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  1. The OP here. Death and Taxes, Still can't avoid either one. Thanks to all who responded, we will be able to determine the answer for sure in 3 days when we board the Sky!πŸ˜€
  2. Florida State sales tax 6% + Port Everglades local tax= 7% Correct?☹️ Not as bad as I thought.
  3. We plan to use some of our OBC to purchase one of the beverage packages on our upcoming cruise on the Sky Princess. From a posting here on Cruise Critic, I discovered that Florida tax is added to a package purchased while the ship is in port. Can this be avoided by waiting to purchase the package after the ship leaves the port, if so, how long is the package offered?
  4. I overheard one black card wearing elite complainer, remark that she disliked the crew using "her" gangway!😏
  5. When schedule changes by Delta caused a tight connection issue in Atlanta we were re-booked by Princess on another flight which was much less expensive. The difference was credited back on the credit card we used for the final payment the next day. YMMD
  6. Do you recall what deck was used for embarkation in Port Everglades 5,6, or 7? Milkshakes available? Thanks.
  7. Due to Delta changing their schedules, the flights I booked back in January were not going to work out as there was a conflict with a connecting flight in Atlanta. I called my PCC and she was able to switch me around to a better schedule with a cheaper fair! a win win!😊
  8. I tried it just now and it seems to be working. Yesterday it was not. Android tablet Wi-Fi connection
  9. In the past it hasn't been an issue, we have done it before, however your mileage my differ.
  10. As the wife and I were sitting at the dinner table around July of 2017 the subject of our 25th wedding anniversary came up. We both decided that we would like to do something special for this occasion. I don’t remember at this time which one of us suggested a cruise (It probably was me), however we had recently received a mailing on Princess Alaska cruise tours promoting their Sip and Sail offer.Having done two previous Alaska cruises but never a land tour, this was an appealing choice. After going to the Princess website we decided on the May 9th 2018 date for our adventure! I contacted Amanda our Princess Cruise Consultant on August 15th and booked the 10 Day Denali Explorer Sip & sail promotion with Captains Circle Launch Savings. To book this cruise, we used one of our Future Cruise Credits which we had purchased on our last cruise. As we booked so early, we had the opportunity to select a Caribe Deck Balcony cabin, C242. We love these cabins because of their larger half covered balconies, perfect for Alaska. The cruise reserved, I started looking for flights and much to my surprise I discovered that using Princess EZ Air with transfers was the way to go. We departed Omaha NE on a non-stop to Seattle, then on to Fairbanks arriving at 10:30 pm. The next 3 days were spent touring Fairbanks, and Denali Nat. park, ending with a 5 hour train journey to Whittier to board the Golden Princess. We arrived at the port around 6:30pm and were in our cabin within a short time as our check-in was accomplished before we left the train, and we were given our cruise cards at that time. A full review with photographs will be posted as soon as I get my overgrown lawn under control, and all of my photos uploaded. But for now. The Good: Hubbard Glacier, Alaska Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska Puppy's in the Piazza, Skagway Sunny weather in Ketchikan The Bad: Crew attitude Food Quality (dining room) Entertainment (Stage shows) The UGLY: Drips in hallways, and throughout the ship (hopefully water) Strong sewage odor in the forward parts of the ship! Long lines at the Customer Service Desk Regardless of these issues, we still had a good time on this cruise and would repeat it again, but perhaps not on this ship! Your Mileage my differ.
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