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  1. Thanks all! I did book with RCI directly (on their website).
  2. I booked my honeymoon cruise (for December) a month ago and paid my deposit. I would like to now see a receipt or an itemized list of what the charges were/are (what was the original cost, what were taxes, fees, etc.) as well as when all of the payments are due, but all I can find on my account is a "pay in full (or enter a custom amount)" area. Meaning I can't find an itemized list of what the charges were, what I have already paid, etc. Anyone know where to find something like that on RCI's website? Thanks!
  3. I am shopping for a Royal Caribbean cruise this coming Christmas. I noticed that some of the itineraries are duplicated, some listing "Holiday" in their title and some not. That is to say, the exact same cruise with the same sailing date, destinations, ship, price, everything is the same, except that one lists "Holiday" and the other doesn't. (See attached.) Is there any difference between selecting these two itineraries?
  4. My girlfriend and I are looking to take a cruise for our honeymoon! (Eyeing Liberty of the Seas on January 19th, 2019.) I have been on a handful of cruises over the last few years, however this will be my girlfriend's first cruise. How do we get the most out of our honeymoon? Is there a place we can sign up to get free goodies (bottle of wine or other amenities)? What "packages" are worth it to make things a bit more romantic? We don't have an extravagant budget, but we don't mind spending a few extra dollars on this special time. What would your recommendations be for a honeymooning couple on a cruise ship? As an example, my sister (an avid cruiser) recommends that we pay the extra to choose a specific room so that we can be guaranteed to get a quiet room away from parties and pools. What are your tips?
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