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  1. "virtually indestructible" and airline luggage handling are not often phrases seen together 😁
  2. No, these are the new tags, with identification on it (if one fills them in, some do not want adress on their tags). There have been some earlier discussions in threads earlier on this forum.
  3. Maybe in the light of several countries are about to introduce stricter rules on emissions in their waters, like Norway? I have no technical background, so just guessing they may get below certain levels to fit in better emission ruling?
  4. There are many changes, also the segment from Athens to Venice, September 24th til October 6th, had some major changes.
  5. Former Ms Statendam given another 10 years of life with recent modernizing as Vasco da Gama in Portugal, with environmental upgrade of engines. https://www.tecnoveritas.net/media/news/2021/the-successful-environmental-revamping-of-m-s-vasco-da-gama/
  6. This has been announced late 2019, when city council had approved this. I think a standard fee for cruise passengers would be 5 Euro. It was supposed to be implemented in 2020, but for obvious reasons postponed. Most likely, fees will be substantially higher in 2022, than initially announced. https://www.thelocal.it/20191025/venice-to-begin-charging-entry-fee-july-2020/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&amp
  7. Agree, but we liked to have it over with before cruise, especially to have no trouble in uploading the security pictures.
  8. We contacted the navigator support and our login problem was fixed by them within a day, so they are very helpful.
  9. And also for Le Havre; https://www.havre-port.com/fr/liste/2077/escales-croisieres
  10. She is still currently listed, which is no guarantee by the way; https://www.ptamsterdam.nl/cruise-kalender/
  11. You can find it in the app, under feedback; navigator.support@HollandAmerica.com.
  12. Great report John, did not notice it before, only followed the one on social media. As always, "flower rich" reports (in my best Dutch English 🙂 ) hope you and Maria have a great cruise.
  13. Thank you, have been informing with HAL (Rotterdam), but so far had no answer.
  14. Nieuw Amsterdam, after the land portion.
  15. We are doing the Y1 triple Denali. In Dawson it is stated that there is an upgrade possible for a Klondike Spirit cruise, but nowhere it is found how to get this upgrade and what te price is?
  16. Where did you find an updated version? Only one in the App Store, which is two weeks old.
  17. Thank you for sharing this memorable cruise experience, hope you enjoy this cruise with making new memories, no doubt with many past in your mind. Admire your strength to be able to share this personal cruise experience with you and your children. Hope you enjoy!
  18. Thank you so much, for sharing your first renewed Alaskan cruise experience, hope many others, including us, will be able to follow and enjoy great voyages at HAL soon!
  19. Any word on your professional Grapevine, if tiles are still awarded on every cruise?
  20. Tnx, but we are from Europe, have reported it through contact form to the general IT from HAL, but with zero response for reported website problems, do not expect any reaction regarding problems with the App.
  21. The man looks impressive, like a crossover between "Bromsnor" from Dutch series "Swiebertje" and captain Baines form the Onedin Line!
  22. Have researched the forum and found several opted solutions for problems with the APP, but have not found the one that works for us! We both have iPhone with the installed Navigator App. Mine works fine , the other phone doesn’t, both worked fine on earlier cruise Problem: - When attempting logging into account in Navigator App, it shows “an unknown error has occurred, please try again later”. What have we tried: - Tried again later and again and again and again - Removing and re installing App - Resetting iPhone - Asking for password reset, works again after reset on the website, still not on the App - Trying to (re)register, but the App recognizes that an account exists with that e-mail address - The App itself works, because when using the App with the other persons login data, it works! Any suggestions?
  23. I seem to remember having read somewhere that you can upload pictures in the Navigator App to be used for identification with your key card, but cannot find this anymore. Have I read this correctly or misinterpreted something completely different?
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