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  1. Stupid question and yes, I know, there are not stupid questions. Chances are 99% that we are not going to go on our after Thanksgiving cruise. We've booked beverage and the all specialty restaurant packages. Does just cancelling the package on Royal's website automatically initiate the refund? And, yes, I do realize they are taking forever. The packages are cheaper now than when we purchased but we won't re-purchase anytime soon even if we were going.
  2. I should also say this is apparently a non-binding resolution. It is meant to encourage city leaders to implement the limits.
  3. The 1,500 disembarkation max is total to be allowed of ALL ships visiting on a given day.
  4. I've not seen this posted on any of these boards. Looks like the petition drives were successful and this will be placed on the November 3rd election ballot. Ships can't hold more than 1,300 passengers and the number of daily disembarkations by passengers and crew maximum of 1,500. And, priority will be placed on ships with the highest environmental scores. Not sure if these were just arbitrary numbers or if there was any thought put into them. What ships fit this profile besides Seabourn, etc?
  5. Does anyone know if this dry dock will include refreshing rooms? Furnishings etc?
  6. Does anyone know what beach these are on? Specifically, these are the ones you rent for $45 and have a 'clamshell' type covering for shade. Also, if you have the drink package, are there drinks available nearby?
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