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  1. Did the shower have a door or was it wide open?
  2. Thank you. That is what I was thinking would happen.
  3. My April cruise was cancelled but also have a December cruise booked. Does anyone know if I can apply my FCC and OBC from April's cancellation towards my December cruise or it it has be for a new booking? I have not chosen between a full refund or FCC yet because I would like to know the answer to my question first.
  4. Do you think the cruise industry will go belly up and go out of business after this? I hoping to capitalize on the low stock prices, up my monthly dividend check, and maybe sell at a profit years from now. I agree the issue may be the 2 week quarantine.
  5. We are scheduled for an April 5th sailing and I think there are lots of high school senior spring breakers on that trip. Maybe just the older at-risk passengers will cancel but don't see many younger passengers canceling because of fear of the virus. But I do see the issue of cancelling because they can't afford to be quarantined for 2 weeks. We are driving from Michigan to Florida for our trip. Our plan is to still cruise and worst case scenario find somewhere in Florida near a beach if it gets cancelled. Our high schoolers definitely want to enjoy warm weather. Financially
  6. Does anyone know what Carnival will do if it cancels an entire cruise? Will we get fully refunded in cash, future credit, or lose it all?
  7. Thanks for the clarification. We have 2 carnival cruises this year...one out of FLL next month where we are driving home and one out of Galveston in December where we are flying home.
  8. ok thanks. I hope that happens to us. How early did you go down?
  9. How was self assist handled and what was the process? On other cruise lines, we just walk down with our luggage and get in line until they are ready to let passengers off and then walk off based on your place in line. Someone else said on Carnival you wait in a lounge and they let you off by floor numbers. Is that correct?
  10. Oh, wow. Maybe we will consider flying back home on Sunday instead of Saturday and hang out in Houston for the night. That will help reduce my stress level.
  11. I will keep that in mind because we have another Carnival cruise out of Galveston in December, which we are flying in and out of. Thank you.
  12. That kind of stinks. We usually get coffee and stand in line so we can be one of the first few off. Sounds like it could take a while to get off after they clear ship. We have a long drive back to Michigan from FLL during spring break and was hoping to get a jump on it. There will be lots of snowbirds driving back from Florida that day.
  13. Does Carnival allow you to carry your own bags and "walk" off on your own instead of leaving bags out the night before and getting an assigned debarkation time? We always carry our own bags and walk of very early on RCCL and Celebrity.
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