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  1. Does this mean Americans who received the second dose in less than 28 days (in this case 21 days) are also considered "unvaccinated"?
  2. We only sail Jan 16th, so there is time for the policy to change 10 time before then. We will see what the policy is at final payment, and go from there.
  3. We are fully vaccinated and hoping for a maskless (at least on board) cruise. If the policy remains the same, we will jump ship and head over to NCL or Celebrity. Hoping that will not be the case!
  4. hi all, Any information on whether MSC watches the USD/CAD currency and periodically adjusts prices on the Canadian website to reflect the current exchange rate? I just did a mock booking on the US site for our Jan 2022 cruise and, considering the exchange rate used by TD Visa, we are out 200$ ... I won't cancel and rebook on the US site for 200$, but will continue to watch the rise and fall of our dollar! Thanks
  5. Oh, you did the math! I thought perhaps there was an exchange rate indicated somewhere! 🙂 I paid $156.25 for our recently booked Alaskan cruise, and am about to pay the same rate for an October 2021 Bermuda out of NYC ... Thanks for the reply, it's reassuring!
  6. Thanks bookbabe ... how can we check what exchange rate they are using?
  7. Just did a mock booking for our June 2022 Alaskan cruise. Price exactly the same. Should I be checking using another method? Thanks
  8. I understand your point but believe you're comparing apples to oranges ... when I'm in a grocery store, I am masked and keep my distance. I'm also there for about 30 minutes. When I get to fly again, I will not have an issue with wearing my mask and avoiding close contact as much as possible. Again, my time flying is relatively short and just a means to an end ... getting to where I am going! However, during a cruise, I would love to think that I could relax those restrictions, go about my day/evening without a mask, not worrying about how close that stranger is while I order
  9. How would MSC have known? The person was tested once returned home to Canada and the Public Health Agency did what they do - contacted MSC to inform them of the contamination. MSC in return sent the email.
  10. Thanks for the interesting review! We sail the seaside in just over a week. This will be our 2nd Seaside sailing and 3rd MSC. We sailed NCL this past Oct and the ship followed the time zones, not the time in the original port of departure. Also, you were provided with wrong info concerning the waterslides; you sign a waiver and are given a bracelet for unlimited, free access to waterslides. Too bad you missed out, they are super fast and fun on the Seaside.
  11. We booked all in, including gratuities ( Easy Drink Package, WIFI and grats) during the Black Friday sale. Sale now shows as drinks (easy package), WIFI and 100 OBC.
  12. We sailed the Divina a few years ago. I chatted with the CD during the Cruise Critic meet and mingle, and told him of the special reason we were sailing. He later sent a special plate of goodies to our cabin, invited us to tour the YC after the evening show ( we did not gawk at guest, I swear 😉 ), and have a drink and chat with the tenor. It was such a special day. I would suggest you attend the meet and mingle, and mention your anniversary to the CD - you never know what might happen!
  13. Mine is 25-3-2022, 3 years from my last cruise. Seems like an expiration date to me ... i'll be fixing that in 26 days!
  14. hi folks, We are sailing the Joy on October 27th. Question: Are there bathrobes in the cabins? I searched the board and could not find an answer. We are in a BD balcony. I hope to avoid having to pack one! Thanks!
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