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  1. Dear BermudaBound2014: I just hope you can help me on this issue. I have a letter from the Brazilian Consul in Miami stating that presenting my Argentinian Document, and as Argentina and Brazil are Mercosur members I did not need a visa on my American Passport. I assumed the "Documents Officer" knew this, and I was allowed along with my wife to board the ship in Barcelona. As we were returning from an excursion in Casablanca, we were called via the ship loudspeaker, and a Staff of the ship was at our cabin door. We went to the front desk and were told we had to disembark there or in Tenerife,
  2. liceista

    New to MSC

    The ships look nice. The cabin staff attentive. The line charges for tips, and the cabin and bar staff told me the line keeps the "charge". Ask for a glass of water in the restaurant: get only water via San Pellegrino bottle at 8 Euros per bottle. Food mediocre, pizza OK. May be if you want to eat pizza as your daily diet, the line will be ok for you.
  3. I would avoid the line altogether. I cruised more than 40 times with other lines, once and never ever again with MSC. The front desk and "documents officer" agreed that my complain was valid concerning an unnecessary visa for Brazil, and yet they forced me to leave in Morocco in the middle of the night to look for one in Rabat, and never accepted any responsibility for their blunder. I spent more than $ 2000 and they just did not care.
  4. The same happened to me. At first, and after they illegally left me in the middle of the night in Morocco for a non existent visa issue, someone in Italy (called from the ship by me", told me "the way we do things is after the cruise". I never got a way to communicate with them. The Florida office states that any complains should be done...in Italy ! Incredible ! May be Americans should avoid this line altogether.
  5. I am not surprised at all. I was allowed to board the ship in Barcelona towards Argentina. I presented my passports and my Argentinian ID. A letter from the Brazilian consulate in Miami told me I did not need a visa to enter Brazil with that document. In Morocco they threw me and my wife off the ship for "no Brazil Visa". We traveled to Rabat: the Consul there told me I did NOT need a visa with my Argentine ID. Pleaded with him and he gave me a visa in my US Passport. Flew to Tenerife to re board. MSC never answered for their blunder. They allowed us to board in Spain, and refused us to contin
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