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  1. I cant think of one person on the ship that I hand just dollar bills to, even a 2 dollar bill. I tip at least 5 dollars a time, even for porters, so make sure I have some singles but mostly make sure I have 5s and 10s for tipping. Guess I tip better than most?? Do you hand them a bunch of singles or 2 dollar bills?? I am confused. Being married to a crew member who is from another country, yes they are going to show appreciation to you if you give them 2 dollar bills, but when they get down to the crew area, they are going to say something different because many of them do not know what they are. They dont care about them at all really. They would rather have singles at least, most of them just wire the money home anyway and 2 dollar bills mean nothing to them. We are getting a bigger kick out of giving them than they are of getting them. Heck stock up on 5 dollar bills and hand those out and look how much appreciation you get! I still am confused since the only tipping I do is the porters for my bags, at the end of the cruise for bartender and the normal stuff. I do not order room service but if I did I would give them at least a 5 dollar bill, but that is just me.
  2. We did this but keep it up! I wrote to Mr Fain and his office called me. I find they seem to listen more and care more than Goldstein. He gives some pat answer about Galveston and Texas not being financially feasible, yet they kept a ship here full time for 5 yrs, and built a terminal. What a bunch of bull hockey. Mr Fains office told me that it was a very profitable location for them but the Caribbean was just soft and they had to move the ships where they were most needed. That makes more sense to me than telling me a ship that sails full year round for 5 yrs is not profitable. Also, want a call, include your phone number in the signature field. I didnt think about it when I wrote from my work email but I work for one of the top companies in the world and contract to another very high up there one, both are refected in my work email signature so thought it would hold more weight.. LOL Forgot my phone number is there too.
  3. Nitra

    Here are the new menus

    [quote name='wenchcat']oh boy looks like we will be eating mostly appetizers... YUCK....:mad:[/QUOTE] I always eat mostly appetizers anyway, the entree servings are too big for me. I usually only order an entree on nights I dont like the appetizers, and then get a steak of some sort, medium rare.. yummmm These look like what we had on Rhapsody in May. They also still offer the old standby chicken and steak every night.
  4. iPhone is ATT not verizon..
  5. I have been a few times and always walk out in a very short time. I find it obnoxious and just plain stupid. I am not into watching people run around screaming and yelling and pushing and shoving. I have tried and never enjoyed a minute of it. I know people love it and I tell everyone to go form your own opinion.
  6. If you look at the compasses in my signature, they are the Roatan sailing. The first time Rhapsody did it too! I am only missing one day but most of the information is there, including some of the other papers they give you.
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    I have gone with my mom on a few cruises and she too loves to ballroom dance, used to do competition. She will watch the men and if she sees one she wants to dance with, she will ask! If he is with a woman, she asks if they mind if she borrows him for a dance.
  8. Being married to someone that works on the ships, I can tell you they also work on average 70 hrs per week. are away from home for at least 5 months at a time, sometimes longer, do not get days off until the end of their contract, do not get paid vacation, have to buy their own plane ticket to work, and on most of the International flagged ships make a whopping 50 dollars a week and some only make 50 a month. They also have to pay to have their cabins cleaned, and after they get off from working from early morning to late at night, if they have an inspection the next day, they have to get that area into order, meaning they might have to work the rest of the night for a morning inspection. They do not make extra for overtime on most lines, they do not get benefits and so many other things. Now my husband used to work for RCI but now is with NCLA, and he makes much better but it is a US flagged ship so he gets OT after 40 hrs a week. He does not make a lot in tips, because tipping is put on your account at the end of the week and they use that to pay their salaries. He is union, so has to pay union dues, he also has to pay for his shoes and many other things. I never begrudge anyone their tips because I know how hard they work. I know what they go thru daily and think they earn every dime. I also do not tip extra at the beginning of the week, never needed to. I get extra service without doing so because I treat them well, so they do the same for me. At the end of the week, I usually give more than the minimum. I also usually tip 20 percent when I go out locally. I know this is a hot topic on here, but I live the other side. I have seen the paychecks without any tips, and am glad he is on a US flagged ship for now. It makes a big difference. He still gets tipped but he is good at what he does. Another thing to remember about the cabin stewards, is first, they have an assistant they share the money with, also with all on the ship, believe it or not, there are many folks that do not tip. It happens more than you know. One more thing, based on the numbers given 175 per day - lets say they give 75 of that to their assistant. That now makes 100 a day right? so take 100 a day and figure they work 7 days, so 700 a week, with an average of 70 hours a week, is only 10 dollars an hour, since they do not get OT pay. A lot of these folks are supporting families back home, some are just saving to buy a house, or go to college, or start a business, and some are doing it just to work, because back home, things are not that good. My husband is from Turkey, he just got back from a few weeks visit, the average beer in a club cost 12 dollars US, equiv. he was telling me. He filled the car up 4 times, 150 dollars, 175 dollars, etc, US equiv. So really if someone is from Turkey, working on one of these ships, making 700 a week, it wont go far back home but yes it is better than they would make there. I know it is a different story for each person working on the ships but I would not do some of those jobs for what they make and have to depend on people tipping me to live. I admire them for what they do, because they make my vacation so much nicer.
  9. The towels for use by the pool or on the beach are not the nice logo towels. They are cheap and definately not worth 20 dollars each. I can get one that is nicer from discount chain store
  10. Nitra

