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  1. My DH and I ate at the steak house on the Miracle last week and he ordered the filet and I the Wagyu. I thought mine had a better flavor than his filet, but it was not as tender as the filet. We both chose the same seasoning. Mac and cheese is yummy which I had never tried.
  2. Just got off the Miracle on Sunday. We have been on Pride and Legend and they are our favorite layout ships by far. I thought I'd miss not having Guys or the Iguana burrito/taco bar but we really didn't. They had the grill where Guys will be located at dry dock and the burgers were really good, they had chicken fingers and hot dogs, too. We were really impressed with the buffet this time even though we only ate there for lunch most days. Chop sticks was our favorite and the salad bar is really good. We ate at the MDR and steak house for dinner. Of course there is the need for some maintenance painting, carpet in some places, etc., but that doesn't bother us at all. Serenity area is the best and as always on these Spirit class ships are so nice. The crew were great as well as Chloe the CD. I look forward to sailing on the Miracle again. BTW we had a french door cabin and they still have the doors that open. They will be replaced with a window during dry dock. Still one of the best inside cabins on these class ships and deck 4 is convenient. We seldom used the elevator.
  3. Yes casino opens the first night,. We have sailed as recently as last month on the Pride (our 5th time) It's one of our favorite ships because it's only about a four hour drive and we love the Spirit class ships! We will sail on the Miracle for the first time this Sunday out of Tampa. I will say that our only con is the smoke in the casino. These spirit class ships have the best serenity areas. Easy layout, too. Just the right size.
  4. Never got a lanyard until a few weeks ago on the Pride. Thought it would be fine but the cheap plastic split/tore inserting my sail card. They should use a sturdier type of plastic. I would have used if it didn't tear. Got the tumblers on our Sunrise cruise back in May which we use a lot.
  5. We were on the Pride 2 weeks ago, still has old menu and prefer the new on we had back in April on Sunrise. We felt we had many more choices.
  6. We just sailed on the Pride last week. While our cabin was midship, we did eat all seven nights in the MDR and we never noticed any vibration. Also, we spent a lot of time at the Serenity area and that's aft and never noticed a vibration. 5th time on Pride and can say we did notice some vibration on our January sailing in the MDR but think it was due to higher wave activity, regardless it was minor and did not bother us at all. We have sailed on many lines and have had aft cabins and usually we do feel more vibrations but did not bother us whereas it may for others.
  7. My DH and I have been on both twice in the past 3 years. Dawn is our favorite. The Epic was our least favorite. Love cruising out of NY. We just like the smaller ships. Dawn has a great selection of bars to choose from, too. More intimate and personable and the crew on Dawn are the best! I'm sure whichever one you choose your cruise will be wonderful.
  8. We had some issues on the first sailing out of Norfolk on the Sunrise which were minor and somewhat expected but it didn't hamper our cruise at all. I do read the reviews but it will not prevent us from cruising on a particular ship. We are sailing on the Miracle next month which has some mixed reviews but we go with the positive vs negative (like I know they don't have Guy's or Blue Iguana yet but that doesn't have a bearing on cruising on that ship) I read a bunch of reviews that were negative on the Pride which we just got off that cruise Sunday and it's our favorite ship. I do think there are different levels of tolerance in all people so what might be a small issue for some may be a major for another. But, you won't know until you try so being on a cruise with some minor issues here or there sure beats a day at the office or stuck in my home on a dreary day. lol :)
  9. Just got off the Pride today.(our 5th time on her) Looking forward to the Miracle next month. We had a 4k cabin and it was great! Have one on Miracle, too. We did not notice any vibration. We ate each night in the MDR and was smooth sailing. Spirit ships never seems crowded. We like the Serenity area the best. Wish the newer ships were like the Spirit class Serenity area. Nice pool, and large sitting area in the shade. Legend was our first Carnival cruise. Liberty was the 2nd. Vista was just "ok" but definitely not our favorite.
  10. We love Topher, we'll see him in a few days!
  11. We will be first time platinum on our cruise next week. Will NCL use auto gratuities or do we tip ourselves for our platinum meals? Thanks
  12. Yes, I did notice yesterday while checking on the number of cabins left for my cruise in July. on "that site". Wondered if it was just a coincidence that all showed the same number of cabins in most categories which was under 15.
  13. Just sailed last month on the Sunrise and the only cutback I noticed was in our cabin....they now have a pencil vs. an inkpen. lol. We haven't noticed anything that hampers or makes our cruise less enjoyable. We are platinum so have cruise quite a bit on CCL (about 3 in past year and coming up we have three, one in August, September and January, and the one in January will be on the Breeze) I'm sure others will find cutbacks that are more upsetting to them, and we sail NCL, too and they have had their own cutbacks, etc., but again nothing that makes our cruise less enjoyable. Maybe you will have a better experience on the Mardi Gra. Happy cruising.
  14. We sailed about a month ago on the 1st sailing on Sunrise out of Norfolk and we just sailed on the Dawn out of NY last week. We enjoyed both and are also in our 50's. Dawn is one of our favorites and sailed on her twice. If you go with the free drink perk on the Dawn then that would be my first choice, (even though you pay the gratuities, it's less than CCL) we enjoyed the bar/lounge area choices on the Dawn. The Sunrise though has the new Red Frog Pub that is awesome, too, and I have to say the food on both as far as the MDR's were about equal on our sailings. You can't go wrong on either, enjoy!
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