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  1. I agree on the careful part. I was on 14 day Can-NE voyage and signed up for surf plan. Someone from mainland sent me a text with MMS (photo) attached which I opened. The ship automatically changed my plan to premium ($50 increase)
  2. Yes as far as I saw in MDR. It looked like NS, PS and VS guests with 3,4,5 * had best tables. No special CO seating area. Just different menus. That may vary on the larger ships? I think NS and above get automatic CO benny's?
  3. Yes, Deck 5 Port side corner window table of 6. 5:15 seating
  4. I did the back to back Can-NE on Zaandam July6 and the CO people (1 couple) sat at our table by the windows. These tables are given to fixed diners in groups of 4 or 6. (we were 6) The CO couple was given a different menu (white cover) with one extra entree on it. They were clearly uncomfortable with this but they wanted company during dinner. I was offered CO when boarding but declined. We had a A level suite with no chance of upgrade as ship was full.
  5. If you get off the ship during turn around you can bring wine (1 ea) back on board. Also, the night before arrival at turn port you can purchase alcohol and bring to cabin. Have done both.
  6. Zaandam has the same Vista suite issue but I do like the smaller vessels. Bring back Tampa!
  7. I will put in my opinion as well. Either return to Tampa or do the Hamilton port cruise to Bermuda. Other than the Can/NE circuit, those were my go to cruises every year.
  8. It looks like the water level is still too high at T1 and under the Jacques Cartier bridge as the bus schedule has been set from T3 to T1 on this trip on June 1. I hope that it goes down soon. T3 is a dreary place😥
  9. Weather is certainly a problem this time of year evidenced by the fact Zaandam could not dock this AM in Sydney. Too much wind and rain as we have had a very late spring around here. It must be rough in open ocean today!
  10. I just got off the Rotterdam and bought the Surf package for 7 days. It was 99.99 and allowed email and general web surfing. Speed was adequate for this effort. You can buy next tier for another 70.00/day which allows streaming video and uploading pics. It did say there was a data limitation of 300 mb/day but they never shut me off. I'm sure I exceeded the limit. It might make a difference on your booking class?
  11. Another factoid on the FCC issue. If you want a back to back separately listed sailing you have to buy FCC for both cruises. ie. 7 day from BOS to Montreal and 7 day Montreal to BOS requires $400 deposit not $200 as it used to be (14 day). Then you will get the double bonus for each segment. This a recent change.
  12. Still no sailings from Tampa on any HAL ship . Many of my Rotterdam NS buddies were saddened by this last week. Some are on the 14 day portion now and there were very few cabins empty. We missed Key West last Sun due to fog and maybe that's one of the reasons they deleted next winter. They are enjoying today's KW visit. Lost revenue (casino. etc.)?
  13. This cabin is also under the overhang from LIDO. If you want sun move forward of 7028 and 7029.
  14. Too foggy for yesterday's ships to leave so Rotterdam and two others stuck outside port today Sunday 12/30. Very low visibility for awhile. Perils of winter cruising.
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