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  1. Welcome Aboard! I kept going back as I booked early saver and was hopeful for a price drop but...alas, it's always sold out. I also noticed that hotels seem to be opening up now that we're in the month we leave - it's truly almost a full year now! Just bought my wife Rick Steve's Copenhagen book. Good thing we like to travel because getting books for the ports as gifts gives me a few more gift ideas after 13 years of marriage!
  2. Sorry I am responding so late. I've been to over 15 other Caribbean islands and never had an issue. We stay with ship excursions or private tours. Jamaica is the only port we have had an issue with because we are gay. Good luck and let us know where you end up!
  3. There was Cheers on the Horizon when we went on the Mediterranean and it was because we had to cancel our non EU port that it was removed. VAT taxes need to be applied to alcohol if you go to all EU ports. We still brought alcohol on board. But nothing beats a drink at Alchemy!!! We saved the bottles for home.
  4. We'll be in Copen for a few days before, London for a few days after, debating trying to get to Scotland and/or doing a layover trip in Iceland on the way back! By "we" I mean my wife and I and my MIL! We will be celebrating 14 years of marriage when we get off the ship in Southampton!
  5. We really enjoyed doing the hop on/off bus in Rome - we were able to see the sites and spend time where we wanted. We didn't get off the Vista in Marseilles. We'd never been there before and read on these threads that the Tower of Pisa was basically the only thing to see in town so we opted to save the $400. Luckily, we aren't "big" casino people (maybe $100 each the entire cruise). I am hoping that Cheers is still a thing too - on the Medit. cruise our one non EU port was cancelled so there went Cheers! Cheers is where we earn OUR money back
  6. Catching up on this thread - so very excited. Figuring out these ports is fun! What's everyone doing? We have yet to decide. I remember on the Vista in the Mediterranean we didn't get off the ship in one port so we could save some $$$ and just enjoy the ship. It's a lot of ports for 9 days!
  7. There weren't any Havana Cabanas available - we too have been spoiled on the Vista and Horizon. We are in a balcony with the big windows on 17.
  8. I just booked for my wife and me! Sooo exciting. We did the Vista in Europe and wanted to do this itinerary sooo badly! It's perfect to celebrate her 40th late and our wedding anniversary!
  9. We purchased Cheers and are in a Havana Cabana so we'll go into the port for our favorite Rum Cream and then back on board to enjoy the ship amenities! lol
  10. Well, I am back 5 years later and I am going to eat my words. My wife wanted to take a cruise for her birthday and one of the only cruises that worked with our time and needs was one that stops in Jamaica. We're in a REALLY nice cabin with a private pool area and have the drink package so we aren't getting off the ship.
  11. As you can see from my signature, I am an avid Carnival cruiser. As is my wife. On our last few cruises? the LGBT night has been outstanding. Not sure if it is because I am sitting at Alchemy anyway but we've met a lot of nice people! Just an FYI.
  12. I posted an original review here when my wife and I went to Jamaica: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showpost.php?p=36340299&postcount=4 But I thought I'd call attention to it here as well. My wife and I cruised Carnival in December and it wasn't until November that we heard that Jamaica is one of the most unfriendly places for GLBT couples in the Caribbean (TIME Magazine). Since we couldn't cancel, we decided at the advice of other GLBT friends that we'd leave our wedding bands in the safe onboard and play it like we were friends (people also ask if we are sisters so we would have gone with that). However, for the next 4 hours, we were asked my we weren't married, why we didn't have kids, what was wrong with us that we were so old and didn't have men, etc. I wish Carnival has vetted their excursions better. While most times, people don't mean any harm by it, these were the same 3 people leading our tour asking us. And we already felt unsafe as it was. We vowed never to go to Jamaica again. Did anyone else have a similar experience? Are there other ports you won't visit because you, as a member of the GLBT community, don't feel safe?
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