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  1. What's the earliest you did "walked off " the ship from Miami? Time?
  2. tell me about the ports please. what did you do? what do you recommend to do? thank you
  3. Can you recoomend shore excursions? Must see's at port. Tours? etc
  4. Is it a disadvantage being on Port side(left side) when departing. Looks like all the good scenery is on Starboard side(right).
  5. the path of ship going there seems to be close to the land, where coming back it looks like they travel away from land and around a island. HMMMMM did you go?
  6. I booked a balcony on Joy going to Alaska, I got a cabin on Port side. Is this good or bad. Looks like Starboard is better for the views. Your experience? Do I change to Starboard.? Seems when you leave, all the scenery is on starboard side. Help
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