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  1. Congrats on your weight loss. You might also check Stein Mart online. Not sure about the shipping charge for Canada tho. We live in Michigan and when we were down in Naples I bought a pair of slacks I really liked and when I got home went on line and bought another pair. Good luck.
  2. Mugtech, Great review. Thanks for all the information. I took notes.
  3. Thanks. Great review with much information.
  4. Thanks for the review. We are looking forward to Anthem in September.
  5. Thanks everyone. you've been most helpful.
  6. Hello Everyone, We have cruised many times but this is our first on NCL and I am having a difficult time getting info on the entertainment on the NCL website. We are leaving Nov. 10th from New Orleans on Jewel. Since we are going to get together with several cousins from 3 states we want to plan our dinners and see the shows. Is there anyone who can give me the days and time of the shows on Jewel? We have cruised mostly on RCCL and I'm so used to navigating their website that I am lost on the NCL website. Thanks to anyone for input. mems
  7. Off Freedom 1/27. Many times saw people use their hands to grab food off the buffet table. HELLO, there is a reason for those black tongs, people!
  8. Well...... Hi there Beth, I haven't been on CC in ages but on my first venture back who do I encounter but that gal with her heart in Scotland. We were on the TA together on Brilliance. We are having the same problem (such a problem!) picking our next cruise. We're thinking of a river cruise in the south of France. We were on GCT's Rhine and Mosel River cruise and it was wonderful but we are also looking into Viking. I would highly recommend GCT they really do a good job but would like to try something different. Good luck in your future travels. mems
  9. Hi, We will be on our favorite ship in September to Alaska.:) I saw a list of the entertainment on our roll call. Can anyone, recently on Radiance, give us their thoughts on the entertainment. How are the shows? Thanks mems
  10. mems

    Vent: RAIN!!!

    OMG soda spittle on the keyboard
  11. If I could, I would make Radiance my future nursing home.;)
  12. Hi Everyone, I can't believe I read this whole thread today. Don't know why I didn't see this thread before but thanks to all you beautiful people I learned a lot and we will be cruising on Radiance for the third time. I love this ship. Also, been on Brill and Jewel and I sometimes get them mixed up in my memory. Some friends of ours are going with us and I hope they like ROTS as much as we do. We are leaving 9/11 from Vancouver to Alaska ending in San Diego. Since we haven't cruised in 3 years (got 2 new knees last summer) I am so ready. Can anyone give me some info on the entertainment? What is a must see? Looks like Kirk will be our CD so glad to hear the good reports. Thanks in advance. mems PS. If any of you are thinking, "get a life, lady"...LOL... I might mention it is a cool/cold, rainy, dull day in our little corner of the world and CC is a good way to find sunshine.
  13. Thank You PD and Scott for the info. The taxi is one of those things I guess we will have to leave to chance. :) Thanks again
  14. OOOPS...should have read YVR.:o Sorry
  15. Hi Everyone, From reading the Vancouver threads I'm aware of the options to get from the airport to downtown. On the VYR website under transportation it states it is possible to go just to the taxi line and request a mini van or a 4 door sedan. My question is how realistic is this? And the charge for a taxi to downtown is listed as $23-$26 (inclusive of all taxes) under normal conditions. There is no mention of an extra charge for a mini van. Does anyone know if there is an extra charge? There are 4 of us arriving in Vancouver 9/10/09. One of our party has some difficulty getting around so the Airporter and the new express opening in September would not be for us. Thanks in advance for your replies. mems
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