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  1. As an update, I finally received the refund from NCL. Thank you all who commented!!!
  2. Trust me, I'm seriously considering it. I have a group (10 cabins) booked for my daughter's quinceanera on the Encore and another cabin booked for June 2020.
  3. I agree with your comment. However, they should have told me to cancel instead of attempting to do a partial refund. It was the choice of the representative when I called originally to notify them of the issue. I have been given exacts date when the refund is going to be processed a couple of times now. I have been confirmed that the refund request is in their system and I'm starting to think it is not just me, they must have a lot of frustrated clients waiting for a refund.
  4. At this point, I will wait till I come back from vacation and see what happens. I haven't cancelled the cruise because I didn't know how it was going to affect the refund. The whole issue started at the beginning of November well before the holidays.
  5. Hi, I hope somebody can point me in the right direction. I have sailed many many times with NCL including a Baltic cruise this year in June (btw it was amazing). In November, I booked a Mediterranean and Greece cruise for July 2021. I made a mistake and paid the entire $6500 instead of the $200 deposit. I called NCL about 3 days later when I realized the mistake (booking was done directly with NCL). NCL said there was no problem and they will going to refund the money. That's when the waiting game started. Initially, they told me it was going to be 2 weeks to get the money which, to me, is unacceptable as it is. Long story short and after at least 5 phone calls to NCL, I was transfered to their refund team today. There is a recording that says they are delayed with processing refunds by 2 weeks. I requested to speak to an agent who using the worst customer services skills possible, told me that he was taking time of his day to try to help me (said what? I thought that he was getting paid to help me) and that they only process refunds on Tuesdays and for me to keep waiting. I got no answer to the question of why was my refund not refunded in all Tuesdays from beginning of November to the end of December. At this point, I cant trust I'm getting the money specially when Tuesday is New Years Eve. It makes me lose my trust in NCL and specially worried because I have several thousands on their hands for future bookings. Is this an isolated issue or have other people experience similar situation? Is it any other team/person that I should contact if I dont get the refund on Tuesday ( well, I will be enjoying the Navigator of the Seas New Year's sailing next week). I dont want to put a charge back to my credit card as I feel that I will have to cancel all my bookings with NCL out of dignity (dont really want to do that as I really like NCL).
  6. We will be on the Navigator for New Year's eve. I got the UDP and apparently we can use if for Specialty Dinning except for Chops that will have the Holiday dinner for $89 per person. I have a question: Do they have party favors in the Specialty Restaurants on New Year's eve like they do in the MDR? Is it a festive atmosphere in the Specialty Restaurants or it is only in MDR? I really want to have the feeling of New Year's eve but I haven't been that lucky with the food in MDR lately. Thank you!!!!
  7. We have been in several cruise lines as well. We are Diamond with RCL and Gold with NCL. We mainly choose by itinerary and the ship combined. We tend to like NCL in Europe and RCL in the Caribbean. However, the live music and entertainment in NCL is way above RCL. The new Rock and Roll bar in NCL is amazing while Boleros in RCL gets worse with each sailing (I was born in Cuba so I know about latin music). Boleros is a shame specially for the sailings out of Miami where there is so much Latin talent. The District Bar in NCL has not competition. Another aspect that NCL wins for me is the teens club. My daughter gets really bored in the teens club in Royal Caribbean. However, we love RCL and their enormous ships and there is nothing like the Royal Promenade or Boardwalk in any other cruise line. Just for research purposes, I'll be in the Navigator for New Year's eve this year and NCL Breakway in June 2020 😃.
  8. Hi, We will be in the Navigator of the Seas for the New Year's Eve cruise and purchased the Unlimited dining package. I was wondering if one can take food to go with the package. I'm thinking about something like taking Sushi from Izumi and eating it by the pool or maybe a Lobster Roll from Hooked. I'm not planning to do it for dinner but some times my kids might not want to be at a sit down restaurant for lunch. Or maybe we want an early appetizer in the balcony while we go to dinner later. Actually, thinking about it, wine, sushi, balcony and sunset don't sound bad in the same sentence (Kids Club, please). 😉 Just curious. Thank you!!
  9. Yes, there were tons of kids. My son is 9 and my daughter is 13. My son was in the Kid's Club every night until 11:00PM and he didn't want to leave. He even cried last night because he was going to miss his newly found international friends. I was really not expecting so many kids especially since we were in the first sailing of the season. It was difficult to manage my son always wanting to be in the Kid's club and waking up early next day to go to port. However, he had a wonderful time and the staff did an amazing job in keeping them entertained. Teen's Club was equally exciting since my teenager didn't use the word "boring" in the entire cruise.
  10. It was agonizingly slow in our sailing in the Getaway on the sailing of June 7th. My husband had to do some work and he couldn't get connection not even at 2:00AM in the Internet Cafe. I was able to connect with cellphone with some country's internet providers while on the ship but the WIFI on the ship wasn't working. You can imagine the long lines in the Internet Cafe as there were a lot of guest complaining.
  11. They had flan and 3 leches for dessert. I just came back from the 1st Baltic and Scandinavian sailing of the season. Margaritaville was empty the entire sailing.
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