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  1. I don't think cruising will begin before May or June if cruiselines are going with proof of vaccine. The thousands of crew members alone will have to be vaccinated and most are not going to be able get the vaccine due to the priority of the phases on who gets them first. (health care workers, nursing home residents, the older age population, etc.,) Even by June or July I think very few ships per line will be sailing. I suppose it depends on the number of vaccines that can be ready, and so much more behind the scenes that we are not even aware of yet that must take place.
  2. LoL same here! The darn spam car warranty call.
  3. Jimbo, I like your "More good vibes" posts. I'm being optimistic for sooner than later cruises to begin here in the USA. It's a breath of fresh air and positive so far on the few MSC cruises that have sailed in the past few weeks. Just to read a new review for a recent sailing is awesome. Have a great day!
  4. We have until the end of this year to book and up until the end of 2021 to sail with a free cruise offer. Gonna wait until the last minute to book and possibly book for a May cruise. We last sailed in February and had a b2b that we were to sail next month.
  5. Banning smoking on the casino floor is coming. When, is another story. In my experience this past few days at a recently opened casino where they banned smoking on the casino floor and the casino was at 50 percent capacity. I enjoyed not smelling the smoke (or smelling like a cigarette once back to my hotel room) the smokers that were there had an area to smoke but not on the casino floor, so I think many casinos now will realize they will not be impacted financially after the initial openings of future casinos. I know the cleaning crew mentioned how nice it was not having to clean up t
  6. I did receive my $250 back to my CC as well. within a few days actually. I canceled a day prior to final payment. So, thinking of going on and booking for January 2021
  7. Yes, that makes sense. Only a few ships to begin sailing, so pretty sure they will not be out of the Northeast. This whole restart for the cruiselines is going to be very interesting to say the least to watch unfold. Hoping for the best for all of them, too.
  8. Do any of you Canadians or New Englanders have any opinion or have you heard any news on sailings out of Boston in Sept/Oct for the New England/Canada cruises ? Do you think any will sail? Thanks
  9. I'm glad you received your refund. We became platinum earlier this year. I do hope they somehow pull out of this and recover. I think of all those beautiful ships out there and several that were just built. Very sad
  10. Well, I am upset but I made the decision to cancel our b2b scheduled this September prior to the final payment date. I forgot to ask the agent about the travel insurance protection ($35 pp) we purchased from NCL at the time of booking, do we get that refunded along with our deposit? For one of those weeks we used a Cruise next certificate which I realize will go back to the account for future booking (that is if there is a NCL in existence)
  11. Maybe establish a go fun me account to help them out. LoL Guess that's not legal.
  12. We figure it's a 50 percent chance our September cruise will sail out of Boston.
  13. My DH and I received an email a week ago that we are offered a Ultra cruise (our first) but we currently have Premier cruise offers that look better than the ultra. We haven't seen the cruises that are offered yet as far as price and schedules but the initial description is no better than the premier offer unless we are missing something. Our email stated we will see the actual offer details on April 30th.
  14. Yes, I viewed this a few days ago. It is an eye opener and everyone should listen to what they have to say from their own statistics treating people with COVID each and every day. I do feel we are making a grave mistake by staying isolated too much longer vs. getting out and getting back to work, etc., because we are lowering our immune system to be able to fight future outbreaks. With precautions of course and dependent on your age, health, etc., as they mention. It would be great if other doctors who are actually treating people w/COVID would log their statistics as well and share with C
  15. We have a b2b out of Boston in September to NE/Canada. I give it a 50 percent chance it sails. It depends on many things including the Canadian Ports situation. We are still undecided what we will do.
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