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  1. CntPAcruiser

    Explorer 2020 Dry Dock

    We will be on Explorer prior to the refurb (January 2020). The deck plans shown on Royal's website do not show the changes made to the fitness center for Navigator. I'm wondering if they're just not updated yet (it does show specific dates post-refurb), even though the changes will be made. Has anyone heard for sure if they will be removing the existing fitness center on Explorer to replace it with more cabins and putting in a new smaller fitness center aft, like they did on Navigator?
  2. CntPAcruiser

    First cruise

    We were just on Adventure in January 2019. For boarding, we arrived around 11 a.m. and were on board by 11:30 a.m. It went very smoothly, and the Windjammer was already open for lunch. On debarkation day, we were supposed to be out of our cabins by 8 a.m. They want you to wait in the various assigned locations. There are limited breakfast hours on debarkation day as well. As we were leaving the Windjammer that morning, we saw numerous people showing up only to find that the buffet was already closed (I can't recall the exact time, possibly 9 a.m.). It will all be specified on a debarkation info sheet.
  3. CntPAcruiser

    Thermal Suite Week Pass on Oasis

    I recall seeing another thread with the same question, and I believe the answer was that you are not confined to any time slot or otherwise time-restricted once on board. My guess is that this is a gatekeeping measure on the website to control the number of people prebooking. We've encountered similar measures when booking excursions online on Royal's website, and online check-in now also requires selecting a time slot.
  4. CntPAcruiser

    Adventure Waterslides height

    There's another similar question in a different thread, and the answer there was the child had to remove water shoes for height measurement, and apparently they were very strict about it. They also weigh adults who (apparently in their opinions) look like they might be over the weight limit. We were asked to step on a scale by some, but not all, attendants.
  5. CntPAcruiser

    Diamond lounge drinks menu

    I was initially excited to read the phrase "all draft beers," but found on Adventure recently, as posted above, this only meant Heineken and Newcastle. I hadn't realized they had so few drafts!
  6. CntPAcruiser

    Navigator dry dock upgrades

    Part of the "upgrade" was to replace the space formerly occupied by the very nice fitness center and locker rooms with cabins, and to put in a smaller fitness center without the free saunas/steam rooms that were once the trademark of Voyager- and Freedom-class ships. More profit centers and fewer complimentary guest amenities--not an upgrade in MY book.
  7. Today was my last day of work as well. We are all packed and ready to leave behind the cold and snow in Central Pennsylvania! Regarding the Labadee and dogs question, we, too, have seen a few dogs here and there, but not large packs or anything like that. Most island ports we've been to have strays hanging around the populated areas looking for food. One of my favorite stories was from our guide on St. Kitts a few years back. He took us past his house on the tour and we saw his dogs lazily sleeping in the sun. One was named "Lucky Ba$tard," since our guide had found him as a puppy lying in the middle of a busy road and stopped to rescue him.
  8. CntPAcruiser

    Cruising milestone

    I say why wait to book on board! If you need something specific, go ahead and book it to be sure you get what you want. We've made the mistake of waiting to book on board only to find out the cabin type we wanted was in short supply. Happy cruising!
  9. On the newer ships, since Oasis was built, the fitness centers no longer have the nice large locker rooms with free saunas/steam rooms. There are locker rooms in the spa area that are for use if you purchase a pass for the thermal suite, although apparently there are reports that people use them without paying for a spa service. You could ask at the spa desk if you can use them.
  10. CntPAcruiser

    List of ships with FREE steam and/or Sauna

    My understanding is that since the most recent refurbishment of Navigator (the so-called Amping), the original fitness center is completely gone and in its place is a smaller version, and if there are lockers rooms other than in the spa, they no longer have free saunas/steam rooms. The only sauna/steam room will be in a thermal suite for a fee. It's so sad to hear that they've destroyed one Voyager-class ship, and it looks like all the Voyager- and Freedom-class ships are scheduled for "Amping." It's not clear, however, if they will all lose the wonderful fitness centers and locker rooms in the name of adding more staterooms and making the sauna/steam room a profit center instead of a free amenity.
  11. In Costa Maya, we used Native Choice to go to the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins. It was reasonable and reputable, and our two vans arrived well before the crowds, so we were able to see the ruins without hundreds of others in the way.
  12. We also got the standard "arrive after noon" email, though I fervently hope that by noon on the day of the cruise I will be with our foursome in the Windjammer sampling a plate of embarkation-day paella. Ok, maybe 12:30. Here's hoping this is a safe, illness-free cruise for all of us! On board, I always try to avoid touching railings and other surfaces unless I have to, and I wash my hands often. Did Adventure get the handwashing area leading up to the windjammer in the last refit, or was that on some other ship I've seen pics of?
  13. CntPAcruiser

    New Diamond Drinks menu on the Jewel

    Am I misremembering that triple sec used to be included on the list? Or was it just available without having been listed? I appreciate that they are including a nicer Scotch Whisky, but agree with the others above: Where's the Bourbon?
  14. dreadpirate, nice to see the trip report! We're hoping the shutdown will be over by the time we get to San Juan so we can fully enjoy visiting the forts. We plan on doing much the same as you in SJ since we've never been to the old part of the city. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest from the roll call soon!
  15. CntPAcruiser

    Big, mostly empty table at dinner?

    We've had the experience a few times when traveling just the two of us, having requested a "large" table (6 to 10 seats), that we were the only ones there the first night. In one instance, we requested to be moved to the table next to ours (same waiter, so no tip issues) after asking those seated there if we could join them. Another time, we asked after the first evening's meal to be seated at a table with others, and we were moved the second night, joining two other couples, and later were joined by two more. If you ask, you should be accommodated in moving to join others. We enjoy the company of others at dinner, and prefer to have the same table and servers throughout the cruise.