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  1. There weren't any Havana Cabanas available - we too have been spoiled on the Vista and Horizon. We are in a balcony with the big windows on 17.
  2. I just booked for my wife and me! Sooo exciting. We did the Vista in Europe and wanted to do this itinerary sooo badly! It's perfect to celebrate her 40th late and our wedding anniversary!
  3. We purchased Cheers and are in a Havana Cabana so we'll go into the port for our favorite Rum Cream and then back on board to enjoy the ship amenities! lol
  4. Well, I am back 5 years later and I am going to eat my words. My wife wanted to take a cruise for her birthday and one of the only cruises that worked with our time and needs was one that stops in Jamaica. We're in a REALLY nice cabin with a private pool area and have the drink package so we aren't getting off the ship.
  5. As you can see from my signature, I am an avid Carnival cruiser. As is my wife. On our last few cruises? the LGBT night has been outstanding. Not sure if it is because I am sitting at Alchemy anyway but we've met a lot of nice people! Just an FYI.
  6. Just off the Carnival Pride in Baltimore. We went to Bermuda only. No customs forms either. Passport and asked if we purchased tobacco or alcohol. Sadly, first time we’ve not taking back 4+ bottles (not fans of Goslings).
  7. I haven't met a ship I didn't like. Here's a link to my pics: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156255756775015.1073741896.733150014&type=1&l=c0c24754b0
  8. I am arriving late to this thread so I am sure you've gotten all the answers that you need (and probably advice you didn't need) but I follow South Beach Diet and always find everything I need. For eggs, go to the omelette station - worth the wait but they will make you eggs over easy/medium/hard etc. there for you. You can eat steak or chicken off the every day menu - it has no sauce. Most things that do you can ask for it on the side.There is a salad bar (some new salad options on some Serenity Decks), usually have cold cuts too to add to the salad. You can do tacos with the trimmings sans shells, etc. Talk with someone at guest services when you get on board. When my MIL was on a restricted diet the chef came to talk to us because we were doing chef's table but they were very accommodating!
  9. LOVEMYMO- it was just a very thick bacon. https://www.parkrangerjohn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Pork-Belly-at-JIJI-Asian-Carnival-Vista-e1488543451780.jpg
  10. BLT with potato salad! Free! Some of the pay-fors are yummy. But with so many free options, it feels a bit off to pay for something.
  11. A coffee in the morning, sparkling water with dinner, a photograph or two to take home, try a pay-for restaurant, try your luck at a slot machine, get a souvenir in a shop...the possibilities are endless!
  12. We had a great first experience at JiJi's (on the Sunshine) but when we went on the Vista for dinner, everything was either too sweet or too salty. Typically, nothing is "bad" - all varies by what your heat and meat levels are (pork belly was amazing)
  13. In April, they were $5 a piece at shore excursions.
  14. just be sure to bring your Fitbit USB cord and swap it with your iPad USB cord (just make sure you bring one actual plug for them both)!
  15. I will let you know September 3! I too have heard mixed reviews...
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