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  1. HI Im going on NCL Jade in April. Im looking for some reviews on this ship. Thank you
  2. Do I have to ask maître to put all of us together the first night? We want to have dinner together? Your experience?
  3. Hi has anyone done early walk off on cruise(with your luggage) and made a early flight? I know its a 20 minute ride to the airport from port. Im considering booking a 10:30 flight. thanks
  4. Has anyone did early walk off from carnival dream and made a early flight? What is the time they start early walk off? What time to you actually get outside to catch a cab? Thanks for your insight and experience.
  5. I searched for threads on this question,,,, with no results. I will be on MSC Divina in April. Can you bring bottle water or soda on board. I understand they sell the packages on board. What is your experience? if so,, how much can you bring? Thank you
  6. I received email from royal carribean a week before my cruise and they offered me 30% off drink pkg. which is $38 a day plus gratuities.
  7. I've been to costa maya many times on cruises. a 10 minute bus ride to the beach. there are tons of massage beds on the beach. I've become friendly with one lady, Nancy. I find her every year I go. she charges me 20$ for 45 minutes. a great massage for a great price,.
  8. I may have a solution. If the cruise line will have 2 casinos on ship. 1 non smoking and the other smoking. Everyone will be happy. :)
  9. See the comedian. SOOOO funny. Go to 80's party at H20 at night. See the Hypnotist. Funny. I was on Escape last week.
  10. I just got off NCL Getaway and they had a restraunt that served assorted wings . Buffalo, Jerk, BBQ etc. It was great. I'm going on Navigator Of the Seas in April. Was wondering if they serve wings on this ship?
  11. Has anyone taken a catamaran tour to Nevis? Comments and suggestions would be great! Thank you
  12. Has anyone ever done a catamaran tour in Antigua? Any suggestions would be great.
  13. Will i be able to catch a flight at 10:30am from Venice (Marco Polo Airport) if the cruise arrives at 6:30 am on Royal Caribbean (Rhapsody)?? Thank you
  14. Trying to get Idea the earliest you can get off ship doing "walk off with baggage" and through customs? Will time will you think I will be outside getting a cab. I flirting with booking a early flight from Miami. 9:30am.
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