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  1. I always board dressed in attire that would be appropriate for whatever dining venue I plan on going to that evening, just in case the luggage doesn't make it to the cabin in time to change.
  2. Not only that but an over the limit fee can sometimes trigger an automatic APR increase with some card issuers. Definitely watch your statements closely every month.
  3. I find the "quantity savings" on that site to be hilarious. For example, the men's pique polo that sells for $16.00 is sold at a reduced rate of $15.95 if you order from 2 to 6 units. That's a whopping 5 cent discount on each polo for buying more than one.
  4. 1) Kinda hard to do since she's a woman, but then again I don't know your criteria on those matters. Are you getting hooked on the rolling eyes emoticon too? 2) Just when it was getting interesting. I guess you couldn't stand to see the facts in writing so you had to find a way to make it go away quick. Why let the truth get in the way of a good lie? 3) I knew you would come around sooner or later. Welcome back! Like the song says, "it would be so empty without me".
  5. You're bad! I had already checked that a while back, and they're posting from two totally different computers. Of course you know that by even posting a question addressed to me you will probably incur Stephen's mighty wrath. But don't worry, I've got your back if he gets too rough (kind of like telemundo's girlfriend has his back). LOL! I guess now we just sit back and wait for flowerchild to discover this thread and report it so that it goes "poof".
  6. You go right on patting yourself on the back for thinking you were right while we chuckle at how easily you've been played by YT. We will let you have that claim all to yourself since you seem to have such a great need to be told you are right.
  7. You must be seeing a very different poster than many of us are seeing then. I seriously doubt his threat to start the "argument of a lifetime" onboard if he doesn't get his way was triggered by " a very small, very vocal number of people on this board". I guess some people just see what they want to see or what fits in with their own philosophy.
  8. No one ever said on your other thread that you couldn't wear jeans yahootelemundo. That same passage you quote in your picture is readily available on the NCL website as well as the NCL cruise brochures so its existence or content was never debated. What stirred up the passions on your other thread was the particular jeans you said you were going to wear and your statement that you were going to do whatever you wanted to regardless. Many posters felt those jeans violated the spirit of the word "nice" as it pertained to the MDR for dinner, and even when you were told that one of the two MDRs may not allow jeans for dinner you said that didn't matter to you. If you seek our advice you can expect that there will be differing opinions expressed, sometimes strongly; and I hope you truly appreciate all the diverse opinions and not just start these threads to watch the fireworks.
  9. My medical insurance does cover me or my dependents on the ship or outside the US, but I'm expected to pay any medical costs myself and then file for reimbursement when I return to the US. Every insurance plan is different so make sure you check with your insurance company about your particular plan.
  10. Are you referring to the Cabin Selection Tips forum or was it something different? Here's a link to CC's cabin forum: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=207
  11. Because the type of person that is knowingly and intentionally going to violate the cruise line's posted dress code is the kind of person who doesn't give a darn about anyone else's feelings or concerns. That type of individual is only concerned about self and cooperation, assimilation, and understanding are alien concepts.
  12. Thank you for a first-hand account of the slippery slope that should be obvious to everyone but somehow seems to elude some in the "It doesn't matter to me what anyone else is wearing" clique.
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