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  1. I knew about the 14-day quarantine until the end of June prior to reading your comment. Thanks for the update. We would like to do a DIY land trip and island-hop in November, but who knows if it will even be possible?
  2. Our first cruise on Carnival Dream, we were with another couple from Toronto. They cruised a lot and we became FB friends. The wife became a travel agent at one point, and now that's who we use to book most of our travel. On our Celebrity Equinox trip, we were seated at a large table that held 12 maybe. The first night there were 6 of us. Another couple from Germany, and a couple from London. The couple from London met other Brits and they ended up eating together, but we became good friends with the couple from Germany, and they have even been to our town to visit us when travelli
  3. We surprised our kids with an Alaskan cruise. We told them at Christmas by creating a brochure of sorts with an itinerary, photos of the ship, photos from the excursions we booked, etc. Maybe something new to wear that's appropriate for the cruise destination? Like a swimsuit for a Caribbean cruise or a raincoat or fleece jacket for Alaska. You could also go to a travel agent and get the cruise ship book, give it to her, and circle the cruise you booked inside for her to discover.
  4. Something to consider: people that have cancelled cruises due to COVID-19 are being offered FCC (future cruise credit often at 125% value) or a 100% refund. Many people are/or will take the FCC and sail again at a later date. If there is a specific cruise you want to do, I would book it ASAP and select your cabin. All those FCCs need to be used by a certain date (I've seen Dec. 31, 2021 for Royal Caribbean - not sure about Princess) and they are going to impact the availability of future sailings.
  5. That's fine by me too. I actually didn't even think we would get the $ back, so it's a bonus either way.
  6. Thank you for circling back with an update!! This helps us a lot. We have another cruise booked Jan. 2020 and think we will take the 125% FCC and apply it to that. Now I know Allianz will transfer the policy to another booking too. I appreciate this great info. Good for Allianz too!
  7. I am losing weight (that's what happens when you have very little appetite apparently), so I'm going to need smaller clothes if this keeps up.
  8. Our family has not been quarantined and are hoping we never need to be. We are self-isolating and social distancing. Pretty much everything in our state is closed including schools so I'm home with 3 kids. Gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals, and pharmacies are still open, but with limited hours. I wear lounge clothes, like pull-on athleisure pants, a no-wire bra, t-shirt, leightweight track jacket, socks and slippers. No makeup except maybe moisturizer. If I have to go out to buy groceries in the current climate, I cover up my dark under eye circles and call it good. Even on a
  9. It is very likely our upcoming cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver will be cancelled. We have decided when it happens, we will switch to a DIY land tour some other time this year. I have searched google and know that Nov-April is generally considered hurricane season, even though hurricanes are rare in HI. I know the temps are fairly consistent and it obviously rains more in the rainforest areas than other parts. Is there a "bed time" or "less desirable" time to visit?
  10. I was really happy for the winner. The judges got it right. Also, Carly has legs for DAYS!
  11. Or maybe somewhere in California? If we can still sail (and if it's safe), arriving at a different disembarkation port would be be fine with us.
  12. Radiance sails from Australia to Hawaii to Vancouver. Looks like Canada has closed all poets until July (another thread here on CC), so Radiance can’t sail to Vancouver. We we are scheduled on Radiance HI to Vancouver. Waiting to see what Royal does with that itinerary.
  13. Not true. Hawaiian cruises can be TP or repositioning cruises too. Radiance from HI to Vancouver, for example, before the Alaska season starts.
  14. The bright side for us: we will likely switch to land based vacation in HI, if we can still fly. Since our trip isn't until May 1st, maybe things will improve by then. Hubby has 2 weeks off of work for this trip, so we will travel somewhere, even if we have to road trip.
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