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  1. I will be following. We had to rebook from May, 2021. We are now going July, 2022, and will be wanting to hear what you think. We will be on the Grand. We are doing a land/cruise tour
  2. We had a land/cruise tour trip planned for May 2021. Of course it was cancelled. We have rebooked for July 2022. It is the Grand on Princess. Our land tour starts July 20. We board the ship on July 27. I'm confused as it has us sailing back to Vancouver. As far as I know Canada is still closed. But my main thought is when I try to find the roll call, it isn't there. Also when we look on Princess website, the cruise on that date is listed as unavailable. We also are interested after some of you do cruise how it is. How different everything is and what you can and cannot do anymore. We are meeting with our travel agent, hopefully things will be 😊made clear. I look forward to any insights anyone has after they cruise
  3. Thank you all for all of the information. Does anyone have a suggestion of which month would be better. I've read a lot. Different months seem to have different advantages
  4. My husband and I are planning an Alaska cruise and land tour. It seems Princess offers some fairly reasonable. We've only been on Carnival, so we are starting to look at alternatives. Any input would be appreciated. It looks like we fly to Fairbanks, tour Denali, then get on the ship in Anchorage and sail to Vancouver. Looks exciting. I've wanted to go for a long time. We are a ways off from going but want to start looking at what's out there
  5. Heynowmama131 Thank you so much, I can hardly wait. This makes it much easier to plan
  6. I am cruising on the Carnival Breeze in 10 days. Has anyone who has sailed with Carnival had experiences with gluten free food choices. Do they have any options when it comes to bread choices. I haven't cruised since I became GF last year. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you
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