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  1. DH and I did LPC & Friends on the Edge, and we thought it was Great! And, since I prefer to avoid the MDR on the first night at all costs, I would definitely recommend this!
  2. Thx. We left Really early this morning. The Interstate (26) from Charleston to Columbia SC is already contra-flow: all lanes Westbound. Safety first, I understand...but RCCI’s refusal to make the Right decision appears to me to put more people in danger by beckoning them to come to (or stay in) Central Florida for a cruise that will likely not sail. Just my 2 cents!! 😎
  3. On Monday, 2 Sept at 8 a.m., Port Canaveral was put into Condition Zulu, which means it is CLOSED. We were supposed to be on the 2 Sept Mariner, which was pushed back to 4 Sept, and then do a B2B on 6 Sept. RCCI’s update last night said we would still be leaving on the 4th and that cruises on the 6th are not affected. RCCI won’t update again until tonight. With the Port closed, it seems useless to stay and rack up additional hotel/food bills. We bailed and are driving home to N.C. Didn’t want to get stuck in Florida!
  4. Ms. Qmadam, So glad you enjoyed your cruise! What fun to introduce the next generation to the cruise life! I am sincerely sorry that your husband was not able to go. But how wonderful that YOU are able to go...enjoy...and share NEW memories with you child/grandchild. God Bless!!
  5. Mike, our condolences and thoughts are with you during this profound loss. Miss Carol was much loved.
  6. Great thoughts. Most of the time, we have not had issues on X with kids. But we sure did on one cruise. We also sailed on Celebrity on a 'holiday' cruise in South America. X had advertised heavily in the SA market: they permitted 2 adults to pay 'full fare' and then they could bring as many kids that would fit in the cabin for $100 each. IT WAS A DISASTER, but nobody responded when many of us wrote letters after the cruise. I have never seen the 'pack' mentality of the kids that I saw on that cruise, and the Total lack of parenting. Kids running laps around the OVC (dodging adults on walkers and servers with heavy trays). Kids in the casino (doing cartwheels in the aisle) and sitting on their parents' laps while the parent was gambling. Kids in lounges at all hours -- yelling at full volume. Elevators out of service because packs of kids repeatedly smeared food (and worse) all over the walls. Kids congregating/sitting on the stairs, making it impossible to pass by. I could go on, but suffice it to say it was awful. For what it's worth, this was a 16-or so night cruise, starting on Dec 24, so most families from the United States don't have that much vacation time off immediately after Christmas. And the four times I tried to talk to parents when their kid was doing something Very dangerous, they pretended they didn't speak English. When we asked some of the managers for assistance, they couldn't help. Several crew members told us this happened every holiday cruise in South America.
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