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  1. Likewise not my experience at all. Certainly there may have been times when it was quiet, but it would get busy at times as well, and there were almost always others in the steam/sauna. And to respond to DaveKathy above, correct, they had to postpone the major refurb of Explorer, so she has not been ruined yet. I suppose it's inevitable, though.
  2. My husband and I enjoy dressing in our tuxes for formal nights, with different ties and cummerbunds for each night, and we get lots of comments from other passengers (good ones, thankfully). And while it's nice to see other ladies and gents dressed up, we don't consider it a requirement—each to their own. There's no going back at this point to "the way cruising used to be," but the sad thing is, formal wear for formal nights seems like more of a costume than simply following the dress code. Correction, suggested attire.
  3. I also agree with using Native Choice to go to Chacchoben Ruins out of Costa Maya, but I think OP said they must use RCI excursions. Going to the Tulum ruins in Cozumel means a bumpy ferryboat ride (aka the vomit comet) out and back, an hour or so on the bus each way, and lots of walking to get a brief guided tour and some time to look around on your own and take pictures. It's a very long day, and usually this tour is the last group back on board at the end of the day. We were unlucky and had delays getting there, so our time at the ruins was cut short. The Chacchoben
  4. Thanks, again. Royal is gradually cutting me off from their ships and pushing me toward other lines that still have complimentary steam/sauna facilities. And no changing room or locker room for a fitness center? I don't want to have to schlepp back to my cabin all sweaty and gross-looking to shower and change. They'd better at least have a thermal suite, but Navigator, for example, does not. And even a thermal suite on their ships is a poor substitute for the nice sauna/steam facilities that were in the locker rooms before they started "amping" (I say "cramping") their ships.
  5. Actually, you are encouraged to use your 40% discount to purchase bottles of wine and share them with your fellow cruising, especially if I am on board....
  6. Most cheese fillings for danish and coffeecakes nowadays are made with a cream cheese type filling (and in most in-store bakeries, it is a premade product that comes from a bakery supplier). But the old-fashioned bakeries often used something called baker's cheese, which is similar to farmer's cheese. It is a fresh, soft, uncurded cheese with a light tang. Where I worked many years ago, we made the filling by adding sugar, cornstarch, egg yolks, butter, and vanilla to baker's cheese. It was also used in many old-fashioned cheesecake recipes.
  7. Thank you--that's a darned shame. The facilities on Freedom-class ships (and Voyager-class) were excellent. Are there even locker rooms at all? There aren't on Navigator since they butchered her and put in what I understand is a mess of a fitness room. The ceilings aren't even tall enough in some areas for certain equipment. At least Explorer and Adventure have been temporarily spared by the pandemic delays. Hopefully we'll get to sail on them before they, too, are ruined.
  8. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise. Could you please check out the fitness center and let us know what it's like now? As far as I can tell from the deck plans, they changed it with the last refurb. I'm wondering if they took out the nice locker rooms with the separate steam/sauna facilities--afraid they have, that seems to be the way they are going now. Pictures would be great if you have the time. Thank you!
  9. We were on Vision some years ago, and the sauna was not in the best of shape. I'm sure they've redone it by now with new benches. It's not as big as the saunas on Voyager-class ships, but not tiny either. The steam room is rather large and yet had plenty of steam to it. The wet area that has the sauna and steam room is separate from the locker area and toilet, and has a couple of showers with shower curtains and one or two sinks. There is also an odd set of showers opposite the other ones that are completely open and are some kind of "buddy shower." Rarely saw anyone using these. All in all, V
  10. There was a little information on CC trip report regarding the first Adventure cruise. Apparently the sauna/steam facilities were still closed due to social distancing retrictions.
  11. It's been too long for me to remember fare amounts, but when we've done this, there would always be cabs and vans waiting in the parking area to return to the pier, and they would try to stuff as many "guests" as they could, collecting a flat fare for each.
  12. I tried kippers once myself on a Royal Caribbean cruise, and while they were fairly tasty, though quite salty, I found the bones annoying to deal with. As I recall, they came with a few boiled potatoes, among other things. It's not something I would have again in that form. I have bought kippered herring filets that come in a tin, boneless, and those I enjoy (though not for breakfast). One of my favorite breakfasts on board is smoked salmon with cream cheese and capers, but instead of a bagel, I like to have it open-faced on the very dark, coarsely grained rye bread that Royal offe
  13. I will have to look next time we are there 🙂
  14. Reports from the recent Adventure of the Seas sailing are that the sauna/steam facilities were closed due to social distancing restrictions. I wonder how this will be handled on ships that have the thermal suites, i.e., if they will be available for use or not. They are pretty cramped facilities on some of the ships. As for being worth it, for me, a big part of the cruise is relaxing in the sauna/steam room, and while I don't like to pay extra for it on the ships with thermal suites, I have in the past. It all depends on the sailing and how many people use the thermal suite. When i
  15. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to the day we can visit Curacao again.
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