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  1. Why, you little whippersnapper! I think Laurie's Elder Abusive proclivities are rubbing off on you. :eek::eek::eek:
  2. Another amazing review, Jim! By the time you do the one from our Conquest/New Orleans trip in January, you might have enough to gather together for a book. I'm sure it would be a best-seller among cruisers. :cool:
  3. Apparently, you're very proud of behaving in such a manner.
  4. I've done the Fantasy twice since it came to Charleston. I lived there for two years and love to go back..... it's just a great place to visit and is only about 3-1/2 hours from Charlotte. The Fantasy is 70,000 tons, compared to 130,000 for the Magic and Dream. It's a great ship, though with a convenient layout and outstanding service. I prefer the itinerary which includes Key West, but even though people knock Nassau, I've always found something interesting to do there. It will be nice if some of the South of Broad crowd in Charleston can take off their blinders and allow the facilities to accommodate more ships and maybe some other cruise lines. :cool:
  5. I'm a night person and have been known to sleep in until noon or 1 p.m. so I always use the card each night. Sometimes kids will take the cards or turn them backwards, but most of the stewards have some extras on their cart. I was on NCL in November for the first time in 25 years and looked everywhere for the card and just couldn't find it. I finally tracked down a steward who walked back to the room with me and pointed out the little thingie on the door where you could just slide a metal tab to either the snooze or the cruise function. I was embarrassed, but thought it was a very good system. :o
  6. I've never heard of there being any "rules" about seating. People do tend to gravitate towards the same seat each night, but that may just be habit. I can see the logic behind it enabling the waiters to customize a particular seat in anticipation of the passenger and his or her preferences, but I also can understand changing seats each night to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your tablemates more personally. As for Ms.Tabby's situation, I agree with her and feel that her DH was in effect forbidding anyone else from enjoying the view which he had decided was his and his alone. :)
  7. I've been on both and I like the Conquest quite a bit better. The Conquest is larger and laid out very conveniently. It also has the 2.0 upgrade with Guy's Burgers, the tequila bar and the red frog. The Conquest also has the seafood cafe (follow the stairs from the buffet near the dessert area) with everything from fried oysters to ceviche to delicious bouillabaise. A lot of people also like the "stadium" loungers by the pool area. The Legend has the two-story smallish disco with stairs connecting the two levels and it has the piano bar at the end of one level and the disco up a level and at the other end. As far as service and fun they're both outstanding and I would sail again on either in a heartbeat.
  8. Sarcasm is such a tricky thing to pull off on these threads, because so many people are incapable of recognizing sarcasm. :)
  9. There's only one way to change it: Take more cruises and take advantage of the drinks packages. :)
  10. When I saw Dee biting Jimmy's "tassles", I should have known that she wouldn't stop there. Later, while we were playing blackjack, she was sitting next to me and suddenly leaned over and bit my nipple. I was shocked, appalled, humiliated, embarrassed..... and thrilled! :)
  11. Conclusion #5,792: Jim writes the bestest most coolest reviews evah!!! :cool:
  12. I carry my extension cord in my C-Pap container. On the Conquest recently my cord was too short, but you can get a heavy-duty cord from the Purser's Desk. You have to put down a $25 deposit (apparently a lot of people were stealing the cords) but you get it back when you return the cord the last day. My "research" said that tap water is absolutely fine for the length of a cruise. I use distilled water at home, but have never had any kind of problem with the tap water, and you're not using it long enough to create any kind of mineral residue. It sure beats lugging a gallon of water around with you or trying to get room service to provide for you. I've been using a V-Pap or a C-Pap for about 7 years now.
  13. A large part of our population is of the belief that anyone who shares a different opinion from theirs is either anti-American, gay, a Communist, or an atheist and the anti-Christ. As Buffalo Springfield once said, "Paranoia strikes deep....". Just showing a little tolerance would be a huge step forward. :)
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