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  1. So we're back, been back for almost a month now, and had a great time. Finding the rental kiosk was pretty easy. Once you dock you'll see a large gray building which is a government building. The hotel where the car rental place is next door to that building, to the left of it if looking at the building from the water. So just head that direction and you'll find it pretty easy. Had no issues at Enterprise, filled out all the paperwork and off I went. I opted for every insurance they had and think total was $105. Was given a red Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 18,000 miles on it. Jeep was in great shape and had ice cold A/C, absolutely no complaints with it. Driving in Tortola is interesting to say the least. People can talk about steep roads and sharp hair-pin curves all they want, it's another to experience it. I've driven a lot of places, and these were some STEEP roads, holy crap. Never felt unsafe, but the roads and curves were so steep that I did need 4wd once to get up the hill on a paved road after it rained. Several other times I left it in 2wd and just spun the tires as I slowly inched forward until it got traction. If you don't have it, I'd recommend the maps.me app for your phone. I've used it in several countries and you can download maps for the countries/areas you will be visiting which will provide you with maps of the area which you can use for navigating without having internet service. I set up waypoints at all of the beaches I wanted to stop at and let the app route me. First stop was Smuggler's Cove Beach and this was the only hiccup with the mapping software. It tried to route me along Sir Francis Drake Highway all the way around the tip of the island and back to the beach. The map shows the road going around, but it turns into private property and might be a trail at best, so had to back track. Think we took Zion Hill Rd across to the other side of the island and then to Smuggler's Cove Beach. Was happy to have the Jeep as a good portion of the way to the beach was dirt road with ruts. Other than that small portion heading to the beach, the rest of our travels on the island were paved. We traveled along North Coast Road, passing Cane Garden Bay & Brewer's Bay. We then took Ridge Road inland up into the hills . Think we took Great Mountain Rd back down into town. By the time we got back to civilization traffic was crazy in town. Was a bit of a challenge to find a gas station, so would recommend stopping at the first one you find once you get back into town if you are planning on dropping off the car shortly thereafter. Believe it cost $20 to fill up. All in all we only had the Jeep for 3 hours, which was enough time to drive around at a leisurely pace. We wanted to get some lunch in town and parking is hard to come by so we opted to drop the Jeep off as soon as we got back into town and walked to the restaurant. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll post some pictures once I get home and can access them.
  2. For the most part. Gonna do some geocaching along the way and stop at some of the popular beaches. Depending on time frame we'll decide what route we'll take back to the ship.
  3. Visiting St. Thomas on July 18th via Empress of the Seas. Is there a website to figure out which pier we'll be docking at?
  4. It is a decent deal, but depends on what you're drinking. I didn't use the cards when ordering beer as they were $7 and that is basically what you're paying per drink for the card. But I was more than happy to use the card when ordering a $11/glass of wine.
  5. We head out the 13th of this month, so guess I'll be sharing our experience, lol.
  6. Do all of Royal's cruises not have a slot tournament on them? I've done maybe 10 cruises between Royal and Carnival and I was disappointed on my last cruise on the Majesty of the Seas when I never saw a slot tournament advertised. I just assumed this was a given as I have never NOT seen a cruise with a tournament. We cruise on the Empress in 3 weeks and am assuming if the Majesty didn't have one, the Empress likely won't seeing it's an even smaller ship.
  7. Will be visiting Cocoa Cay in around 3 weeks and was curious if was ok to bring our own inflatables to lounge around in out in the ocean, not the pool? Not really sure what exactly, but something compact and cheap that I can inflate when we get to the beach.
  8. I'm not sure if these cards can be used on additional cruises, even on the same ship. Your portfolio # is written on them, which would change for a subsequent cruise. I believe this is done to prevent someone from making their own drink cards and using them.
  9. I can confirm they do have them. I sailed Majesty last month to Cuba and they were selling them as soon as we got back on board in Cozumel which was our 4th day of a 5 day cruise. We bought 2 as we got on board and believe we bought another 2 at a bar the next day. For some reason they didn't seem to last too long, hahaha. 😂
  10. As stated, there is no normal price but $50/day seems to be what I've normally seen it at on most of my cruises, although I've heard of people seeing it at 54/day. I just got a buy 1 get 1 half off deal so that brought it down to 47/day. The half off deal definitely was not half off what it would have cost the day prior, I think if I did my math right based on the bogo pricing they are saying the drink package should cost 62/day.
  11. Thank you for the insight. I ended up making a reservation for a Jeep with Enterprise, so hopefully all works out well. I think I already have your itinerary bookmarked from the post you made in Dec of last year, but always open to more feedback. Thanks for the help.
  12. Will be visiting Tortola for the first time in about a month with my wife and 8 yr old. Doesn't seem like there is a ton to do other than a beach day and/or the baths. We're not sit on the beach all day people and the baths look interesting, but I could probably live without seeing them. I was considering renting a car and just exploring the island, maybe stop at a few beaches for a quick dip, etc... Is this a worthwhile adventure? I've driven on the wrong side of the road several times before so I'm not too concerned about the driving or tight windy roads. For anyone that has rented a car, any recommendations on companies right near the port? I'd kind of like to rent a Jeep, but looking at some of the web pages, they don't seem to be too popular over there. So I'm not sure if that is going to be an option. Debating if I reserve through a company now or wing and try and rent a car when we get there?
  13. You would have to call to look into that, but those are the cruises that were listed on my email. Seems your level of play dictates what you were offered. I see some on here got offered free OV, I personally got $100 for 2 in an inside. I logged into my wife's casino account and she got $250 for 2 in an inside.
  14. Yes, should be $250 plus port fees and taxes for both and then gratuities if you wish to prepay. These are the cruises my offer was good for
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