shuffle, as you are trying to do! A bunch of big flights leave at once! But depending on your airline, the counter may not be open. We got there 3 hours early for a 2:30-ish AA flight. The AA counter did not open until exactly 3 hours before the flight. There was already a LONG Disney-style line that was well past the ropes. We jumped into it. Then, at 11:40-ish, the lane to the far left side of that one opened for ‘status’ passengers, in which PAX with the AA-Advantage card are allowed to stand. So we moved over. Check-in completed; onto security. Long lines…got through and we were at the bar with almost 2 hours to spare. NOTE: while we were traveling, I was checking the boards, and on 2 out of 4 days before ours, the airport reached capacity and closed the doors for periods of times…leaving folks waiting outside in the sun until some of the congestion lessened. Also, you MUST have a mask on to enter the airport…NO exceptions!!
  8. I redeemed 500 for OBC for a sailing next April. It appeared in my cruise planner in about a week.
  9. Thank you for taking all of us on your cruise! I certainly enjoyed it, and it will tide me over until I get to go next Saturday!
  10. I have sailed on the Edge in a Sky Suite, and the tub was a pretty big step to get in. I would NOT have my Mom climb in!! However, as I recall, the shower was a separate entity, and she would be able to step into that.
  11. Hi, fsukel02, We are joining you on this cruise!! Not sure about the Edge, but we were on the Millennium in June. I was very surprised that there was NO difference in price for spa treatments (specifically, massages) on port or sea days.
  12. Wishing you MUCH luck, as I am sure all of your fans here do!! Looking forward to your posts tomorrow! And, when you get home, with your dear GF’s consent, we would love to see the gift. Hope you win (at least double) the extra over the OBC…you, Sir, are a class act!!
  13. Not sure about Summit. I was on the Millie in June, and we skipped St Lucia and Tortola and went to Curaçao and Aruba instead.
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