    Rhapsody Excursions - Roatan/progreso

    I would suggest going into the roll calls too and seeing if someone has done them. It might take some reading to locate folks that are signed up for these. I know we had people in our roll calls that I have never seen post on the main forums.
  11. Im watching it on the news right now and they stated the family has been asked to come to Cozumel to identify the body but it is not confirmed it is him yet. We know that once they ask the family to identify, then odds are it is that person, but officially it is not confirmed yet.
  12. [quote name='Chigirlcruzin'] I would think that RCCL, or any other company, wouldn't just dismiss somebody over an unproven accusation. [/QUOTE] The cruiselines will and do fire over the smallest infraction and accusations. My husband worked for RCI and now NCLA, and I have heard some stories about firings. The reasons sometimes are just insane, it does not take much really. Let a passenger accuse someone of something, even if untrue, they are going to believe the passenger first, no matter what the evidence might be. NOW I also believe there is more to the OP story than we know, unfortunately any one of the senerios mentioned here could have happened, and the steward is now without a job for something he may or may not have done. To answer the OP, yes it is common for them to fire people. It happens for so many reasons. Drink too much in the crew bar, you might be fired, eyes red when you show up for work, you might be fired, passenger comes on to you, you turn them down, they get hurt and file a complaint that you did do something, you will be fired, get caught holding hands or kissing a passenger in port, you will be fired, and the list goes on. It is rather strict. They have security escort you off the ship and to the airport in most cases.
  13. The person has not been identified so there is no way to know that. As someone else in the blogs asked' date=' The article states
  14. Nitra

    Kids in the Solarium

    [quote name='happyme101']I of course, have 2 children that are always behaving like little gentlemen:eek: Ha! But I agree wholeheartedly! The Solarium is for adults only. As a matter of fact, I was annoyed that they open it up to those "16 years old and up". The teens can be more obnoxious than the little ones! I'm with you......Solarium=adults![/QUOTE] Hate to tell you but the Solarium is for 16 and up, according to the RCCL website. It is not all adult as most think. It is ALWAYS 16 and up, but at other times may be opened up to others under certain conditions. Quoted from the [URL="http://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/pdf/Guest_Conduct_Policy.pdf"]guest conduct policy [/URL] [QUOTE]Solarium * Age 16 and over* * During inclement weather and select hours, the ship may permit the Solarium Pool (if covered) to be used by persons under age 16 provided they are directly supervised by a parent or guardian.[/QUOTE]
  15. When I sent my letter and the rep from Mr Fain's office called me, I told them I was going on another line next year because if going to Miami, or sailing a big ship was my option, then I would rather try another line. I told them I understand why they moved Rhapsody but do not understand why they would be talking of bringing her back but to NOLA! Why not back to Texas? Also, I have been on Voyager and did not like it and do not want to waste my money or time on her again, and definately will not go on a bigger ship. I do not like going from Miami and if you look there are very few options part of next year too from Miami. With them pulling out of Tampa, NOLA, Galveston, PC, there are very few choices available, unless you have a desire and the funds to do one in Europe, South America, Alaska, Hawaii, or some other such location. I do not have the funds nor the desire to do most of those destinations. I can cruise Hawaii for just about nothing since my husband works on one of the NCLA ships, I pass. Hawaii holds no interest to me. The point is some of us cruise for many reasons that are not what others cruise for but does not make any reason wrong. I think the OP did what they felt they needed to do to make a point. I think it is wrong to say the OP was not making a smart choice, or to say it is silly to be upset over not having a ship close to home. Ask Port C folks, they are steamed too over the Mariner leaving. Until you have had a ship in your backyard, basically, for 5 yrs and then have it gone, it is hard to understand. I do agree and told RCCL that they should bring us a Radiance class. I think it would be a nice compromise. I was told anything could happen...