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  1. If I were on a Mercedes board, sure since we’d be there to dis cuss Mercedes. Just like we’re here to discuss luxury cruising.
  2. And I agree with your post. It’s like someone posting on a Mercedes board trying to convince you that a Buick is good enough.
  3. Or better yet find a goodTA who is well versed in the luxury lines and let him/her advise and guide you.
  4. Run don’t walk from this TA
  5. Does your TA expect payment to him directly or to Oceania?
  6. More like in a cheap way than a safe way.
  7. The Regent was xcursions we’re never free, they were included n the inflated fares. Now not only are many of them no longer included you’ll have to pay extra for them.
  8. I wasn’t’t addressing why some people don’t want to sail on Europa 2. I was addressing the OP’s question on which lines attract a younger demographic. No one dis likes children on a cruise more than I but they are sometimes a byproduct of a younger demographic.
  9. One of the reasons for that is that the Europa2 is more family oriented so there should be younger passengers, some with children.
  10. You can definitely purchase the beverage package for just one guest. You cannot share drinks in the public spaces but can do so with the minibar in your suite as nobody’s looking.
  11. One of the great pleasures for me on any cruise is an ice cold martini. I don't want to have to lift a mask every time I take a sip.
  12. This has not been my experience. You make your choice of option one or two and they put it in they works although they do warn you it could take two to three months to process because if the heavy demand.
  13. No, the only way to avoid outbreaks on board is to not go.
  14. And it's great to have choices so we can all sail the line that makes us happiest.
  15. Even if they could doesn't sound like much fun.
  16. Actual;;y I think the shower in the penthouse is larger.
  17. I would imagine they'd get you a day room or short stay hoel/
  18. That seems terribly unfair to the original TA who has put time and effort into the booking.
  19. It's worth having your TA call Seabourn to see if they'll cjamge to a better location.
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