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  1. we've never been on the smaller CCL ship. Spirit class is our favorite but have been thinking of the Elation.
  2. We really like the Gem, bringing nice memories back from when we sailed out of NYC to N.E and Canada a few years ago. Great review
  3. I didn't realize that, wow. Maybe CCL will make a modern duplicate of a spirit class ship. They are so popular.
  4. My fav is the Pride. We've sailed on her at least 6 times. On the legend in December. I also have been on the Vista and Horizon and we like the Spirit class ship the best. Just the right size. I like the Red Frog Pub, which they don't have on the Vista class ships. As others have said the serenity area because it has a pool unlike again the Vista class ships do not. A lot bundled in a smaller ship. You will love it.
  5. just got my flight cancellation notice from Allegiant for our flight next month. Left us scrambling. Jet blue was a bad experience from about 6 years ago on our flight to FLL, brand new piece of luggage and half was completely torn up and they said it was already damaged prior to our fight! We were dumbfounded and went to the top with no compensation for our piece of luggage. Flying is not what it use to be that's for sure.
  6. We were on this cruise also, in our experience the casino was the worse we've ever seen on a Carnival ship. The smoke was horrible and it was apparent that much of it was from non gamblers standing in the aisle walkway with no crew personal asking them to go to a smoking area on another deck. The tables were almost back to back with only the middle area where the dealers stand were considered the barrier between smoking and non smoking tables, it was basically 6 feet so of course the smoke was bad on the so called non smoking side. Even the dealers laughed at this knowing it was not really non smoking for the most part. We saw many people who flicked their ashes on the carpet while playing on machines instead of taking the time to locate a ashtray. It was very crowded but this was due to not only the premier cruisers but the other cruisers who had other types of casino offers. We ate at the MDR each night and service was very good and only one night we can say the food was below average. Otherwise food was great. Husband always likes the rare finds. Havana area was our favorite even though this class ship is not our favorite but would choose to stay in the Havana area again. Per several crew this was the highest passenger level so far. We did not get off in the two DR ports.
  7. Hi Jimbo. We are in Hollywood Florida in our hotel repacking and headed to the horizon in two hours. Drive safe to PC. Good to hear you enjoyed your cruise this week!! Happy cruising on MG, too.
  8. If anyone finds out if they can cancel with full refund due to mandated mask indoors prior to sailing Aug, 7th please post. i've been on hold so not sure when I will get through to a rep to ask. ty
  9. Good for you!! I can't wait, our last one was on the Breeze last January but I still have my favorite which is any of the Spirit class ships. Maybe the Horizon will change that Lol
  10. Sounds great. We will more than likely take advantage of this deal and will check on the avail of the restaurants. TY
  11. Hi Jimbo We board the Horizon this Saturday and will be in the Havana area. It looks to be the same size as the VIsta which we sailed about 3 years ago. Has it been quiet in the Havana pool area? We have stops at Amber Cove and La Romana and also will be staying on the ship. Been there several times are don't want to wear masks, but looking forward to Aruba and Curacao. Have you been in the casino and if so how has the drink service been? If you are trying the steakhouse can you give us your opinion on the food please. We haven't decided if we will book it or not. I hope to have those same views of the sunsets next week. Beautiful. Thanks
  12. That's why I would not take my unvaxxed kids on a cruise right now during this Delta variant. Too risky and the kids are contracting this variant at a much higher rate even though they may not get the symptoms but they can spread the virus. It can ruin a cruise with the post nightmare some have had and why take a chance now when you can wait for this to pass and hopefully this variant to calm down
  13. I think many will follow your lead for now. I know we all here on CC wish you and your family a quick recovery and safe travels very soon back to your home 🙂
  14. I agree, why would a family want to cruise with someone in their family unvaxxed knowing the virus is still not under control. It ruins the entire cruse for them if they get infected and now with the huge increase in cases and more of the children seem to be prone to this delta variant vs other so far. I would postpone a cruise if there were a unvaxxed in my group. Not worth the risk.
  15. Are the Olympics on the tv in the room? NBC? If not, are they showing in the sports bar? I can't remember which channels are available in the cabins. Are there many kids? Hope you are having great time!
  16. It seems the few cases that I've heard of so far of COVID cases on the Vista, Breeze and Horizon that all of these people flew in to the port prior to cruise. Some suggested they think they contracted on the plane or airport. I know most are trying to be somewhat careful prior to boarding the ship but many are exposed a lot more than others when flying in vs. driving in prior to embark day. Of course, I know I could get COVID at a rest area when driving down to the port or a restaurant etc., the good thing (at least so far) it seems only 2 to 4 cases on each of these sailings which is low.
  17. Is there a fee for the breakfast at the Havana Bar?
  18. Is this someone who you knew or met on the cruise or you read about elsewhere on another website? On the 7/10 cruise? Thanks
  19. Thanks Mike. Great to hear. Just 2 of us and good to hear the waiter service in the casino is better. And thanks for posting the Havana area picture. We were on the Vista a few years ago and when we peeked in the Havana area we said if we book the Havana area next time so we did for our Horizon cruise next month! This ship doesn't have the Red Frog Pub where we were able to purchase half price beer or drinks for a few hours on embark day on a few other CCL ships and wondered if Horizon had another bar area that they had this available? thanks
  20. Do you have anytime dining? If so, did you wait long? You mentioned drinks on us in casino, how has the wait time to get a drink from a server been so far? Are you staying in the Havana area by chance? Thanks!
  21. we are in a Havana interior next month on Horizon. We go with the best value for each cruise. We spend little time in the cabin. We were on the Vista 3 years ago and visited the Havana area in the evening and spoke to some who had a cabin there and said they loved it and was so relaxing if you liked quiet, no screaming kids and hot tubs to yourself and excess to great bar service. the serenity on the Vista class has no pools only hot tubs, it was always crowded so we are looking forward to trying Havana out. But, for the Alaska cruise I would recommend a balcony also for the Med cruises (at least for the initial one) I'm just hoping to cruise!
  22. So your steward or other crew you've seen on your deck haven't mentioned the number of possible people who have tested positive? I'm guessing they are not allowed to discuss though...I hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise.
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