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  1. Can anyone describe how Viking deals with cruises that start in Budapest and en in Nuremberg? has anyone experienced this itinerary?
  2. RoRothman

    Szentendre Question

    we will be in Budapest for a couple of days before our Viking cruise in November and wondered if this time of year is a good time to visit Szentendre. Will artists still be there in November and are most sites still enjoyable in the colder months. We were wondering if it was mostly a summer artists village. Also has anyone done this trip on their own, is it easy to get there from Budapest? Or do you need a tour/guide to get the most of this trip?
  3. RoRothman

    Viking Prague tour question

    Thanks for the tips.. we want to take the tour.. and then join up with our tour guide to go to Kutna Hora in the afternoon.. since this is a Saturday.. and we want to use our Sunday to do the Jewish quarter.. in the morning and then use the afternoon to do what ever we didn';t see our our Viking tour.. trying to make the most of our time and wanting to see Prague and also Kutna Hora.. means we have to squeeze a lot into our 3 days.. We will be there in November.. I think it will be pretty cold.. but we love to walk so hopefully all will go well..
  4. RoRothman

    Danube River Cruise with Viking

    Thanks Jeff, we are going to take a tour there.. and a stop in Kolin. the Bone Church seems pretty interesting.. did you go to the silver mine too?
  5. RoRothman

    Danube River Cruise with Viking

    Did anyone take an excursion to Kutna Hora? Do you think it is worth giving up an afternoon in Prague to do this? We will be in Prague for a post excursion and have limited time there.
  6. RoRothman

    Viking Prague tour question

    I agree with you, so please let us know when you get back from your cruise next month what you experienced.. any info and recommendations will be greatly appreciated!`
  7. RoRothman

    Viking Prague tour question

    thanks for you reply,, that is what we will do.. but if anyone actually has gone on the tour from Viking.. it would be great to get an idea where we will be about noon..
  8. If anyone has taken this tour .. we are going to be in Prague after our Romantic Danube cruise and want to take the included tour, but are trying to arrange a private tour in the afternoon and wondered how long the morning tour is ,, what it consists of and a good place and time to meet up with our afternoon guide.. thanks for any ideas !
  9. The tours I have seen seem to say you have to choose 2 of these three destination.. I had wanted to see all 3..We will be in Le Havre from 7:00 am to 8:00 Pm.. if we had to chose only 2 what do you recommend ( for those of you who have visited all three at some point..) or do we try to find a private car.. and do all 3, or will be be spending too much time in the car, and not see anything at all.. or perhaps we can visit 2 of them and just drive though the 3rd to get a look.. Anyone with tour or taxi experience.. cold use your advice and recommendations.. thanks
  10. RoRothman

    Need to book excursion but What to do? Ugh please help

    Cave tubing was wonderful.. relaxing .. and cool.. we booked a great trip with cavetubing.bz.. and we enjoyed every minute.. 2 great knowledgeable guides and a wonderful lunch was included.. if you like underground caves,this is a great trip.. we have also visited Altun Ha on a previous trip and enjoyed that too..as well as Xunantunich.. people in Belize were all gracious.. and I never had a bad trip there yet..
  11. RoRothman

    Cave tubing question

    You should be fine.. in the cave there will be no sun at all.. the short walk was mostly under trees.. with sun block you will be fine.. we didn't encounter any bugs at all in April.. but it is always good to be safe We booked our tour with cavetubing.bz.. great guides.. great lunch included too...
  12. RoRothman

    Gumbalinda question

    thanks for the info.. we are now considering a private tour.. and giving up Gumbalindo.. are there any suggestion on what to see or not miss.. not planning on zip lining.. just maybe some animals.. ( for the grandkid) and then a short visit to a beach ( that has shaded areas) where some of our group can snorkle,,
  13. RoRothman

    Gumbalinda question

    I understand you have to take ship excursion to got there.. do you if I bring my 14 month old granddaughter she will need a car seat for bus?.. also have my 93 year old mom [who uses a wheelchair for distances.. will it be ok for her? by the way we will be on the Crown Princess.. their description of the tour was vague..
  14. RoRothman

    Best Ruins to visit frm Belize City

    It was through the ship.. Celebrity..
  15. RoRothman

    Best Ruins to visit frm Belize City

    just came back from a Celebrity Summit cruise .. we did the ship excursion to Altun Ha and Wallace River.. there were plenty of rest stops.. and it was a very good tour.. including a nice lunch stop...